TCC Management Committee Meeting 4th Oct 2016

 Present: S. Aspinall (SA), B. Cheetham (BC), S. Coates (SC), D. Gilman (DG), G. Hill (GH), R. Higginbotham (RH), S. McCann (SM), D. Shaw (DS)

 Apologies: C. Jackson, C. Jones, J. Shaw

 Minutes of meeting held 2nd August 2016 read and approved

 Matters arising: None

 Club Welfare Matters: No further matters to report

 Presentation Evening: Discussion took place on the arrangements for the Presentation evening. SC suggested that cash prize donations should be treated as having been gift aided, the relevant paperwork will need to be completed by DG. DS will chase members re ticket sales this week. SC has ordered and will collect trophies, cost £198. Itinerary and timetable will be issued by email by DS. SM was asked to to contact a lady team member who is a photographer to take pictures of the evening which commence with Junior Awards at 6.30.

 Junior Cricket: SC wondered if it might be possible that an ECB Level 1 coaching course could be held comprising current playing members, specifically for club members. After discussion it was agreed that club members would be contacted by Management Committee members to try to persuade as many as possible to complete one of the courses scheduled by Cheshire Board. RH to advise dates of courses.

 Sponsorship and Club Kit: Attention to identifying sponsors and kit supplier will be discussed after the 14th Oct. SC to chase Andy Fryer for his sponsors donation for 2016 and discuss his willingness to continue. Aim to identify best supplier, upto 3 sponsors and to have all players in new kit for 2017 season.

 Finance: BC reported a balance of £19500 in the building society and £3000 in the bank. There is still money to come in and expenditure in relation to work on the square and equipment servicing. BC suggested there is a need to have a member appointed and reporting to the Management Committee with responsibility for fund raising. The appointee would work with a small selected group to drive increased funding from outside the club. Agreed unanimously. SC will bring a motion to the AGM to establish the post so that it is in place for 2017.

  Ground and equipment: No additional items from previous meeting.

 AOB: AGM will be held at Cheadle Golf Club on 7th November at 7.45. SC stated that he believed we would need to recruit senior players into the club after a season when 7 players had left for a variety of reasons with others having stated their intention to leave or retire. He asked all members to do their best to identify suitable players.

J.S. Coates