22nd January 2013 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                           Apologies

Stewart Coates       Gary Myatt

Chris Jackson          Katie Paterson

Stan Aspinall            Gillian Spragg     

Phil Wood     

Brian Cheetham     

Richard Higginbotham

George Hill

Jim Hegarty

Matt Myatt

Dave Gilman

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (2nd October 2012) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


(1) Player Registration 2013

Stewart reported that there is a requirement to register players for the TACS Cheshire League before the season begins – he will pass the form on to Chris. There is also the same requirement to register 3rd XI players with the GMACL although this should be slightly easier for players who were registered last year. It was agreed that we need to meet with the Friends Club as soon as possible to find which of their players need to be registered with which team. We will also need to do the same for existing Trinity players.

It was noted that Matt Jones is unable to take up the position of 2nd team Vice Captain. After discussion it was agreed this role will be offered to Mike Llewelwyn.

It was noted that the fixtures are now available for the TACS League – the 1st XI start on 20th April at home to Over Peover. The 2nd XI are at Winnington Park. The 1st XI have drawn Ashley in the preliminary round of the T20 Cup to be played on 23rd May – the 2nd XI will play Romiley. It was also noted the 1st XI will play Brooklands in the Cheshire Senior Cup.

(2) Information from League AGM’s and other Meetings

 Stockport Development Group – Richard reported on this meeting. Mike Woollard reported that an updated version of the fundraising booklet will soon be available. There will also be a seminar on fundraising at Oulton Park CC. We now have a new local Coaching and Development Officer (replacing Gavin Colebourn) – Rick Halkon. He reported Sale CC have been claiming Gift Aid in respect of Juniors – they no longer pay a subscription but parents are invited to make a donation. The information about this is to be circulated with the minutes.

 Richard reported that he managed to obtain a free Kwik Cricket set. It also  seems that we may be able to benefit form some assistance with the Juniors  from Under 15 Young Leaders in the local area.

   For information there is also to be an Indoor 6 aside League starting at Bramhall  High School. Again information will be circulated.

 TACS Cheshire League – Stewart reported that the League has agreed an increase in umpire’s expenses – they will be £35 each if there are 2 and £48 if only one.

The League appears to have stable finances - £16,000 in assets and £15,000  cash in the bank.

 Rule changes agreed were:

Change of sponsors from Meller Braggins to TACS Partnership.

Change of wording to Registration of Players rules.

2nd XI games – maximum 15 overs per bowler.

If a team has less than 7 players at time of the toss they will forfeit toss and if  opposition win the game they will receive 25 points regardless of who batter first.

 League Management Committee.

 Andy Margeson, League Welfare officer will be conducting an audit of clubs to  check all required personnel have been vetted. Chris will liaise with John S to  ensure we have all the required people vetted. It was agreed that good practice  should be that vice captains as well as captains are vetted because they will  obviously stand in when the captain is absent. It was agreed therefore that we  would vet both.

It was noted that our club pages on Play-cricket need updating to reflect the  change of name to Stockport Trinity CC. Chris to do this.

Phil L also needs to be informed that the club website needs updating to ensure  the new CCL sponsors are included.

There was also a discussion about ensuring appropriate content only is included  on the club website and mention was made of one concerning item. Chris will  raise this with Phil.

 GMACL – Chris reported that the only issue of note was the rather controversial introduction of a ruling that all balls down the legside will be called as wides. This raised some concerns because it is not consistent with other cricket at amateur level and will be unhelpful for young cricketers and less able players.

(3) Finance and Fundraising

Brian reported that the club has £9,000 in the Vernon BS and £2,300 in the Barclays current account. He is not aware of any current financial commitments. The figures include the £2,000 grant from the Co-op.

Stewart confirmed the covers have been ordered – 3 covers for the wicket and sheets for the bowler’s run-ups. The cost is £4,488. There will also be the usual pre-season expenditure to Bancrofts – approx £400 to £500. Stan reported that we are awaiting the costs for maintenance work on the rollers. We will also need to invest approx £750 on the security work on the storeroom section of the clubhouse. Other security work will be delayed until we are clearer on any possible clubhouse extension. This leaves a balance of approx £6,000.

It was noted that this year we can again approach the Airport for a grant up to £1,000. We can also expect to receive money from the LA (£300) and Natwest Cricketforce (£500).

Chris reported that there has been a disappointing response to the Easyfundraising initiative – to date only 11 members have subscribed and we have raised only £50. Hopefully the new season will lead to an increase in uptake.

Agreed we need to enquire with Intramark about whether there is any money due to the club from clothing sales last season.

There was discussion about running a Lottery bonus ball weekly competition during the season. Chris will look in to this.

(4) Clubhouse

Phil W confirmed that the outstanding work in the clubhouse will be completed in the spring and before the season. This includes the umpires room, door hanging and work in the Ladies/Disabled toilet.

Stewart explained that there have been discussions and a meeting with Mike Woollard from the Cheshire Board about extending the clubhouse – both to improve facilities but also to resolve the issue of changing rooms when Juniors are playing in senior teams. Mike has confirmed that he would support our application which is a reflection of the progress the club has made. The suggestion is an application for a grant of £50,000 from Inspired Facilities – part of Sport England. After some preliminary investigation there is a problem in terms of our lack of security of tenure on the ground - this is a requirement for funding. Stewart has been seeking advice from contacts within the church from someone with detailed knowledge of church property matters. It is not a straightforward matter – if we sought a lease this would result in ongoing rent being payable. An alternative seems to be that the church could apply for the grant.

It was agreed that Stewart will pursue this with the relevant members of the church – this will not be easy given current availability of important church members. Stewart to pursue when appropriate.

(5) Work on the Ground

Stan confirmed that there is a lot of work to do before the season. He plans to cut back the trees beyond the nets to make the nets more useable. The work to extend the boundary on the Holly Grange side and level the ground remains outstanding – the weather will impact on when this can be done. Stan plans to start regular work on the ground from the beginning of March and will need regular assistance from club members on Saturdays.  

Natwest Cricketforce day will be on Saturday 6th April. Agreed that the general work to be done on the day will be cosmetic – clean, tidy and any required painting in the clubhouse, repaint sightscreens, work on the perimeter fencing etc.

(6) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that indoor nets begin on 29th January – 6.30 to 8pm at Cheadle Hulme school. The U11’s and U13’s will have similar numbers of plays as last year although ideally they could do with a few more players. There has been some recognition of the progress of the players over the winter – an example is Ben being invited to a District cricket course.

Phil W will take responsibility for running the U13’s with help from Richard and Fred.

Richard and Fred will run the U11’s.

Richard would like to establish an U9’s squad – through Chance to Shine we will have time in schools to do some coaching and recruit – we are lead club at Nevill Road and Lane End.

Richard and Vesna are working on a Junior Newsletter which will be going out soon.

Currently we have just enough coaches to run the teams but in the next 12 months really need to get people signed up to Level 1 and 2 coaching courses.

(7) Ladies Cricket

No representatives present.

(8) Club Welfare Officer Issues

Chris reported that John had no issues to report other that the need to prepare for any audit of vetting of club officials.

(9) Any Other Business

 Club senior nets will begin at Old Trafford next Tuesday at 9pm. There will be one net for 2 weeks and thereafter 2 nets each week. Gary will supervise activities.

 The 3rd XI have an outstanding Supplementary Cup Final from last season – this will take place on 28th April at Styal – against South Manchester.

 Any further planning of friendly games will be deferred until all teams’ fixtures are known.

 Brian will be meeting with the water Authority in the near future to discuss a refund for waste water charges.

 Richard reported that there is a Cricket Exhibition at Old Trafford on 16th February which may be of some interest.