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There is no telephone number for the pavilion.

For all general enquiries

Contact Richard Higginbotham

Email:  chairman@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07931 475264





For enquiries regarding fixtures, Committee or League matters

Contact Chris Jackson

Email: secretary@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:     0161 291 1714



For enquiries regarding Club finances and accounts

Contact Brian Cheetham

Email: treasurer@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:     0161 442 9978

For enquiries regarding the ground and pavilion

Contact Stan Aspinall

Email: groundsman@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:     07926 573204

For any matters relating to this website

Email: webmaster@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

For enquiries regarding the 1st team

Contact  James Shaw

Email: 1stcapt@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07738 990888

For enquiries regarding the 2nd team

Contact  Jim Hegarty

Email: 2ndcapt@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07731 965913

For enquiries regarding the 3rd team

Contact  Darren Shaw

Email: 3rdcapt@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07595 968388

For enquiries regarding the 4th(Friendly) team

Contact  Iain Coates

Email: frdlycapt@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07764 208318

For enquiries regarding the Ladies team

Contact  Gaby McKeever

Email: ladies@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07547 650341

For enquiries regarding the Juniors

Contact Vesna Higginbotham

Email: juniors@trinitycricketclub.co.uk

Tel:    07576 165863