25th March 2013 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                        Apologies

Stewart Coates          Gary Myatt

Chris Jackson             Katie Paterson

Dave Gilman               Gillian Spragg     

Phil Wood                  Stan Aspinall     

Brian Cheetham          Matt Myatt

Richard Higginbotham

George Hill

Jim Hegarty

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (22nd January 2013) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

Stewart reported that he is meeting with Mike from Intramark to discuss a variation to this year’s sponsorship – Mike is looking to incorporate incentives into the arrangement.


(1) Stewart noted that there is a TACS CCL Captain’s meeting on 10th April at Holmes Chapel. He has passed information to Gary M. The CCL Management meeting is on 18th April – Dave G has agreed to attend.

(2) Annual Subscriptions

Stewart reported that this issue had been raised by Friends CC who feel it is likely that most of their players who have registered will not play the full season – jobs etc are likely to preclude a number of their members. We therefore need to consider our approach to this given that this will also be the case with a number of 3rd team players. After discussion it was proposed and agreed that we should introduce an Associate Membership status with an annual subscription of £45. For these members match subs would be £10 per game (instead of £7) for the first 10 games played in any season. When any player has played more than 10 games their match subs will revert to £7 per game and they will, in effect, than have paid the same as any full members.

(3) Player Registration

Chris reported that he is about to start on player registration which is required for both the CCL and GMACL for the coming season. It is important that everyone cooperates to ensure we have players registered for the new season.

(4) Friendly Games

Stewart reported that there are some friendly games already arranged – Olympic MSJ (x2) and Lymm (x2). There are still a few Wednesdays available for fixtures as well as 4 Sundays. Stewart will email available dates to relevant club members.

(5) Natwest Cricketforce Day

This is scheduled for Saturday 6th April and we will as usual be joined by staff from Natwest bank – this year from their Hazel Grove branch. To date about 20 club members have committed to attending – more are welcome.

There was a discussion about the work to be completed on the day:

 Work on the copse was felt to be unsuitable due to the weather

 There was a discussion about work to replace damaged fence panels but this was deferred due to the cost implications.

 The sightscreens were felt to be in good order with no work required

 Work is needed to remove vegetation behind the nets and along the brook

 The undergrowth needs to be cut back along the Holly Grange side

 Cleaning and painting in the clubhouse

 Tidy the area behind the clubhouse

 Gutters and facia boards need to be cleaned/painted.

Chris agreed to email all club members to outline the work to be done and also to remind them that Stan needs assistance every Saturday to ensure the ground will be ready for the start of the season.

(6) Clubmark

Chris confirmed that renewal is due this year and he has made a start on ensuring all relevant paperwork is in place. Richard will hand over paperwork on coaches etc to Chris to check.

(7) Finance

Grant. Stewart reported that he is pursuing, with assistance from Mike Woollard, a grant for £2000 from the ECB towards new covers.

Sponsorship has been confirmed for the coming season with Intramark – this should bring in at least £500. Stewart requested that Intramark’s logo etc should be added to any club documents to mark their contribution. Captains to advise Stewart by 5th April about the number of club shirts needed.

Business Rates. Brian advised that our Business rates have been subject to a re-evaluation and the new figure is £400 less than previously. We currently achieve an 80% reduction as CASC club and, after jumping through many hoops with Stockport MBC, we have also achieved the further discretionary relief.

Insurance. Brian has renegotiated this year’s insurance cover. Last years insurers, Marshall Wooldridge, had quoted a renewal at £730 but Brian has arranged new cover of a similar standard from Meadon’s at a cost of £522.

Water Rates.  Brian has met as planned with United Utilities who have accepted that the clubhouse is not connected to the main sewers – we are therefore in line to receive a refund back to April 2000 – approx £250.

Banking. Brian is in the process of setting up online banking with Barclays for the club current account.

Current Finance. Brian reported that we have approx £4500 in the Vernon account and £1000 in the Barclays account with, hopefully £2000 from the ECB and £500 from Natwest day to come. These figures are after paying insurance, league fees to CCL and GMACL and work planned with Bancrofts. Stewart noted that there is £400-500 more to agree with Bancrofts.

Fundraising. Brian is investigating the option of raising club funds through the Utility Warehouse. He will discuss with club members to see if this is viable.

Gift Aid. It has been agreed that we can pursue the option of abandoning Junior subscriptions and instead seeking donations which will be available for Gift Aid. We need to make sure that we pursue this in line with requirements. Brian also reported that future Gift Aid claims will need to be done online – Chris will assist with this.

Chris confirmed that the club is now registered with Stockport MBC for our Bonus Ball lottery.

Expenses. Stewart reported that £150 has been spent to take down part of a tree overhanging a garage of a neighbouring house – this was a shared cost.

(8) Clubhouse Redevelopment.

Stewart explained that there was a meeting with Mike Woollard some time ago at which he agreed to back an application by the club for funding from the Inspired Facilities Fund for redevelopment of the clubhouse. Since then we have met with Stuart Lever (Club Design Company) who identified that security of tenure is likely to be an issue for us in any funding application. Stewart has agreed to provide details of the position of the church/club in relation to tenure to see if the ECB will regard our current status as suitable for funding. We may need to consider either seeking a lease (with a consequent likelihood of rental costs) or seeking the grant through the church. Stewart is trying to clarify matters through the church but this is proving difficult due to the personal circumstances of the person involved.

Stewart also noted that the club will shortly need a new roller (probably second hand) as the current one reaches the end of its useful life. Likely cost will be £3000. We may be able to raise some funds through the Manchester Airport Fund.

(9) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that we currently have 24 to 25 boys in the Under 11’s/13’s age groups and there has been some interest in the U9’s age group which Sarah and Ellie will help with. The plan is to run 3 age groups nest year. Winter nets have been going well and the fixtures for next season are out. In the girls section there are no U11’s or U 13’s but a strong U15 section. Chris reported that CRB’s are being sought for Joe Wheeler, Mike Llewellyn and Chris Jones for them to act as coaching assistants.

(10) Ladies Cricket

There were no ladies present to discuss this item.

(11) Club Welfare Issues

Chris reported that he and John Sanford have redone on 12th March the Safe Hands training for club Welfare Officers as required. There were no other matters to raise.

(12) Any Other Business

It was agreed that Richard will now attend the Stockport Cricket Development Group – George H will remain as backup in case Richard is unable to attend any meeting.