Present                        Apologies

Stewart Coates         Gillian Spragg

Tom Quinn                John Sandford

Joe Friel                   Gary Myatt

Stan Aspinall             Phil Wood

Chris Jackson            Richard Higginbotham   

Sarah McCann           

Brian Cheetham   

George Hill

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (16th March 2015) were accepted as an accurate record.

There were no matters arising that were not included in the agenda.


(1) Club Dates

It was agreed that the club Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 9th November at Cheadle Golf Club.

There is a suggestion that the club Presentation Evening should be held at Stockport Rugby Club or upstairs at the Ladybrook and enquiries are underway to clarify dates available – intention is for Friday 9th or 16th October.

(2) Lease/Rental Negotiations

Stewart updated the meeting on progress. We are all aware of recent emails that give an estimated rental value of £750 to £1000pa. This seems to be reasonable given that we understand Cheadle Hulme may be paying a little less. Subsequently Stewart has talked to Emily Higginbottom from Fairhurst Estates for the cost of a formal valuation and also talked to Richard Parkes from the church. Richard has confirmed the church need to obtain their own valuation to meet Charities Commission guidelines so he too has asked Emily. Her quote has come back as £1000. As an alternative Richard has approached Roger Hannah, Estate Agent, to check if his fee may be lower. The outcome is awaited. We may need to cover the cost of Emily’s work to date if the church do not use her company for the formal valuation and the meeting needs to consider meeting that expenditure. There will also be other costs if this goes ahead – solicitors fees for any formal lease arrangement, part of the cost of the formal valuation and, if we proceed to clubhouse redevelopment, there will be architects fees. As part of these plans the club will also need to consider changing status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that will again attract solicitor’s fees.

Brian suggested that if work is going ahead on the formal rental valuation this should also include a valuation of sale price for the land. He is also aware that Flowery Fields (Woodsmoor Playing Field) may also be available and wondered if the club should also consider this option. It is understood the Playing Fields Association owns the land and that the local authority currently have to maintain this and would be looking to lose this responsibility. Stewart was concerned that moving there would put us in direct competition with Stockport Georgians who play on adjoining land. It would also push back the timescale for progress considerably. Concerns were also expressed about the state of the land and the work required to bring it up to an acceptable standard for cricket.

Following some discussion the committee voted on:

Proposal – that the club should meet costs associated with the formal valuation for lease or purchase of the ground – agreed unanimously.

Proposal – that the Committee should recommend that change of status of the club to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation at this year’s AGM – agreed unanimously. This matter will be added to the AGM agenda in November.

(3) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that the Junior Presentation event will be held on 4th September 2015.

(4) Club Welfare Officer Report

Chris reported that there is nothing to report currently. All relevant officers (captains, vice captains, coaches and welfare officers) have up to date DBS checks and relevant qualifications. It was pointed out that Tom Quinn is taking over as 3rd XI vice captain for the remaining weeks of the season and will need a DBS check. Given the short time remaining this season a check is unlikely to be obtained before the season ends. Tom explained that he has several current DBS checks for other posts and will forward a copy of the most recent one to Chris.

(5) Club Finance

Brian reported that club currently have approaching £17,000 in the two club accounts – a very healthy situation. To Brian’s knowledge all substantial bills have now been paid. There are a number of players who still have annual subs outstanding and need to be chased. The CASC form from HMRC (to maintain our CASC status) has been submitted. Gift Aid payment has been paid – we need to check that we continue to meet the criteria for meeting expenditure from income for next season’s application.

(6) Fundraising Ideas

Joe and Tom have held discussions with a number of players in the club and have come up with some fundraising ideas. They also suggested Darren Shaw may have a useful contribution to make to fundraising activities.

Joe promised to provide notes about these ideas but this remains outstanding, despite reminders, and will need to be circulated at a later date when received.

Briefly ideas included:


Opening Up Cricket Charity


Increased trophies for players

Pre-season tour

Social events – e.g. Fun Day

3 Peaks Challenge

Fantasy cricket

They plan to meet again and bring detailed plans for fundraising.

(7) Any Other Business

There was a recent Disciplinary hearing in the club involving Waqar Malik – the outcome was that a previously carried over two match ban has been implemented along with a further two match ban (again with two further suspended matches).

Sarah confirmed that Ladies nets are booked for next year.

There was a suggestion that the men use the Old Trafford nets in the winter next year due to the better quality of the facilities. An option also mentioned was that we could use the Didsbury nets up to Christmas and finish off at Old Trafford in the New Year