21st  March 2017 :  HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                         Apologies
Stewart Coates          Sarah McCann
James Shaw               Dave Gilman
Richard Higginbotham        
Brian Cheetham
Chris Jackson        
Darren Shaw
Mike Stopford Senior         
Chris Jones     
Stan Aspinall      

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (10th January 2017) were accepted as an accurate record.
There were no matters arising that were not included in the agenda.


(1) Club Fixture Card
Stewart opened the meeting by explaining that George Hill had raised with him the suggestion of having a club Fixture Card. Stewart has investigated this, talked to Eliot who will arrange printing and Direct Dry Cleaning who will sponsor the card (so no cost to the club). The cards will be available for this season.

(2) Update on Lease Negotiations
Stewart reported that he had met the local Minister Richard Parkes recently at a meeting. He had informed Stewart that the second valuation is still with the valuer’s having been sent back by the church with additional queries. Richard had further reported that he understood that the church may now not be keen on a lengthy lease. Another church officer there at the time suggested that this may be overcome by reference to Church Standing Orders and offered to investigate this. After discussion, the meeting agreed that Stewart should make attempts to set up a meeting with decision-making representatives of the church central body to seek clarification and, hopefully, a way forward. It was pointed out that to access any significant funding we would need a lease of at least 25 years from the point of the funding application. Stewart agreed to try to locate the appropriate church representative(s) and suggested that he and Chris should represent the club. The meeting agreed we need to have a clear plan of what we want from the meeting and that we prepare and plan for the meeting. It was also suggested that we invite the Cheshire Cricket Board to attend to support our case.

(3) Club Welfare Issues
Chris reported that all the necessary DBS checks are either completed or applications have been submitted. Similarly, all coaching qualifications required are in hand and Stan will shortly complete the requirements to become the second Club Welfare Officer. It is understood that DBS’s required for the Coach Support Workers and the All Stars Activators will be undertaken as part of their training.
A new (and easier to administer) Registration process has been trialled and it was agreed this should now be rolled out.

(4) Junior Cricket
Richard reported that the new season has begun with indoor nets now well underway – all is going well.

(5) The remainder of the meeting was spent working through a document prepared by Darren – this forms the remainder of these minutes. Stewart thanked Darren for his hard work compiling this and for all his work on arrangements for events, publicity etc.
The proposed work on the clubhouse toilets and showers was discussed – it was agreed that if a grant is obtained from the airport we should proceed with the more expensive option (up to £3000) but if there is no grant our maximum spend should be £1500. In either case the priority is work on the women’s toilets. It was also agreed that the carpeting in main room and changing rooms should be replaced.