16th February 2016 :  HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                        Apologies

Stewart Coates         Stan Aspinall – written comments received

Richard Higginbotham     

Chris Jackson        

Sarah McCann          

Brian Cheetham   

George Hill

James Shaw

Chris Jones

Dave Gilman

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (4th August 2015) were accepted as an accurate record.

There were no matters arising that were not included in the agenda.


(1) Ground Lease

Stewart reported that the rental valuation has now been completed and the recommended rental figure is £650pa. The purchase valuation is £67,500. We are now awaiting contact from the church in order to progress the matter – a vote agreed that the purchase figure is unrealistic and by unanimous agreement the meeting recommended we pursue a lease at £650pa subject to the terms of the lease. Chris reported that he has updated the Financial Projections completed last year to take account of the most recent club accounts (2015) and the proposed rental figure and this will still leave us in a surplus position of about £1000pa.

(2) Charitable Incorporated Organisation Status for the Club

Chris reported that work on this with Aspinall Wright solicitors is ongoing and the application to the Charities Commission should be submitted in the next two weeks. There will then be a further wait whilst the Commission consider our application. We will need to undertake various tasks to coincide with the transfer to CIO status – reregister with HMRC for Gift Aid, set up a new bank account and notify our insurers.

(3) Clubmark

Chris reported that our Clubmark renewal, due this year, has been put back to next year – this is because the ECB are taking over the process and have work to do before rolling the process out to clubs. We do need to complete an Annual Health Check but the form for this online process has been delayed – it was supposed to be available from last November. Chris will progress this as soon as the form becomes available.

(4) Finances

Brian reported that the club currently have £15,000 in the Vernon account and £1,000 in the Barclays account. We have recently agreed the purchase of a mower which will be of great benefit. There is a bill for £700 for League Fees and Balls, we have an insurance renewal quote for £547 and anticipate legal fees of approx. £1,000 for the work on the lease and conversion to CIO. Brian has now arranged for Dave Gilman to “audit” the accounts to ensure an extra level of accountability. He will be meeting with Dave soon to go through the accounts.

(5) Fundraising

James reported that he has been working on ideas for fundraising activities utilising sponsors – match balls, advertising boards on the ground etc. He intends to brainstorm fundraising ideas with other club members and will report back at the next meeting.

(6) Trinity Lottery

Chris confirmed that the lottery is now based on 59 numbers. As agreed at the AGM we will be selling the 59 numbers at the same cost as last year - £20 for the season. Winnings will also remain the same - £25 for each draw. We need to sell the extra numbers and Chris would be grateful for any assistance committee members can offer. Stan has already indicated that he will sell 2 more.

(7) Cricket Issues

Stewart reported that arranging this year’s fixtures has been a challenge due to delays with 2nd XI fixtures and cup competitions. A full fixture list and pitch usage chart will be circulated when all fixtures are known.

Juniors – Richard reported that the intention is to run the following teams this year – 2 @ Under 11’s, Under 13’s (tight on numbers), Under 15’s and Under 18’s. We will also operate at Under 19 level jointly with Stockport CC. It was noted that the Junior Kit store shed is very wet and remedial work is required. Some new kit along with new kit bags will be required. It was felt that access to a Bowling Machine would be really beneficial – agreed we should investigate and grant funding that may be available for this. In the interim Sarah will try to arrange occasional loans from Bramhall CC.

Stewart noted that work on levelling the square has now become a priority – likely cost from Bancroft’s is £4,500. Agreed we should pursue this subject to grants to support the expenditure.

Sarah reported that Emma Roberts has agreed to manage the Under 15’s. She is hoping to bring more girls into the club this year.

Chance to Shine work is ongoing and we are linked with Moss Hey School.

Chris noted that the requirement to enter results etc on Playcricket has now become compulsory for 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams and fines will result from any failures. He will contact captains and vice captains to ensure everyone is up to speed with this.

(8) Pre-season Work and Natwest Day

Stan has noted that the barriers under the trees on the Grange Road side have collapsed, work has started on clearing the scrub areas around the ground and the carpark has been made safer. We need to clear all paths around the clubhouse and level the flags. The fire doors also need attention. His suggestions for Natwest Day are to paint the clubhouse, treat the benches, rebuild the covers and a general tidy up of the ground. It was also noted that one sightscreen has again blown over and welding work is required to repair it. Sarah reported that the Women’s team would take responsibility for cleaning the clubhouse after Natwest Day – this offer was gratefully accepted.

(9) Club Welfare Issues

Chris reported that all DBS checks for those who need them is progressing although not without some difficulty from some members. Any coaches required to update their DBS, Safeguarding certificate or First Aid qualifications will be contacted by Chris with reminders as they become due during the year.

Chris also reported that he has redrafted the Club Changing room policy (Paragraph 5) following comments made at the AGM. The meeting voted unanimously to adopt this policy – a copy is attached to these minutes.

(10) Social Media Policy

Stan had raised some concerns about the use of Social Media for communication within the club. He felt that this method of communication around areas such as social events needs to be seen to be inclusive of all members. This was agreed by the meeting and it was requested that all members use social media with thought and sensitivity.

It was noted that the ECB have issued guidance on the use of social media, texts and emails within cricket clubs (copy attached to these minutes) – it was agreed that the club should adopt this document as club policy.

(11) Any Other Business

It was suggested that the club should adopt a policy regarding the use of the pitch covers – due to the varying views and technical questions this needs further discussion to include Stan and taking on board advice from knowledgeable sources.

Stewart requested that all committee members, on the assumption that we obtain a lengthy lease and want to redevelop the clubhouse, give thought to what we actually want in terms of rooms/facilities and bring ideas and plans to the next meeting.

Stewart wished to express his thanks to Jonny Reeh for his efforts in coordinating the club’s involvement in the Christmas Tree collection on behalf of St Ann’s Hospice. This was very successful in raising funds for the hospice.