20th February 2012 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                           Apologies

Stewart Coates        Gillian Spragg

Chris Jackson           Katie Paterson

Stan Aspinall             Matt Myatt

Gary Myatt               John Sandford     

Phil Wood      

Brian Cheetham     

Richard Higginbotham

Iain Coates

George Hill

Jim Hegarty

Joe Friel

The Minutes of the last Committee Meeting (19th September 2011) and the Planning Group (16th January 2012) were accepted as accurate records of the meetings. There were no matters arising.


(1) Fixtures and Ground Hires

Stewart reported that the Cheshire Cricket Alliance meeting has been delayed until this Thursday when he is unable to attend. Chris volunteered to attend and will be able to collect the CCL fixtures for the coming season. Discussions about fixtures and ground hires will therefore need to be deferred – can any information on fixtures for 2012 season be passed to Stewart from all teams as soon as possible. It is clear there will be considerable pressure on the square and ground from the number of games – it is also important that the clubhouse is always left clean and tidy after games. A further suggestion was that locks should be fitted to changing room doors to improve security.

(2) Club Playing Strength

Stewart reported that he had had an enquiry from a potential player who had found the club via our website. It was also reported that a couple of 1st team players will be having children during the summer which may restrict availability but that 4 or 5 other new players will be coming to nets so hopefully we can maintain and build our playing strength.

Chris explained that registration is again a requirement for all club members. This needs to be repeated every season to ensure we have up to date contact details, emergency contacts and health information in case of emergency. Registration can be done on the club website or by informing Chris via email if there are no changes to last year’s information.

The registration requirements for the 3rd team playing in the Greater Manchester Amateur Cricket League are more complex with players required to submit a signed form and 2 photos – ID cards will be issued with players unable to play if they do not have one.

(3) Official Club Kit

Mike Stopford has offered to arrange future club kit via Intramark who will in turn sponsor the club - £250 per season. Items will be at cost price and the club will only have to play when items are purchased by players. It was agreed we need to redesign the club badge – to state Founded 1923 with no end date. It was agreed, after lengthy discussion, that we should instead remain with current kit suppliers – Joe Friel to pursue. Mike is to be informed of the club decision.

(4) Junior Cricket

Richard reported that all last season’s Junior players are back so we will have:

An Under 13’s team

An Under 11’s squad of 8-9 players

An all girls Under 13’s team playing in the High Peak Under 11 league – this is Sarah McCann’s team who will be paying a joint registration with Stockport Georgians and Trinity.

The coaching is covered with Richard, John, Phil W, Joe and Sarah.

(5) Club Name

Following suggestions that the club would be more “findable” for potential new members if a geographic reference was included with the name there was a discussion about this option. It was decided that the club should now be known as “Stockport Trinity Cricket Club”. Chris will inform the CCL league secretary at the meeting later this week so the League Handbook for 2012 can reflect this change.

(6) Natwest Cricketforce

Chris confirmed that the date for this event is Saturday 31st March 2012. It was suggested that priority work should be the sightscreens (Strip down and replace wood before the day to leave painting to be done – Phil W and Chris to follow up), the clubhouse and the usual clearing around the ground generally but with a focus on the area near where the Juniors play.  It was noted that B&Q may help with materials for Natwest day. Chris to pursue.    

It was noted that Stan will be starting the usual pre-season work this Saturday – Chris to email all club members to seek assistance and to check out attendance at the Natwest day. He will also invite staff from the bank in order to attract the £500 funding.

(7) Finance

Brian reported that the club currently have £500 in the current account and £9,000+ in the Vernon Savings account. This is after paying £550 for nets maintenance and approx £1,000 for the new gates to the ground.

It was agreed that Chris will pursue possible funding options – Sports Relief, Betfair Cash4Clubs and the Local Grassroots schemes.

(8) Club Projects

After a lengthy discussion it was agreed that we would go ahead with the following projects using some of the cash from Natwest:

Levelling the raised area around the copse and redistribute the soil along Holly Grange side. Agreed we would seek a contractor to do this work. This will gain space and improve the ground.

Create a disabled toilet and entrance in the umpires room/ladies toilet area of the clubhouse – Phil W to pursue.

Purchase essential Junior training equipment – approx £500 estimated cost.

Revamp the kitchen area in line with plans submitted by Phil W plus general refurbishment/improvement of the clubhouse – approx £1,000 estimated cost.

It was agreed these projects will be pursued and when completed the Committee will reconsider any further projects from any outstanding/available cash from the Natwest grant.

(9) Any other Business

Brian reported that he has been reviewing the club’s insurance with advice from Peter Lawson. Chris will check whether we are required to use ECB Public Liability insurance – if not agreed we would consider the advised insurance – slightly higher cost but more comprehensive cover including contents.

Agreed we would discuss/review club website at the next meeting.