13th  November 2017 :  HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                         Apologies

Stewart Coates          James Shaw
Stan Aspinall
Kate Harvey        
Richard Higginbotham       
Chris Jones
Chris Jackson        
Darren Shaw
Brian Cheetham
Mike Stopford Senior
Dave Gilman        
The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (16th October 2017) were accepted as an accurate record.

(1) Matters Arising
Stan reported that he had not had time to pusue the costings for a commercial electronic scoreboard but will do so shortly. Brian reported that he had passed on the name of his contact whose club had an electronic scoreboard to Chris Jones.

Chris raised some issues and concerns about the recent Awards Evening. After a lengthy discussion the meeting agreed that a future agenda item should consider the planning of the next Awards event in 2018 with terms of reference being:
The format of the event
The range of awards to be presented
A Code of Conduct for behaviour at the event.

(2) Safeguarding
Chris reported that there has been progress with finding a female volunteer to act as a third Club Welfare Officer – Emma Roberts has volunteered. Chris will arrange the appropriate training for her over the winter. It was agreed this was a positive step and makes access to a Club Welfare Officer potentially easier for women and juniors.
Chris will ensure any new officers appointed at the forthcoming AGM have appropriate checks and training. He explained that the DBS is now available as an online process (although documents will still need to be seen personally) and we have signed up to this.

(3) Charitable Incorporated Organisation AGM
The meeting discussed the agenda for the forthcoming CIO AGM – it was noted that required agenda items would be:
Consideration of Financial accounts and annual and match subscriptions for 2018 – see later in these minutes for more details of recommendations.
Re-election of two trustees as required by the Constitution – at was noted that Chris Jackson and Stan Aspinall will stand down as Trustees (one third of trustees required each year) but both indicated they are available for re-election.

(4) Cricket Club AGM
There was a discussion about items to be considered. Our future financial plans remain, to a degree, unclear until we have clarity about a lease – from this point we can set targets with grants and clubhouse refurbishment in mind. Until then our intention would be that our current financial situation should remain stable.
Darren will continue his work in establishing further sponsorship arrangements.
Chris raised a query about Gift Aid arrangements in relation to our income/expenditure. It was advised that Peter Herbert may be a good source of advice.
Chris has registered the club with Natwest Cricketforce for 2018 – Saturday 24th March. The Jewson money is reduced – to £150. We hope that the bank will again provide £250.
Chris has also identified another fund-raising initiative – Give as you Live – which appears to raise funds when members shop in-store. He will investigate further.

Officer Nominations received for the AGM are:
Chair – Richard Higginbotham
Secretary – Chris Jackson
Treasurer – Brian Cheetham
1st XI Captain – James Shaw
1st XI Vice Captain – Rob Jones
2nd XI Captain – Jim Hegarty, Stan Aspinall and Joe Friel
2nd XI Vice Captain – Adam Rixon
3rd XI Captain – Darren Shaw
3rd XI Vice Captain – Iain Haughey
4th XI Captain – Iain Coates – it was noted that Joe Friel had withdrawn from this post
Seniors Coach – Jonny Reeh
Junior Cricket Manager – Peter Herbert
Men’s Cricket Rep – James Shaw
Women’s Cricket Rep – Kate Harvey
Ex Officio Committee Members – Chris Jones, Stewart Coates, Jim Hegarty and Iain Haughey
Fund Raising – Darren Shaw
Communications Officer – Richard Higginbotham

There was discussion about creating a new post of Vice Chair of the club – this was felt to be a positive initiative and a recommendation will be made to the AGM for this post to be created – with a one year tenure. It was also agreed that the post of Communications Officer should also be recommended. Both to be Committee members.

There was discussion about annual and match subscriptions – this led to the following recommendations to be made to the AGM:
Annual Subscriptions

Male Seniors - £85 increased to £95
Women Seniors - £75 increased to £80
Unemployed and Concessions - £50 increased to £60

Match Subscriptions

Male Seniors - £10
Concessions/Students - £6
Women Seniors - £6
Concessions/Students - £4

T20 games
Seniors - £5
Concessions/Students - £3

There was further discussion on the current “classes” of membership and it was felt these could be expanded to take account of those that are involved with and support the club In various ways. We would need to carefully consider subscription rates and whether or not voting rights would be offered. This will help with maintaining the required register of members for the CIO. There will be recommendation to the AGM that the Committee should consider this area in more detail and propose the necessary changes.

Stewart raised the possibility of introducing a club rule that “No member playing in any fixture for STCC should consume alcohol on our ground or an away ground before or during a match”. It was noted that our current Code of Conduct for Members and Guests states that “ Members/guests should not smoke, drink or use banned substances whilst actively working with children in the Club”. It was felt this covered the concern sufficiently.

(5) League Rule Changes
There was a discussion about the various League (CCL) Rule changes contained in the document they had circulated. Stewart received advice on voting for or against these proposed changes.

(6) Club Events
After discussion of the various receipts and costs of the Awards Evening it was agreed that Darren should report a profit of £1,100.
Darren confirmed that the next event will be a Comedy Night on 27th April 2018 – a joint enterprise with Cheadle Cricket Club. If this is successful we will be looking to arrange a Sports Dinner in September.

(7) Update on Overseas Player
Darren reported that we are in negotiation with Darcy Kennelly, an Australian, who played in the Yorkshire Leagues last season. All necessary checks and visa’s etc will be arranged as necessary.

Date of Next Meeting: 22nd January 2018 at 7.45pm at the church.