Present                     Apologies

Stewart Coates         Eliot Carroll

Chris Jackson           George Hill

Gillian Spragg           Katie Paterson   

Gary Myatt               Jim Hegarty   

Phil Wood                Brian Cheetham

Iain Coates

James Shaw     

John Sandford

Dave Gilman

Richard Higginbotham

Fred Harris         


Minutes of the Last Meeting

These were agreed to be an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters Arising

It was agreed that, in Brain Cheetham’s absence, the meeting could not consider issues around finance or water charges which were originally on the agenda.

Stewart confirmed that, following the last meeting, he has had discussions with Mike Woollard about our intended future projects – the levelling of the outfield and possible extension of the clubhouse. Unfortunately no progress or financial assistance on either is likely – work on the outfield is not on the ECB agenda and the process for funding of clubhouse extensions is too onerous. John S suggested we could look at the grant scheme operated by WREN Waste Management – Stewart to follow this up.


(1) Women’s Team Matters

Gillian reported that the Women’s team have so far enjoyed their first season at Trinity with only a couple of minor issues to be raised. There is apparently a problem with the club postcode which has led the opposition to an Industrial Estate when using Sat Nav!! Chris to check out we are using correct postcode. She also reported that the state of the clubhouse loos leave something to be desired in terms of cleanliness – there was no disagreement with this. It was agreed that we need to have a list of jobs on the wall of the dressing room to be completed by players after each game. It was emphasised that this is a collective responsibility for all players. It was further agreed that Chris will call at the club weekly to check the state of the loos (they may not have been cleaned after lets etc) and rectify any problems – this is not instead of players taking responsibility after games!

Stewart also noted that whoever collects the boundary flags after games should also pick up any plastic water bottles or other litter.

(2) End of Season Groundwork

Stewart proposed that we should pay a contractor to cut back the beech hedge on the boundary near the clubhouse – this was agreed. It was also proposed that we remove the banking in front of the copse of trees using a digger – this will gain 8 feet of boundary and make mowing easier. This was also agreed. Other work agreed was end of season scarifying and aerating, hollow tining the back end of the square, the usual pre-season scarifying and verti-draining and applying weed killer to the outfield. Stewart felt that after all this work is paid for we may still have money for the provision of new gates – we need to obtain quotes for this final item.

Concern was also raised about leaves and moss accumulating in the nets – Stewart reassured the meeting that we have checked out how to maintain the net area and the club will be able to do any necessary work.

(3) Presentation Evening.

It was noted that the parents of the Juniors have done a remarkable job with their Sunday morning café – this had added considerably to the spirit and togetherness of the team and parents. Fred proposed that some of the funds raised should be used to purchase trophies for the Juniors – this was agreed. It was agreed that the Presentation Evening should be organised on a Friday evening in early October – John will check out available dates at the Golf Club and book. The Women’s team would like to be involved in this and will be very welcome. Stewart reported that there will be a new Trophy to be presented – he has been contacted by Bill Albinson’s widow who would like to provide a trophy for the young bowler of the year. Stewart also suggested she should take Bill’s position as a Vice President – this was agreed.

It was suggested that Brain Martin’s barbershop group could be invited to perform at the Presentation Evening – this was thought to be a good idea.

(4) Annual Subscriptions

This matter was deferred to a future meeting.

(5) Junior Cricket

Stewart expressed his thanks to John S, Fred, Richard, Mike Llewellyn and Phil W for the fantastic work they have done with this years Junior sides – the progress of the players and spirit of the team has been excellent. He reported that John S now wishes to stand down as Junior Manager and thanked him for his work. Fred agreed to step into this role subject to election at the AGM. John is happy to continue with a coaching role and as Club Welfare Officer.

Next season this year’s Under 11’s will become the under 13’s. We are building the Under 9’s who will become next year’s Under 11’s. However many of the current players are very young and we ideally need to recruit 6 to 8 9 – 11 year olds. We have been invited to go into Moss Hey School – Richard will look at taking flyers into school and attending an assembly. Gillian reported that she has contacts at Nevil Road and Pownall and can arrange to put us in touch.

It was also reported that Vesna Higginbotham has volunteered to take on an admin role with the Juniors -  player registrations, confirming teams and fixtures etc – this offer is much appreciated.

John reported that indoor Junior nets have been booked for next season at Cheadle Hulme school. It was also noted that it would be beneficial to have more Level 1 coaches available for the Juniors – this could be from players, Junior’s parents or the Women’s team. The hope is that we will soon have Junior teams at Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 levels.

Given the amount of work involved in organising Junior cricket it was agreed that a separate meeting of Junior coaches is to be arranged.

(6) Natwest Cricketforce 2012

Chris reported on the success of this event this year – lots of work done and £500 donation from Natwest. We need to build on this next year and be better organised on the day. He requested that we consider what project we could have as the focus of the day. For further discussion at the next meeting.


(7) Club Development Plan

This needs to be submitted soon after the season ends – Chris requested assistance from the Juniors and Women’s team in particular in providing details of current playing numbers and statistics – he will email out requests for this. We also need to review the 5 year plan for the club which is in the plan to ensure this remains appropriate. For further discussion at the next meeting.

(8) Play Cricket Website.

It has been raised that we do not routinely enter details of games on this site. Chris offered to do this on a monthly basis but only if it was thought to be worthwhile  because Trinity players regularly access this information. After discussion it was agreed that the majority of players use the club’s own website which is easier to use and keeping the Play Cricket site updated was not necessary. It was reported that all information on our website is easily accessible to anyone wishing to view it – we agreed there was no problem with this and club information should be available as widely as possible.

Any Other Business

Agreed that we would look to arrange the 6-aside charity day previously discussed. Gillian volunteered to bring along a brass band that she is a member of. It was thought this was an excellent idea and would make for a good day. James, Gillain and Phil W to discuss arrangements.

AGM agreed for 7th November at the Golf Club – John S to check availability.

The club has two Cup Finals to look forward to – it is hoped coaches will be arranged for players and supporters for the 1st XI final on the 7th August at Haslington. The Women’s final is at Hawk Green on 21st August when again supporters will be welcome.

Chris reported on the success of this years’ Tesco and Sainsburys’ voucher collections – we collected almost double last years’ totals for both and will benefit with additional kit for the Junior teams.

Stewart ended the meeting by hoping for 2 cup final wins and 2 promotions – this would be a great end to what has already been a very successful season.