TCC Management Committee Meeting 10th Jan 2017

Action Minutes

Present: Messrs Aspinall, Cheetham, Coates S, Gilman, Hiiginbotham, Jones C, Shaw D, Shaw J. Stopford M Sen who was welcomed to the Committee in his role of President. Thanks were expressed to the long serving, outgoing President G.E. Hill.
Apologies: Jackson C, McCann
Minutes of previous meeting read and approved
Matters Arising: None
Junior Coaching Support:
Excellent progress made by RH and CJo with 14 players committed to two events each. RH/CJo to approach parents re team admin management using Team App.  U18 cricket comprising STCC and 5 others at present. Junior nets to commence mid Feb for 8 weeks x 2 hour session. In-house Coach Support  Course – date awaited from J. Hendry RH to chase so that names can be firmed. SC to approach Stockport Sports Trust re 50% grant support for course costs. Junior teams entered in HPCL U11 (1team), U13 and U15. RH to discuss with Hayley Fryer possibility of starting ’ankle biters’ group for children too young for U11.
Adult Coaching/nets
First net session 11th Jan with John Potts who is keen to undertake summer net coaching JS to liaise. Costs of winter nets covered by advance payments by members. DS/JS/J. Reeh to discuss potential of overseas player Ayden Van Arden joining club by telephone with player and his father – questions submitted by committee members. Chris Hyde to join club from Cheadle and Nish Dodangoda returning.
Storage and Equipment
Boundary rope and winder (to be named by SA) paid for and to be delivered soon. Meeting agreed to purchase a “Bow Dry” at approximate cost of £650. SA to obtain confirmation of cost. SC to seek £300 grant support from Stockport Sports Trust.
SA investigating cost and viability of replacement square mower. SA pursuing steel cladding of clubhouse tool shed and chain/padlock to secure all machinery. SA to plan jobs for Nat West day and other work on ground to commence beginning March and to include: defib to be attached wall,ceiling in away changing to be repaired, shed to be made watertight, lighting in away changing to be checked (CJo), wheels to be put on sight screens,. It was also agreed that new toilets and showers be installed in changing rooms and ladies toilets. JS and CJo to obtain quotes for work and SC to seek grant support from Mcr Airport Community Trust.
Permanent Trophies
Phil Lowe suggested that permanent trophies be purchased instead of annual purchases. This was unanimously agreed. SC offered to supply a trophy for !st Xl bowling. It was agreed that SC should seek sponsors for other trophies for all awards in the forthcoming newsletter.
Fund Raising and Club Kit
Please see comprehensive summary by DS mailed to committee members prior to meeting.  Progress is being made on all fronts although all initiatives will not necessarily roll out as there are dependencies, not least club support for the ideas and for the fund raising team as we move forward. Nevertheless DS is working very hard to bring ideas to fruition. In particular we are keen to progress the T20 tournament, BBQ, Race Night and further outside sponsorship.
Safeguarding and Child Welfare Update
SC highlighted the recent news of abuse taking place in football and reminded the meeting of the need to be alert to such possibilities within our own club. SA working through training as Assistant CWO. SC suggested photos of our CWO and ACWO be placed prominently in the clubhouse which was unanimously agreed. CJa is proceeding with the necessary updates to training for existing coaches and, as required, for those attending Coach Support Course.
Regular members club newsletter.
SC  to issue this and it was agreed that this should be on a monthly basis.
Club Development Plan
CJa had mailed a copy of the plan to all committee members towards the end of last year. It was agreed that DS note of 10th Jan be appended to the plan to provide more detail.
Cheshire Cricket League and fixtures
Proposed rule changes were discussed and the League rep instructed on how the club should cast its vote. The merger of the Cheshire Alliance and CCL is progressing and awaits formal agreement by CA member clubs towards the end of January. SC has entered the club in the Cheshire Shield competition and agreed a fixture with Cheshire Cobras, the blind and partially sighted team. Senior and junior fixtures not yet received.
Any other business
DS proposed and it was unanimously agreed that photos of recent events be hung in the clubhouse in addition to the historic photos already in place. It was also agreed that we explore the possibility of an honours board for display in the clubhouse.
So ended  a long but very positive meeting with much progress and excellent  input from every committee member and SC duly thanked everyone for their hard work.
S. Coates
13th January 2017