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Stewart Coates        Phil Lowe

Chris Jackson           Katie Paterson

Stan Aspinall       

Gary Myatt          

Phil Wood     

Brian Cheetham     

Richard Higginbotham

Iain Coates

George Hill

Jim Hegarty

Joe Friel

Gillian Spragg

John Sandford

Matt Myatt

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (12th June 2012) were accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

Stewart raised the issue of the purchase of the new covers and sought ratification of the agreement to proceed. The meeting confirmed this decision.  


(1) Presentation Evening and League Dinner

There are, to date 70 adults and 16 Juniors attending the Presentation Evening. Disappointingly there are only 2 ladies due to attend – this probably reflects the disjointed season they have experienced.

The awards will be presented by Team Captains with Richard presenting the Junior awards.

There are 18 club members who have requested tickets for the CCA League Dinner – Stewart is still awaiting the ticket order form but will chase this up. Stewart will also invite Mike Stopford Senior as our most generous sponsor this year.

(2) Meller Braggins League Ground Inspection

Stewart reported that he and Stan met with two representatives of the Meller Braggins League Ground Committee last week. They were happy with both the ground and our equipment as well as the clubhouse. We have been invited to the next Meller Braggins Committee meeting on 18th October – Stewart will attend. Chris will attend our last Committee meeting with the CCA on 25th October. Stewart will also write to the CCA to thank the officials for their work during our time with the League.

(3) 3rd XI Plans 2013

Stan recently circulated an email raising questions about the viability of the 3rd XI in the GMACL. There was a brief discussion about this issue before Stewart reported that he had recently met (with Gary and Matt) with a group of friends of Subash Fernandez who run a cricket team (Friends Sporting Club) on a social basis. They have no ground of their own and have about 30 players who are available on a varying basis and have a range of abilities. They have expressed an interest in joining Trinity and will be deciding on this at their imminent AGM. It was agreed that, should they joins us, the Friends Sporting Club would be fully integrated into Trinity. They will continue to run a Wednesday team and would also hold their annual Festival – it takes place at a Bank Holiday weekend. Both of these can take place at Trinity subject to pitch availability and the availability of members to do the necessary work on the ground.

It was agreed that this makes a big difference to the viability of the 3rd XI. After a discussion it was agreed that the 3rd XI would continue in the GMACL – this is possible given the new players that will be integrated into the club’s team.

(4) AGM – Officers for 2013

The AGM will be held at Cheadle Golf Club on Tuesday 6th November – 7.45pm. He asked if there were any planned resignations by club officials. It is known that Gary and John plan to stand down – there were no other intended resignations.

(5) Criteria for Batting and Bowling Awards

After discussion it was agreed that the criteria should be:

1st and 2nd XI’s – Batting 10 innings, Bowling 75 overs or 10 wickets.

3rd XI and Ladies team, given their limited cricket this season, will be decided by a “sensible” decision by the captains.

(6) Finance

Stewart reported that he has received a cheque for £50 from Barry Ashton – a long time member and supporter of the club. He wished to record that contributions from Friends of Trinity has this year raised over £1,000.

Brian reported that, despite expenditure being higher than ever this year, our funds remain healthy. After everything he is aware of has been paid we will have a balance of £9,500.

Planned expenditure is:

New Covers @ £4,300

Clubhouse Security @ £1,500

Brian queried whether the money earmarked for the covers could have been spent differently – this has however been agreed by Committee.

It was noted that there are still some outstanding Annual Subscriptions – Team Captains have been provided with lists of debtors to chase.

Further known expenditure is (all figures approximate):

Mowing Bills - £200

End of Season Ground work - £700

Pre-Season Ground Work - £400

Roller Service - £500

Mowers Service - £500

This will leave a balance of approx £1,000 to tide us over.

It was confirmed that Chris has registered the Club for next year’s Natwest Cricketforce day and this will again bring in £500.

It was also noted that there is some ground hire money still to come in which will help to ensure we begin next season with a balance of approx £1,000.

There was a discussion about Annual and Match Subscriptions for next season. It was agreed after discussion that the Committee would recommend to the AGM that subscription rates are unchanged:

Full Adult Members - £75

Retired/Unemployed etc - £40

Junior Male members - £40

Ladies - £65

Junior Girls - £35

Match subscriptions will be recommended to remain at the current £7 and £5 levels.

(7) Ladies Team Report

Gillian reported that last season had been a difficult year with very little cricket played due to the weather. The team also suffered from representative calls with 6 players being Cheshire Under 15’s. They are however optimistic for a better season in 2013.

(8) Juniors Report

Again there were problems with weather. Winter nets have been booked (6.30 to 8pm to accommodate number and age range) at Cheadle Hulme school on Tuesday evenings. There are attempts to persuade some parents to consider coaching courses. Two of the current Juniors will become Under 15’s next year and will be looking for an opportunity for some adult cricket.

Practice will be on Friday nights next season and, as always, all club members are encouraged to help out.

(9) Club Welfare Officers Report

There were no matters to report.

(10) Winter Work – Clubhouse and Ground

The work in the clubhouse and particularly the Umpires room will be completed by Phil Wood over the winter – Chris will assist when required.

There is little other work we can consider given that finances do not allow for this.

The work to level the ground in the copse and fill the ditches remains a priority when weather and finance allow.

(11) Any Other Business

It was agreed that Matt Myatt will arrange senior nets at Old Trafford – thanks for volunteering.