19th September 2011 : HELD AT TRINITY CRICKET CLUB

Present                  Apologies

Stewart Coates       Eliot Carroll

Chris Jackson          Katie Paterson

George Hill              Gillian Spragg  

Gary Myatt             James Shaw   

Phil Wood     

Iain Coates     

Brian Cheetham     

John Sandford

Dave Gilman

Richard Higginbotham

Fred Harris         

Jim Hegarty  

Stewart began the meeting by congratulating Gary, Iain, Katie and Fred for leading the teams who have all been so successful this year.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

These were agreed to be an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters Arising

John reported that he has booked Cheadle Golf Club for the Presentation Evening (on 14th October) and AGM (on 7th November).

Chris noted that since his initial cleanup the toilets have been maintained in better condition.


(1) Constitution

Stewart had wanted to discuss the option of bringing the Ladies team fully into the club but this was difficult in the absence of any representatives from the team. Currently the Ladies pay annual subs to the club but are self-financing from Match subs. It was felt that we should consider them being fully integrated financially and in terms of representation within the club. Brian noted that 16 of the Ladies team have paid their first instalment of £30 Annual Subs but a number of second instalments are outstanding. The general consensus of those present was that the Ladies should become fully integrated into the club – Chris will consider what changes will need to be made to the Constitution and Rules and any other documents/policies for further discussion at the AGM in November.

Stewart also noted that current Committee membership is particularly large and ideally needs to be at a more manageable level given the need for the Ladies team to have formal membership agreed at the AGM. Discussion suggested that a large membership had some advantages and we could consider setting up smaller sub-Committee’s to consider specific issues. After discussion it was agreed that it is not necessary for both Captains and Vice Captains of teams to attend all Committee meetings and this should be amended to Captain and/or Vice Captain of each team.

There was also discussion around the extent of Stewart’s current responsibilities as Chair of the club. A number of these matters could be taken on by other volunteers. It was agreed to discuss this further at the AGM.


(2) Presentation Evening

The plan for the evening is:

7.30 for an 8pm start.

Junior Presentation at 8pm

Then eat

Ladies Presentation at 9pm

Men’s Presentation at 9.15pm

Barbershop Group at 9.30pm  

General Club Awards will be:

Club Member of the Year

Young Bowler of the Year

1st and 2nd XI batting and Bowling Awards


Run Out Award (Paul Boden Trophy)

We were unaware of the intended Presentations from the LadiesTeam

(3) AGM

This is scheduled for 7th November at Cheadle Golf Club. Chris will send out the email requesting nominations for the various posts for which there will be elections. It was agreed that nobody is able to nominate themselves. Chris will look at the Club Constitution and Rules and all other policies to check for any necessary amendments given that we now have a Ladies team as part of the club. John volunteered to cast a second eye over suggested amendments. There was no indication that any current officers are no longer prepared to stand. It was noted that John is no longer able to take on the role of Junior Manager and Fred will take this on.

(4) Ladies Team Matters

We were unable to consider this issue in the absence of any representatives from the Ladies Team.

(5) 3rd Team 2012

There was a lengthy discussion about the plans for next year’s 3rd team with the main suggestion being that ideally they need to be part of a League to provide competitive cricket. It was agreed that it is important to recognise that there are players in the club who want a competitive game and if there is no possibility of this they may look elsewhere for cricket even though they would prefer to be part of Trinity. It was acknowledged that if we seek to strengthen the 1st and 2nd teams for the higher divisions we will play in next year then this is likely to see more current players not getting a game. It was also felt that having a competitive 3rd team will also provide a useful lead in for Juniors as they become ready for senior cricket in the future. The consensus of the meeting is that this a very important issue for the future of the club and that we should seek to provide good standard 3rd team cricket. Iain agreed to research the possible options for Sunday league cricket for a 3rd team next season. We also need to continue to arrange some mid-week 20 over Friendly games next year. Chris will consider changes necessary for the Constitution to enable the 3rd team Captain to be part of the Selection Committee and general Committee.

(6) Finances

Brian reported that the club is in a better financial position at this time of the season than he has ever known. In broad terms the current funds of the club total £5,000 with further outstanding monies to come in now the season has ended.

Following Brian’s suggestion to maximise the financial use of club funds it was agreed that the Club should open a Vernon Building Society Clubs and Charities Savings Account for the funds it wishes to place on deposit from time to time. The signatories, who it is agreed should operate the account, are as follows:

Chairman – John Stewart Coates

Secretary – Christopher Philip Jackson

Treasurer – Brian Arthur Cheetham

Brian reported that for the first time the club will required to complete a Corporation Tax return online. This will be an onerous task and it is likely we will have no tax liability.

Brain will also pursue the issue or the Water charges and is hopeful that we can get a significant refund dating back over the last 6 years. This will be based on not being connected to the main drains and having a invoice to clarify that we have paid for sewerage removal.

There was a discussion about Annual Subscriptions (which will be voted on at the AGM) and it was agreed that the recommendation is that ALL Annual Subs (except the Juniors who it is proposed remain the same) should rise by £5 per season from 2012.

Stewart reported on the following spending proposals:

 New gates for the ground. We now have some costings fore these as follows:

£815 plus VAT plus posts and labour (approx £300) – basic gates

£890 plus VAT plus posts and labour – TCC logo added

£965 plus VAT plus posts and labour – Trinity CC

This expenditure was agreed in principal subject to Phil W checking out the costings and specification.

 Bancrofts end of season work - £700 – Agreed

 Scarifying/Verti-draining pre 2012 season - £400 – Agreed

 Pre-season ground weedkilling - £200 - £300 – Agreed

 Junior equipment requirements have already been agreed.

  There has been a suggestion that we can address the issue of the rise at the far end of the square by hollow-tining. However Bancrofts have advised against this work Agreed not to proceed.

 Need to consider what work need to be done to maintain the sightscreen and covers before next season.

 Chris raised the issue of disabled toilet facilities which have been in our Club Development Plan for some time. Phil W estimated the costs at £500 and will bring more details to the next meeting.

(7) Change of Club Name

It was proposed that the club should change it’s name to ensure we can be easily found using any web-search facilities. The proposal which was agreed was that the club should become “ Trinity Cricket Club Stockport” so as to ensure anyone looking for a club in Stockport will find us. It was suggested we need to liaise with Phil Lowe about maximising the success of web searches. Chris also suggested that this potentially changes the role of the website if more non-club members are to encourage to find and use it – we need to ensure it is professional and appropriate.

(8) Junior Cricket

Fred reported that he has already received a positive response to attendance at the Presentation Evening. He will email Chris, who will coordinate numbers for this event, with numbers attending. Fred also hopes that it will be possible to encourage some parents to consider a coaching qualification next year.

(9) Natwest Matters

Chris hopes to run this event again next pre-season. Again there will be £500 available if we participate and we also got lots of work completed last year. We need to consider what the main tasks of the day will be well in advance to allow for better organisation next year.

Chris has also been contacted by the manager at Natwest Bramhall and as a result has successfully registered the club with Natwest Community Force. If successful, and there are awards available to 3 organisations in the catchment area, we could receive £6,000. All we need to do is encourage as many people as possible to vote for our project as possible. Chris will email everyone connected with the club to encourage them to vote and find others to vote for us as soon as details of voting arrangements become clear.  

(10) Club and Ground

Stewart suggested that a useful project will be work to level the area near the copse of trees to extend the boundary in that area. This will need the use of a digger that Phil W will operate. Agreed we should consider this work a one focus for the Natwest Cricket Force day next pre-season

(11) Club Development Plan

Chris will be completing this in the next few weeks when info is received from Juniors (after this meeting) – details already provided by the Ladies team. When completed copies will be available for anyone interested and one will be placed in the Clubhouse documents folder for information.

(12) Any Other Business

John suggested that it would be a very valuable exercise to set up a group to undertake some structured thinking about the longer term plans for the club – both practical with the clubhouse and ground but also in terms of player recruitment, Junior cricket etc. Given our expansion and success this year it was agreed that this is a very positive idea.

It was felt that the membership of this group should include:

Junior Manager




Player representative


Any other club members as appropriate.

This was felt to be a positive idea that needs to be progressed.

It was also suggested that the club should provide a new, non-voting membership status to offer the opportunity for the parents of Juniors and any other interested parties to become a more formal part of the club. Agreed this should be an AGM item for discussion with a proposal that it be adopted and the Annual membership cost be set at £20.