27th January 2014 :  HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                           Apologies

Stewart Coates            Sarah McCann

Chris Jackson               Katie Paterson

Dave Gilman                 George Hill

Gillian Spragg               Subash Fernandwz

Phil Wood                    John Sandford     

Brian Cheetham    

Richard Higginbotham

Phil Lowe   

Gary Myatt

Stan Aspinall

Joe Wheeler

James Shaw

Josh Muldoon

Chris Jones

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (17th September 2013) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising that will not be considered within the agenda.


(1) Close Season Highlights

Stewart reported that some of the Junior players have been selected for ECB Coaching courses and three of the younger girls – Lucy, Katie and Amy – are to take part in Cheshire Excellence courses. Ben and Oscar from the boys are also selected for Cheshire coaching. This is recognition of the positive way the club is developing younger players and credit to our coaching team.

It was also noted that through Stockport Cricket Development meetings we now have Rick Halkon (ECB Level 3 coach) doing some coaching with our Juniors.

The 3rd team have also now joined the Cheshire County League 3rd XI league – we have become associate members of the CCL to achieve this.

(2) Committee Composition

Stewart requested that all current committee members give some though to the future composition of the committee. This is because the expansion of the club has lead to increased numbers of members eligible to attend (19 if everyone attended!!) which is likely to lead to unproductive meetings. This will be considered at a future meeting with a view to making proposals to an AGM.

(3) Ladies Cricket

Gillian reported that the possible tie up with Stalybridge is now not going ahead. Winter nets are due to begin on 16th February with Rick Halkon offering some coaching. There are lots of Juniors to be signed this year and one or two new seniors. Overall the prospects for next season are looking good. The Ladies fixtures for 2014 have now been received.

(4) Fixtures

Stewart reported that he now has fixtures for the TACS league, the Ladies and the Cheshire cup but is still awaiting the 3rd XI and Juniors fixtures. Full planning for next season is difficult without all the fixtures. He is aware th Junior U15’s will play on Wednesday nights and there also a couple of clashes with Ladies fixtures and ground hires.

(5) Men’s Cricket

Stewart confirmed that Gary Myatt has agreed to coach the men’s senior teams – he will attend winter nets and organize summer practice. It was also noted that Rick Halkon will be coaching the Ladies and Juniors and hopefully some of the younger seniors. It is important that we work to improve the quality in the club not just to consolidate our current position but also to move up the league structure. We need everyone onboard to achieve this. Stewart also reported on the TACS League AGM – all proposals presented were lost apart from minor changes to league rules. He also reported that we have to buy league balls for the 3rd team – at £15.90 each they are more expensive than 1st and 2nd team balls!! Chris also requested that all members begin the annual registration process as soon as possible.

(6) Finance

Brian reported that there was nothing new to report in terms of finance from the recent AGM. The club remains in a healthy position with £10,000 in the Vernon and £1,100 in the current account. The Gift Aid application has been submitted and there are a number of income streams ongoing. Brian reported that he intends to produce a statement of actual income/expenditure every two months with a view to developing an operating budget for the club. It is important to know annually whether we are in credit/debit with our current income and expenditure.

Chris noted that the Natwest Cricketforce day will be on 5th April. He gave his apologies for being away at this time but will help with organization beforehand. Stan volunteered to coordinate the work to be done on the day.

Richard reported that he intends to speak to Mike from Intramark in the next few days and hopes to establish a scheme for junior kit as soon as possible.

Chris reported that we have registered with the ECB Jewson scheme – we put £50 into an account and the ECB will make this up to £400.

Chris will email all club members about annual subs, the Trinity Lottery and Natwest day. Chris reported that he will keep Lottery payments separate from annual subs and will avoid the need for captains to collect this money.

(7) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that this year we will have teams at U9, U11, U13 and U15 with the older three teams all playing organised league cricket. He plans to go into Moss Hey school (an assembly and two Fridays before Easter) to try to recruit further junior players. Winter nets are organised and will be at Stockport Grammar starting this Sunday. It is anticipated that there will be about 20 U9/U11 and 20 U13/U15 who will be split into two groups.

In terms of coaching Joe Wheeler is soon to start a course and Rob Jones (who is a qualified coach) will be assisting. The plan is to have 4 active coaches with support from Phil W, Fred and John S. The first Parents Group is being set up with the hope that two parents per age group will help out – Trinity coaches to manage the cricket and the parents to manage bags, kit, players, transport etc. Vesna will continue to notify Junior players about selection. It was noted that we need to clarify arrangements for Gift Aid for Juniors.

(8) TACS League AGM

Stewart reported from the recent League meeting. Umpires fees will be £36 each if there are two and £50 if only one. The date of the pre-season Captains meeting is still awaited. The invoices for balls have been passed to Brain for payment. There was some discussion about arrangements for cup games given the likely clash of dates with the football World Cup. Andy Margeson, County Welfare Officer, has announced that there is to be a “blitz” on any untoward parental behavior – it was felt that this is not an issue to us.

(9) Clubhouse Development

Stewart commented that we have funds currently sitting around and that we need to move the plans to redevelop the clubhouse forward. There are a number of issues waiting to be resolved. Stewart has been liaising with the church about the possibility of them giving the club a lease for the ground. Without this there is little possibility of achieving high value grants such as Inspired Facilities. Stewart reported that the church would be prepared to offer a 25 year lease to meet this requirement but this would have to be at market rent because of church rules – this is likely to be £2,500 to £3,000 pa. This is not realistic and would saddle the club with a significant expenditure for the future. The church are also prepared to offer a shorter lease (under 7 years) and the rent for that period would be about £100 pa. They would also give us a letter stating that the cricket club has been in occupancy for 90 years and they have no intention of changing the current arrangement in the next 25 years. Stewart also explained that the land the club is on is classified as Open Space and can only be used for development if a similar sized plot id the local area can replace it. There does not seem to be any such land available locally which effectively means the church could not sell the land for development. Stewart felt a 7 year lease would be a good outcome for the club but would support us in applications for smaller grants only.

There was a suggestion that the club could consider buying out the lease. It was felt this was worthy of consideration in the future – we could investigate whether any grants are available for buying a lease although this was felt to be doubtful.

The meeting voted unanimously in favour of pursuing the short-term lease with the church. Stewart reported that he will be meeting with the church on 8th February to progress this matter and will report back.

Stewart further reported that there had been a meeting attended by himself, Phil and Chris J – Stan A was invited but unable to attend. The meeting considered the options for the redevelopment of the clubhouse. The first suggestion was the purchase of  a container to be placed behind the clubhouse and to be used for the storage of the ground equipment. This will cost up to £2,000.

A plan for the redevelopment for the clubhouse was distributed – copy attached to the minutes. The proposal costs of:

Old equipment store and home changing room become two changing rooms with communal showers/toilets behind.

The kitchen, tea area and female/disabled toilet remain unchanged.

The current Umpires room becomes a store for Junior kit.

The current away changing room becomes an Umpires room and changing room for Juniors playing in senior cricket.

After consultation with Sarah McC in terms of Ladies teams needs the proposal is to swap the Umpires and Junior’s rooms on the plan.

Also proposed but not on the plan is an Eco Sewage disposal system to replace the current arrangements. This would allow clean water to be disposed of in the pond and would only require emptying every 4 years and minimal maintenance. Approximate cost of this system is £7,000. (see www.webuildit.co.uk).

The total estimated cost for all this work is the £10,000 we have in savings account with a further £2,000 to £4,000 which would need to be obtained from grants.

The intention would be to commence the work as soon as the season is over in September with completion targeted for the end of the year. Stewart urged all committee members to give some thought to the plans and whether any improvements could be made.

Stewart requested support for the proposals in principle from the meeting – it was agreed unanimously that in principle the proposals should go ahead to complete the work with an approximate budget of £14,000.

It was also agreed Committee members should come to the next meeting with ideas for fundraising to support this project.

(10) Natwest Cricketforce Day and Work on the Ground

Stan will be starting work on the ground from the end of February and will welcome any assistance. The main aim is to clear the area at the back of the clubhouse and the far corner of the ground – Grange Road to the pond.

Plans for Natwest day could include replacing perimeter fencing which is likely to cost £1,200 but neighbours will contribute £600. This was agreed by the meeting. Stan will compile a list of other jobs for the Natwest day.

There was discussion about the sit on roller which has been out of action for some time – the gearbox has gone. This needs to be replaced and Stan has sourced a suitable second hand replacement – the cost will be £2,800 with our current roller used in part exchange. Grants may be possible from the airport to support this. It was agreed we should proceed with this.

(11) Club Welfare Officer Issue

Chris reported that he is on track to have all the relevant club members with necessary qualifications before the season starts – DBS checks, Safeguarding courses and First Aid certificates.

There is also now an ECB document covering policy on the use of Social Media by cricket clubs – he will ensure this is available to club members.

(12)Any Other Business

Chris noted that the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers are now available and will email club members to encourage collection.

There was no other business.