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The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (20th February 2012) were accepted as accurate record. There were no matters arising.


(1) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that there are currently 30+ active Juniors with 18-23 at Friday night practice sessions. These are usually managed by Richard, John and Phil W with some additional help from others. There is evidence of players improving but, given current coaching availability, it is difficult to find the time to provide the technical coaching that is needed. Looking forward the U11 and U13 teams will be comfortably maintained but the priority will be to start an U9 team – 3 or 4 players have already been identified (younger brothers of existing players). Gavin Colebourn is working at Moorfield and Nevill Road schools and will enable us to be involved there. Ideally we need 2 more qualified coaches this winter and then more by 2014. All will need CRB’s. Possible candidates are:

Mike Stopford

Lewis McKay

Chris Jones

Jamie McCord

Plus parents of existing players (at Level 1)

Stewart expressed the thanks of the club to Richard and Vesna for all their hard work.

Chris J asked about funding paid coaches from the funds generated by the Juniors (if we cannot find our own coaches from within the club) – Richard felt this was an expensive option and really the need will be for team managers to assist in the practical aspects of running the teams.

(2) Vice President Resignation

It was reported that David Hall has resigned as a Vice President of the club following an issue related to club emails.

(3) Finance

Brian reported that the club has never been in a healthier financial position. We currently have a balance of £7,500. With expected income and expenditure he anticipates having a balance of £5,000 at the end of the season. One plan agreed for the end of the season is the removal of the banking around the copse and filling of the ditch on that side of the ground. Other options discussed were:

Drainage – need expert advice before proceeding

New lightweight covers – the current covers need at least 2 people to move them

Construct a verandah for the clubhouse

Double glazed windows for the clubhouse

Security for the clubhouse windows

Boundary rope

Scorebox Numbering system

It was agreed we would seek prices for all but the drainage with a view to making a decision on which to pursue. Chris and Stewart will pursue grant assistance where this is available.

It was noted that Intramark have paid their £500 sponsorship (see sign on clubhouse). The other two sponsorships (at £150 each) are still outstanding.

(4) Ladies Cricket

Gill reported that the team have not been able to play much due to the weather – 3 matches only so far. There are a couple of games scheduled for this weekend. The team are in the T20 semi final. The Junior girls team are doing very well.

(5) 3rd XI Cricket

Phil W reported that the team have made a reasonable start and would do better if they were able to select full teams. The GMAC league is OK if the bureaucracy is ignored!

(6) Youth (16-23) Cricket

Stewart reported that Gavin Colebourn has invited Trinity to have a team in a T20 competition. James Shaw is to be captain and he has 12-13 names of players for the team.

(7) Intra Club Friendly 28th July

Gill pointed out that the Ladies play with a smaller ball and this will have to be taken into account when this game is played.

(8) Club Historical Statistics

Stewart is trying to get hold of average sheets and news cuttings from ex-players of Trinity CC and this information will be passed to Phil L for inclusion on the website. He is also trying to establish the actual date that the club was founded – thought to be 1923.


(9) Any Other Business

It was agreed that the club needs a working hoover.