Present                         Apologies

Stewart Coates           James Shaw

Richard Higginbotham   Brian Cheetham

Peter Herbert       

Chris Jackson        

Sarah McCann

Darren Shaw          

George Hill

Chris Jones

Dave Gilman     

Stan Aspinall     

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (2nd February 2016) were accepted as an accurate record.

There were no matters arising that were not included in the agenda.


(1) Club Welfare Issues

Chris reported that all coaches, captains and others requiring DBS checks or training course completion are up to date with only one exception – Andy Twidell who took over as 2nd team captain in August. A DBS application has been sent.

Chris also reported back on a Child Welfare issue that had arisen recently in a complaint received from Ashley Cricket club following a game on 6th August between our 2nd team and their 3rd team. The complaint alleged that Juan Pardo used the phrase “hit him on the helmet let’s break some bones” towards a 13-year old batsman who was involved in a last wicket partnership that eventually resulted in them achieving a draw. Chris had investigated this matter – most of the 2nd team had no recollection of the incident, one player remembers the words from a fielder but not who it was and one member had a clear recollection that Juan had said this. Juan himself stated that he had no memory of saying this but had agreed to issue an apology to the young person. After discussion the Committee agreed that an apology from the club should accompany Juan’s apology and that Juan should also receive a written warning about future conduct whilst representing Stockport Trinity. Chris will ensure the apologies are forwarded to Ashley. Whilst investigating this matter Chris heard one or two inappropriate comments from club members which seemed to reflect a lack of understanding of safeguarding young cricketers who are playing senior cricket – the club will need to give consideration to sharing information at the AGM to ensure our players have a better understanding of their responsibilities.

(2) Clubmark

Chris has circulated a draft of Trinity’s submission for the ECB Annual Health check required to maintain our Clubmark registration and will welcome any comments/ideas for the document which has to be submitted by 20th September. Richard agreed to draft some text for the junior section of the document and will forward to Chris. Stewart has already submitted his comments. Chris will send the final draft to James Hendry from the Cheshire Board for his comments/advice before submission.  

(3) Lease with the Methodist Church

Stewart updated the meeting on the progress towards achieving the 25 year lease with the church. An annual rental has been agreed and all clauses of the draft lease have now been agreed. We are now awaiting the church process to formalise the lease which may take some time. Nevertheless, Stewart is pleased with the progress made. He is however concerned about the level of legal fees involved and will discuss this with the church.

(4) Charitable Incorporated Organisation Status for the Club

Chris reported that our application has now been submitted to the Charity Commission and we anticipate that it will take a few weeks for this to be considered. Assuming we achieve CIO status we will need to undertake various tasks to coincide with the transfer from CASC status – re-register with HMRC for Gift Aid, re-register with Stockport MBC for Business Rate relief, set up a new bank account and notify our insurers. Chris has made enquiries and is aware of the necessary procedures for these tasks. Stewart thanked Chris for his work on this.

(4) Junior Cricket

Richard presented a document entitled “What does it take to run a Junior Cricket Club?” – this was much appreciated by all present and helps us to consider the issues – copy attached. Many thanks for this excellent piece of work. Richard reported that generally the club’s junior section is in a fantastic place….BUT.

The plan for next season is to run:

2 U11’s teams – this has gone well this year and numbers look good for next  season

U31’s team – it was thought this team would struggle but they ended up as  runners up in their league.

U15’s team – it is projected that there will be more players than places.

The Junior girls have also had a very good season

Financially the juniors have contributed positively to the club through the donations made. These amount to approximately £2100 with an additional £450 from the café and match fees.

Richard noted that there is some support from a number of parents but this is very much non-cricketing support. There is a serious need for more support from the club to ensure coaching and matches are well staffed by suitable personnel. Unless this is forthcoming the juniors will begin to struggle – this season has been successful because of the enormous amount of work undertaken by Peter, Vesna, Richard and Rob Jones. With any sickness or absence of the current coaches we will struggle to maintain safe numbers to manage practice and games. In addition Vesna, who has contributed enormously, is wanting to take a break from all her responsibility of the admin for the junior section. The meeting was unanimous in agreeing that ensuring we have sufficient support for the juniors is a priority for the club.

There followed a lengthy discussion at the conclusion of which it was agreed that the club should:

 Take to the forthcoming AGM the idea of a rota for all senior players within the club to commit to supporting two junior events – practice or match – each season.

 Consider putting on a Level 1 coaching course to encourage players/parents to become more active in coaching.

 Agree to undertake selection and junior administration on Team App.

 Chris agreed to take over much of the work currently undertaken by Vesna but will need some guidance as to what is required.

The meeting was clear that the success of the juniors in the future is vital for the club to continue to prosper and grow.

Sarah reported that the priority for the women’s/girls teams will be enlisting the support of a high level coach to help improve their skills – funding will be available for this through the league. It was mentioned that our female members have achieved highly with many achieving selection for Cheshire representative teams.

(5) Presentation Evening

Darren has taken responsibility for arrangements this year – thanks for the hard work to date from the Committee. The event will be held at Stockport Rugby club on Friday 14th October with the junior presentations earlier in the evening with the seniors to follow. Numbers are limited to 120 so it may not be possible for the juniors or their parents to remain all evening. Darren has a number of fundraising events planned including a raffle – this have been checked out to ensure it complies with our current small lottery Licence.

There will be specific targets (rather than just general fundraising) with a boundary rope and waterhog being included. Further details will follow and will be circulated to all club members. There was a query about whether the club will be able to reclaim VAT when charity status is achieved – Chris will check this out but thinks this will not be possible.

(7) Sponsorship and Kit Provision 2017

It was noted that Andy Fryers three years as main sponsor is due to end soon – we need to establish if he will continue and whether other sponsors can be attracted. There are current investigations (including Barrington Sports but noting that Mike Stopford and Maurice Newton have previously offered support) into kit provision/sponsorship taking place – ideally we need 3 or 4 offers to consider at the next meeting. The target will be to have all players in the same kit pre- and during games.

(8) Finance

Chris reported, in Brian’s absence, that the current balance of funds is just less than £22,000 – our best ever position. With the usual end of season expenditure this should leave a year end surplus of about £20,000. Fundraising will need to be considered in detail in the coming year given our development plans following the successful negotiation of a lease.

(9) League Rules

Stewart asked that if any club members wish to propose changes to league rules (noting that we did make proposals last season) for the 2017 season these have to be submitted to the league by 31st October 2016.

(10) Ground and Equipment

There had already been some discussion about this in the Presentation evening agenda item. It was noted that, apart from routine end of season maintenance and servicing of existing equipment our priorities are the provision of a boundary rope and new wheels for the sightscreens (the latter have been ordered).

(11) Any Other Business

It was agreed that a further meeting will be held at the ground before the Presentation evening and AGM – Tuesday 4th October at 8pm.