Present                        Apologies

Stewart Coates          Sarah McCann

Chris Jackson             Katie Paterson

Dave Gilman               Gillian Spragg

Richard Higginbotham   John Sandford

George Hill                 Joe Wheeler     

Brian Cheetham          Subash Fernandez

Phil Lowe                  Gary Myatt    

Stan Aspinall              Josh Muldoon

James Shaw

Chris Jones

Phil Wood

Stewart opened the meeting by reporting that he has received lots of compliments about the recent Newsletter (Mike Woollard, Brian Birtles and a number of other recipients). Thanks go to Stan for the idea, Matt Jones in particular for producing the Newsletter and Richard and Gillian for the information they contributed.

Stewart also noted the complaints about the missing menu items at the recent TACS League dinner.

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (29th July 2014) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising from the Action List

Security work on the clubhouse is still outstanding.

Winter Nets are being arranged

Richard reported his findings re subscription rates for other clubs in the area. It seems we are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive.

Those interested in completing a coaching qualification this winter are: Andy Twidell, Peter Herbert and possible Adam Jones father.

There was no representation or input from the Ladies to report on ideas to further integrate the Ladies into the club.


(1) Future Committee Composition

The meeting discussed the document with proposals for the future composition of the Committee produced by Stewart. The intention is to take the recommendations from this meeting to the AGM.

Main Management Committee Proposal:





Club Welfare Officer

Volunteer Groundsman

Junior Manager

Men’s Cricket Representative (to represent the interests of playing members)

Ladies Cricket Representative

Up to 2 Ex-officio Committee Members

This proposal was accepted.

Men’s Selection Committee Proposal:


Captains and/or Vice Captains of all Men’s teams

Seniors Coach

This proposal was accepted.

Junior Committee Proposal:

Junior Manager

All Coaches

Parents Representatives x 4

Secretary/Club Welfare Officer

The Junior Manager and/or the Secretary to feed back any issues from this meeting to the main Committee.

This proposal was accepted.

Planning Committee Proposal:




Volunteer Groundsman

Junior Representative

Ladies Representative

Others as required

This proposal was accepted.

It was proposed that the Chairman has the power to co-opt members to any Committee as stated in the Constitution.

The Management Committee will meet no less than 3 times annually.

The Men’s Selection Committee will meet weekly during the playing season

Other Committees will meet as required.

(2) Finance

Brian reported that club finances are very healthy and the club are in their best ever financial position. We have £12,800 in the Vernon BS and approx. £2,000 in the Barclays current account. There are not many financial commitments due over the next few months. All the necessary information has been passed to Dave Gilman to process the Gift Aid application and this will provide additional funds that will contribute to next year’s pre-season expenditure.

Stewart reported the following known items of expenditure:

 Nets – are due their three yearly refurbishment but also need work to make the run up areas safe so as to remove the current health and safety risk. The initial estimate of cost from Binghams was approx. £1350 but Stewart has agreed a price of £1,000.

This expenditure was agreed.

 The usual pre-season work on the ground will be approx. £600

 Balls and scorebooks from the League will be approx. £700 for the three men’s teams.

 Insurance for next season approx. £500

 Mowing costs outstanding for this year approx. £200

 The sit-on roller is now beyond it’s useable life and needs to be replaced. Stan has an estimate of £3,800 for a replacement roller less £1,000 for trading in the current roller. Applications for funding have been made to Stockport Sports Trust (£300), Cash 4 Clubs (£750) and the results are awaited. An application to Tesco Trust (£2000) has been refused. Stewart will also approach the Airport – funding may be available up to £3000. It was agreed that the club need to purchase a replacement roller regardless of receiving any funding to maintain the quality of the playing surface and Stewart was authorised to proceed with this expenditure.

 Holly Grange side has been levelled but the next stage is to either re-turf the area or level with topsoil and seed early next year. The latter is the cheaper option and after discussion it was to go ahead with the topsoil and seed option – approx. cost £900.

 Essential annual maintenance of the current mowers – approx. cost £400.

There was a discussion about the annual and match subscription levels to recommend to the AGM for the 2015 season. It was noted that the subscription rates have not increased for three years and that our subscriptions are on a par with other many clubs in the area. It was also felt that there should be a universal subscription rate across the club to also include the Ladies. It was not felt that they had access to any less cricket over the course of a season and costs to the club in terms of maintenance of the ground and clubhouse should therefore be equitable. Any current expenditure by the Ladies (e.g. balls) paid from their subscriptions should become the responsibility of the club. It was noted that there was no representation at the meeting from the Ladies and they are able to make any alternative proposal to the AGM.

The proposal from the meeting for consideration by the AGM were:

Annual Subscription  £85 Full Members

   £50 Concessions/Students

Match Subscriptions  £8 Full Members

   £5 Concessions/Students


    £4 Full Members – Midweek/T20

   £2 Concessions/Students - Midweek/T20

It was also proposed and agreed that any members playing games on both Saturday and Sunday should not be entitled to any discount in match subscriptions.

It was also agreed that annual subscriptions for Junior members should continue to be replaced by voluntary donations. Such donations will not be a requirement for membership but will allow the club to claim Gift Aid for the amount donated.

(3) Planning and the Clubhouse

Stewart reported that, from his research, there is only one organisation that will provide substantial grants to clubs without a long lease. They are Awards For All and their requirement is for clubs to have a lease of at least 5 years. They will provide funding up to a maximum of £10,000 for projects costing up to a maximum £25,000 including VAT. He would now like this meeting to provide guidelines for the Planning Committee in terms of what the club requires from the project up to a maximum of £25,000. It was agreed that the Planning Committee should meet to come up with proposals. There was also discussion, prompted by Brian C’s research, into the possibility of the club purchasing the land from the church. It was agreed that Brian should undertake further research, including discussion with a club who have bought land recently (Saughall) and that Chris should research the implications for the future governance of the club – would we need to consider becoming a Limited Company.

(4) Club Welfare Officer Report

Chris reported that he has started the annual update of vetting checks for all coaches and club officers. The forthcoming AGM may also see new Captains/Vice Captains appointed and he will be responsible for ensuring they have DBS checks.

Richard reported that he intends, at the AGM, to propose that a rota of all playing members is organised to provide assistance at Junior games and practice nights. It was agreed that such an arrangement, if agreed, would not require DBS checks for all those involved – they would not be working unsupervised with any Junior players at any time and would not be undertaking the task on a regular basis.

Stewart reported that Matt Jones has now undertaken responsibility for the club Twitter account to ensure that content is appropriate.

(5) Any Other Business

 Phil Lowe suggested there should be a club game the week before the season to ensure players are as “ready to play” as soon as possible. Stewart and Stan told the meeting that this depends on the ground being ready for the season It was proposed that there should be a rota of all players (5 per weekend) to assist Stan with pre-season work from February onwards. It was also noted that the Natwest Cricketforce day will be on 28th March 2015 – the season starts on 18th April and ends on 12th September. The issue of the players rota will be raised at the AGM.

 Phil Lowe suggested that we should no longer elect Vice Captains and that they should be selected by Captains to ensure there are no difficulties in their relationship. There was no support for this proposal.

 Chris reminded the meeting that a draw needs to be held at the AGM as agreed last year – to refund annual subscription to one player who paid before 31st May. Brian will let Stewart have the names of those who qualify.

 Chris reminded the meeting that we still have £400 in the club Jewson account (£350 from the ECB) and this needs to be spent before 28th November. It was agreed Phil Wood would draw up a list of items on which we could spend the money.

 Stewart reported that there are a number of options for sponsorship, kit provision etc. It was agreed Stewart and Richard would negotiate the most appropriate arrangements for the club and report back at a future meeting.