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Stewart Coates          Sarah McCann

Chris Jackson             Katie Paterson

Dave Gilman               Phil Wood

Gillian Spragg              John Sandford

George Hill                  Joe Wheeler     

Brian Cheetham

Subash Fernandez    

Richard Higginbotham

Phil Lowe   

Gary Myatt

Stan Aspinall

James Shaw

Josh Muldoon

Chris Jones

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (27th January 2014) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

Stewart asked if there had been any consideration of the composition of the Committee following the discussion at the last meeting. The Committee in its current form is unwieldy given the large number of potential members – whilst having lots of people involved can be seen as positive it is not conducive to decision making or action planning. There was a brief discussion about the option of having sub-committees to address specific areas. It was agreed that all Committee members should give consideration to this issue and bring their thoughts/proposals to the next meeting due in September.


(1) Club Disciplinary Matters

Stewart reported that there had been a recent disciplinary issue in relation to a Trinity player during a game against Bramhall. There was also a more minor incident in a game against Chelford. The club have dealt with both matters using our Disciplinary procedure and reported our actions to the relevant leagues. We are still awaiting the leagues confirming that they are happy with our actions. Stewart wished to emphasise that this is not the way we wish to become known as a club and it is vital that the behaviour of club members does not include further indiscretions such as these. He felt it was important that the club minutes these issues. Club captains should ensure all players are aware of their responsibilities in terms of behaviour when representing the club.

(2) Club Welfare Officer’s Update

Chris reported that an email has been circulated by Andy Margeson, County Welfare Officer, drawing attention to recent instances of junior players being the subject of verbal abuse when playing senior cricket. This is clearly unacceptable behaviour that should not be accepted and Trinity CC fully supports this view.

There were no other welfare issues to report.

(3) Lease and Clubhouse

Stewart updated the meeting on the issue of the lease that is still not signed. There is one contentious issue in the lease stating that cricket shall not be played on a Sunday – this is being considered by the Methodist church legal department.

There followed a discussion on the previous committee decision to use a container for storage of the current contents of the tool store. It was agreed that this decision should be overturned with the main concerns being the appearance and longevity of a container. Stan has obtained a quote to extend the clubhouse in line with our requirements (more space in the kitchen/tea area, additional changing room for juniors playing in senior games and the re-siting of the current umpires room). The quote was approximately £33,000 plus VAT for an 8m by 6m extension which is clearly beyond the financial means of the club at this stage. It was suggested that a “garage” type structure could be an alternative to a container. The meeting agreed that no further decisions should be made until the lease is signed and our position is clearer.  

(4) Clubhouse Security, Insurance and Jewson Account

Stewart and Brian confirmed that the club insurance would not cover thefts of any tools at present because the security of the clubhouse is not to the insurers specification – we would also struggle because combustibles are stored in the clubhouse. It was confirmed that Phil W had obtained a quote for £650 for the provision of all materials for a security upgrade (there would be an additional cost of approx. £200 if we did not fit ourselves). It was agreed that we should go ahead with the security upgrade and Phil W should check to see if any suitable materials are available from Jewsons where we have £400 available.

(5) Friends of Stockport Trinity Cricket Club

Stewart explained that he currently produces a newsletter pre and post season to keep the Friends of TCC up to date with the club. It has been suggested that the format and content of this could be improved to include photos and more information. It was suggested that Matt Jones should be approached to take on this task given his skills. It was agreed that Richard would provide a synopsis of the Juniors season and Gillian the same for the Ladies team for inclusion in a newsletter soon after this season ends.

(6) Stockport Sport Awards

Stewart reported that the club has nominated Stan for the Volunteer of the Year award – this is based on the many years of hard work he has done for the club. It was also noted that £300 is available from the Stockport Sports Trust which we need to claim.

(7) Any Other Business – this item was brought forward in the agenda.

Winter Nets – arrangements need to be made and players consulted about where the nets should be held and which night.

Stuart Canvas – should be coming back to Stewart re repairs that are necessary.

Nets – maintenance work will be necessary and attention needs to be given to the run ups which are currently.

Structure of the Club – Chris reported that he attended a seminar recently where the issue of the structure of clubs was highlighted as an issue. There are financial risks to individual club members with the current club structure – e.g. if the club were to be sued in relation to an injury sustained on club premises. The current insurance covers club members for accidents but not visitors, spectators, parents etc. An option is to consider the club becoming a limited company. It was agreed this issue should be considered in more detail and a decision on the status of the club made.

(8) Finance

Brian reported that it had been his intention to produce regular budget monitoring reports but unfortunately he had not had the time to do this. He has done a bank reconciliation today that shows a balance of £10,800 with most of the season’s large expenditure already covered. There is also income yet to be received:

Men’s subs – only 28 of 40+ registered players have paid.

Ladies subs – 10 paid – this represents the majority of the senior ladies.

Natwest Cricketforce - £500 due

Juniors and Gift Aid – approx. £1900 due

Donations/Grants – approx. £250 due

Sale of Kit – approx. £200 possible at the end of the season

Overall the club should have a small excess on the season.

It was agreed that we need to consider subscription levels for next season given that subs have not risen for 4 years. It was also recognised that our subs are substantially cheaper than many other clubs in the area. After discussion it was agreed we should try to benchmark subscription levels for other local clubs – Richard will ask James, the Cheshire Board Development Officer, to advise us on subscription rates for other clubs. Further discussion and a recommendation needs to be addressed at the next meeting prior to the AGM.

Richard also noted that we do not charge for Junior Practice nights because at this stage they are not sufficiently organised to justify this. However, the hope is for better organisation next year with a possible charge of £2 per session.

(9) Future Planning

Stewart noted that there are not enough people carrying out essential work in certain areas – specifically Richard, Vesna and Stan need assistance and admin on match days should be shared around more.

Richard suggested that every playing member of the club should help out either at junior practice or matches at some stage during the season. There could be a rota for this with players responsible for rearranging if they are not able to attend on their allotted date. Richard also intends to arrange a meeting with junior’s parents to encourage more involvement.

Stan was asked to consider what assistance he needs and report back to the next meeting.

Stewart also noted that the Ladies do not seem to be fully integrated into the club. Gillian was asked to consider any actions that could be taken to ensure Ladies are more integrated  - to report back at September Committee meeting.