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Stewart Coates             Gary Myatt

Chris Jackson                Katie Paterson

Dave Gilman                  Gillian Spragg     

Phil Wood                     George Hill     

Brian Cheetham             Matt Myatt

Richard Higginbotham     Jim Hegarty

Stan Aspinall

Sarah McCann

Mike Llewelyn

Joe Wheeler

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (25th March 2013) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


(1) Future of 3rd XI.

Stewart informed the meeting that he has recently written to Peter Lawson, enquiring about the Cheshire County Sunday League. The concern was whether we could/should join given we have a Ladies team who take priority for ground use on a Sunday and also we do not have the strongest 3rd team. Peter’s reply was to inform us that Romiley also have a Ladies team and they manage and that the standard should not be beyond our team. In order to move to this league we would need Associate membership of the County League - Peter did not think this would be an issue.

Sarah reported that the Ladies team are having an issue with availability this year and she has written to all senior players seeking feedback on their commitment to being available. There are 13 able Juniors and Sarah plans to enter them in the Women’s Development League next season. She also plans to have a Ladies Senior team.

It was agreed that there are issues with the current 3rd team league (GMACL).

There was unanimous agreement that we should move from the GMACL to the Cheshire County League Sunday section for next season. Chris to write to the GMACL to resign our membership (deadline for this is 30th June) and to Peter Lawson to progress joining the County League.


(2) Intramark Sponsorship

Stewart reported that problems have arisen in our relationship with Mike S Senior and the Intramark sponsorship of the club. These are largely to do with communication with emails going astray but Stewart has now had the opportunity to meet with Mike. There are issues for both parties with Mike feeling that his contribution to the club is not recognised fully and club members aggrieved that some kit has not been delivered. Currently Mike is proposing to sponsor the club with a donation of £300 but end the supply of kit. Sarah reported that the Ladies have been trying to negotiate the purchase of some kit but this has yet to be supplied.

It was noted that there are alternative sources of kit from suppliers active in the sports clothing market who can purchase in bulk and sell to clubs at wholesale prices via e-commerce sites.

Chris reported that he has plans to seek more general corporate type sponsorship for the Juniors (boys and girls) for next season and felt we need to ensure we have a coordinated approach to working with any sponsors.

Richard reported that the Juniors want 40+ club shirts for a planned Junior event in September and will liaise with Mike.

It was agreed that Stewart will continue to negotiate with Intramark over the sponsorship of the club and report back the outcome.

(3) Clubmark Update

Stewart reported that the club have now achieved clubmark re-accreditation for a period of 3 years and wished to thank Chris and Richard for their work on this. It was noted that we do need to provide a new accident book – the current book has gone missing.

Chris reported that as part of the process he now has a complete list of vetting and qualifications for all relevant club members and he will take responsibility for ensuring all members keep up to date with requirements. It was noted that all coaches should be members of the ECB coaching association which needs to be renewed each year – cost £25pa. This provides essential insurance cover for coaches. It was agreed the club should meet this cost in future because the coaching of juniors is vital for the future of the club.

(4) Clubhouse Update

Stewart updated the meeting on the efforts being made to extend the clubhouse. There have been discussions with Grant bodies who indicate that without a lease and security of tenure we are unlikely to be successful. He has now been in contact with a minister in the church who has consulted with the church Purposes Committee to ask if a lease with a peppercorn rent is possible. Unfortunately this is highly unlikely with precedents having been set for market rents for leases. We are therefore unlikely to achieve a large grant for the club and nee to consider alternatives. The basic requirements for such a project were agreed as:

Another changing room.

Bigger kitchen area.

Bigger cupboard for junior kit.

Tool shed (assuming current store will be used to incorporate the further changing room).

Link the clubhouse to the mains drainage in the road.

With this situation in mind Stewart has spoken to Stuart Lever who has indicated they could do designs for reasonable cost but first we need to establish our budget for the project. This discussion was continued after considering the current financial situation for the club.

(5) Finance

Brian reported that with all current bills paid the club currently has cleared funds of approx £9,000. We have still to collect substantial annual subscriptions and are awaiting £500 from the Natwest Cricketforce day. This should leave £10,000 cleared funds. It was noted that the current sit-on roller is now unserviceable and the engine and gearbox need to be rebuilt. The approx cost for this will be £2,000. Stewart felt it likely that we could achieve grant aid of £1,000 towards this expenditure from Manchester Airport.

The discussion returned to the funds available for clubhouse improvements. Given the current cleared funds of £7,500 it was agreed a target of £25,000 in 2 years should be our aim. With this in mind Stewart will contact Stuart lever to ask him for design plans to a cost of £25,00 for work in 2 years time. Suggestions were made that we may be able to approach B&Q who offer grants and also that approaching college building courses may result in the offer of work being done by a minimal cost by students.

It was noted that Gift Aid claims now need to be done online. Chris is working with Brian and Dave to progress this.


(6) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that the juniors have collected £1491 made up of: Gift aidable donations £1200, junior café £237 and £101 surplus for the cost of winter nets. Some of the surplus from the nets was spent on helmets and general kit.

At the end of the season there are 48 juniors not including the U15 girls (about 10-12). This would prove to be a real challenge for our usual Presentation Evening so the plan is to arrange a Junior Fun day on 8th September – this will include presentations, barbecues and some fun cricket.

Richard reported that the junior section has developed some good relationships with other local clubs through the games they have played and have also received much praise for the quality of the ground, training and support given to juniors. In particular the parents of the U9’s have been particularly impressed. Thanks go to all the coaches and the support of other players in the club who have helped out.

48 juniors is about the current capacity for juniors. The U9’s (about 15) will move to U11’s next year. The U13’s (26 – 28) will move to U15’s – they are a real challenge in terms of managing practice and they may be moved to Thursday nights next year to link in with senior practice with the others continuing on Fridays. The general plan is to have 4 age group teams and for this we will need 4 team managers. Richard is struggling to maintain his level of involvement due to work commitments and feels it would be of great value to invest in hiring a coach to run sessions with the U15’s next year. It was agreed that this is a positive idea that should be pursued.

The aim is that the juniors become self-sustaining in future years and we need to consider our plans for the team managers and others to support them next year – for discussion at the next Committee meeting.     

(7) Club Welfare Officer Issues

See information re audit of club vetting in (3) above.

(8) Men’s Cricket

All issues have been covered under agenda items already discussed.

(9) Ladies Cricket

All issues have been covered under agenda items already discussed.

(10) Any Other Business

 It was suggested that a skip is needed to remove the accumulated rubbish behind the clubhouse. Phil W suggested a “man and a van” would be a cheaper option.

 Stewart feels that it is important that we arrange some additional assistance for Stan for all the work required to maintain the square and the ground. It was suggested that a rota of players could be arranged to address this. Agreed to raise this as a proposal at the AGM.

 Brian raised the issue of insurance and the fact that our cover could be largely invalid due to not meeting the security criteria set by the insurers. Agreed that this needs to be addressed – Brian/Phil and Stewart will take responsibility for moving this forward.