17th September 2013 :  HELD AT TRINITY CRICKET CLUB

Present                           Apologies

Stewart Coates            Stan Aspinall

Chris Jackson               Katie Paterson

Dave Gilman                 Gillian Spragg     

Phil Wood         

Brian Cheetham    

Richard Higginbotham   

Sarah McCann

Mike Llewelyn

Gary Myatt

George Hill

Matt Myatt

Jim Hegarty

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (25th June 2013) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

 The 3rd XI are planning to enter the Cheshire Sunday League next season – details remain unclear about which Division pending a reorganisation of the League. There is a meeting on 16th October which Chris and Phil W volunteered to attend.

 Stewart reported that, following discussions, Mike Stopford senior agreed to maintain his sponsorship from Intramark with a donation of £300 for the season. The plans for Junior kit did not, unfortunately, come to fruition. Stewart intends to meet with Mike to discuss further after the AGM.

 Clubhouse redevelopment – Stewart reported that the issue of a lease for the club remains with Trustees of the Methodist Church. The plan to link up the club with the mains sewers remains a priority for Stewart.

 The rubbish has now been removed from behind the clubhouse – thanks to Phil W.

 Unfortunately no additional assistance was given to Stan over the course of last season. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.

 Clubmark – Chris confirmed that we have been reconfirmed as meeting clubmark requirements after an inspection this year. To date there has been no written confirmation of this – Chris to follow up.


(1) Finance

Stewart reported that in Brian’s absence on holiday the club’s finances have seen a net increase of £600. Brian gave updated figures for the club’s accounts – Vernon BS £10,000 and Barclays £2,000 (with the increase included). Brian is not aware of any major outstanding expenditure. He noted that the club fields at least 3 senior teams each week but subscriptions have only been paid by 33 men and 8 ladies. This was felt to be a reasonable reflection of those who had played regularly. Chris will give Brian a list of registered players so he can cross reference and identify any outstanding subscriptions.

Brian noted that he has recently been asked to pay the Ladies League subs – this is late because he had received no request or paperwork for this. Chris explained that the need to collect lottery had made life more difficult for both captains and Brian this season – he intends to collect lottery money separately next season.

There was a discussion about annual subscriptions for next season. It was felt that the current Associate membership (reduced £40 sub but pay £10 match sub for first 10 games) was too complex. It was suggested an alternative would be for all members to pay a full subscription with a proportional reimbursement to any members who do not play 10 games.

Current subscription rates are:

Men – Full Members  £75 Concessions £40

Women – Full Members £65 Concessions £35

It was agreed that the Committee recommend to the AGM that these rates should be unchanged for season 2014.

It was proposed that subscriptions not paid by 31st may should attract an extra charge of £5 and all those who do pay by 31st May should be entered into a draw to be held at the annual Presentation Evening with draw winner having their full subscription refunded for that season. This would only be open to those members present on the evening. These suggestions will be recommended to the AGM. It was agreed that there needs to be a real effort to collect all subs as soon as possible next year. Chris was also asked to check the Constitution to confirm that players become ineligible for selection if they do not pay subs by 31st May (Note from Chris – Club Constitution Rule 8f states - No player shall be eligible for selection who has not paid their annual subscription by 31st May of the season then current).


(2) Junior Cricket

Richard and Sarah explained that they wish to make a bid for funding for additional coaching for the Juniors for next season – they are proposing we utilise the Cheshire Coach, Rick Halkon, to provide this and that the club should meet the cost - £30 per session. Young adult club members could also benefit from this. It was agreed the club should support this initiative which can only improve playing standards.

Sarah mentioned the Coaches Association Newsletter which has details of some very reasonably priced equipment.

Richard is hoping to set up a Junior Sub-Committee to build on the current interest in the hope of getting people to “step up to the mark” and take on more responsibility. He reported on the successes last season and the increased numbers of Juniors. He would like to buy some better kit bags – agreed he should liaise with Brain about the costs. Richard has offered to go into Moss Hey school to do some coaching.

Chris reported that we collected far more Sainsbury’s vouchers than in previous years but unfortunately the range of cricket equipment is limited.

Junior nets will be starting at Stockport Grammar (Sundays – 4 to 6pm) from the first week in February 2014.

Sarah reported that she is in discussions with Stalybridge who are having difficulties with their Junior Ladies cricket.

(3) Club Welfare Officer Issues

Chris reported that he has a spreadsheet of all club members who require CRB checks or to complete other courses to maintaining their coaching roles. This should hopefully ensure that everything remains up to date. Chris will contact all members who need to take some action before next season.  

(4) Men’s Cricket

Stewart reported that Gary Myatt is to stand down as 1st XI captain and will be retiring from playing. He thanked him for his efforts over the last few years which have been very successful. Gary intends to continue to play an active part in the club and will become involved in coaching the seniors.

There was a discussion about the quality of the balls used last season – they were very poor. Agreed we should purchase better quality balls for next season for the 1st and 2nd teams – these can be recycled for the 3rd team.

It was noted that we have registered for Natwest Cricketforce for next season – it is on 5th April 2014. We have still not received this year’s £500 but Chris has chased this and discovered the cash has been paid in error to another club. We should receive the payment by the end of this month.

(5) Ladies Cricket

Nothing to report that had not already been covered.

(6) Clubhouse Redevelopment Plans

Currently outstanding work is the electrics for the umpires room – Chris Jones will be asked to complete this. It was noted that the toilet is now suitable for disabled users but we still need wheelchair access to the clubhouse.

Given the current difficulties with plans to redevelop the clubhouse Stewart feels that the priority is to link the club to the main sewers. Currently the tank regularly fills with rainwater and needs to be emptied 3 times a year which ends up as Stan’s task. Phil W. has consulted with a Drainage company who report likely costs of £8,000 to £12,000 depending on the need for a pump. Stewart will discuss with Mike Woollard to see if any funding may be available for this. There was discussion about the likely expenditure of £12,000 against the £250 cost of emptying the tank. Agreed we need a proper quote before making decisions.

Winter work – Stan plans to begin clearing the gullies this weekend and will need help to move the screens and covers in preparation for the winter.


(7) League Dinner and Presentation Evening

Stewart was disappointed to report that only 10 club members will be attending. To date there are only 20 confirmed for the Presentation evening. Ladies numbers are required and Chris will send out a reminder to all members.

(8) AGM

This will be held on 11th November at Cheadle Golf Club. It was noted that Gary and Richard do not wish to stand for 1st XI captain or vice captain but all other officers were prepared to continue. Chris will circulate Nomination forms to all club members.

(9) Any Other Business

Brian raised the issue of clubhouse security which does not meet the requirements of the current insurers.  Phil W reported that he has a quote for £600 to do all the required work – agreed we should go ahead with this as soon as possible. It was also noted that the insurance company require us to do fortnightly ground and clubhouse checks over the winter. Chris will look at the paperwork required for this.

Stewart thanked all officers for their work over the last year and hoped these efforts would continue next year.