21st February 2011 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                     Apologies

Stewart Coates          Iain Coates

Chris Jackson           James Shaw

Sarah McCann

Gillian Spragg    

George Hill

Gary Myatt    

Phil Wood     

Brian Cheetham

John Sandford

Dave Gilman

Richard Higginbotham

Fred Harris         

Jim Hegarty

Eliot Carroll


Stewart began the meeting by extending a warm welcome to Sarah McCann and Gillian Spragg from the Women’s team who have now joined us. Stewart confirmed that at the last Committee meeting there had been unanimous approval for this development.  

Minutes of the Last Meeting

These were agreed to be an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters Arising

Stewart reported that he has now purchased the waterhog as discussed at the last meeting.  This was made possible by a grant of £400 from Stockport Sports Trust.  

Chris reported that the club have now registered with Natwest Cricketforce and have received some promotional tee shirts for the event planned for 9th April. A brief discussion agreed that the work to be undertaken on the day should include:

Extend the car park behind the clubhouse

Retaining wall for the cess tank

Renovate sightscreens – painting, grease wheels etc

Tidy/paint the clubhouse

Clear the copse

It was agreed that there should be team leaders for each area of work to ensure organisation. Suggestions were: Phil W, Chris J, Stan A and Phil L. Chris to coordinate.

John S has a contact at Natwest and will pass on to Chris to seek funding support from the bank.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


(1) Women’s Team issues

It was confirmed that the women’s team members need to register in line with club policy. This can be done on the club website.

The team want to arrange some 20/20 friendly fixtures, probably on Wednesdays. Agreed they need to liaise with Stewart over pitch availability and any clashes of date – Stewart mentioned the intention to arrange a Charity match one Sunday in May – date yet to be agreed.

Trinity Kit. It was suggested that the Women’s team liaise with Matt Myatt who has arranged this in the past. Arrangements can be coordinated with the 2nd Team who are intended to order this season.

Sarah enquired about club insurance. It was confirmed that the club insurance does not include Personal Accident cover – the cost is prohibitive. Any members wanting this would need to take out the cover themselves.

Stewart updated on fixtures and pitch usage – he will continue to update the chart and distribute as necessary. It is anticipated that Bramhall U13’s will want to make bookings and Iain C is also arranging friendlies. He has already noted a clash with a friendly v Styal and the 1st XI cup preliminary round and also, on 24th July, a potential clash with the cup semi-final and a women’s team game.

(2) Gift Aid

It was noted that there are changes to the Gift Aid scheme – information on the details was passed to Dave G.

(3) Alliance League Meeting

Stewart updated committee members:

Retrospective soil report claim has been agreed and the club received £45 as half of the cost.

Tranmere Vics are joining the Mellor Braggins League – this has implications for promotion to that league – there will be two promotion places for our league this year but only one next year.

Chester Asians will be joining Division 5

Henry Olonga will be the speaker at the League Dinner in November.

Umpires fees for the coming season will rise from £30 to £32.

Cricket rule changes – copy attached.

Safe Hands courses – it was confirmed that all relevant members are up to date with these.

(4) Junior Cricket

John reported that the Under 11 nets are going really well with 11 young people regularly attending. An improvement in their play is very evident – thanks to Fred and Chris Harries for all their work.

Richard H has done the leaflets for the Under 9 recruitment and these now need to go to schools – these will include Moss Hey, Nevill Road and Alexander Park.

Fred reported that the parents of the Under 11’s last year provided coffee and homemade cakes and from these raised £42 for the club. It was suggested they could provide this facility at the Natwest Cricketforce day. It was suggested that John take responsibility for organising the various coaches within the club between the Junior teams.

(5) Finance

Brian reported that the current financial situation is £1000 in the Nationwide Trust account (Contingency fund) and £2000 in the current account. Currently known commitments for funds are:

Balls - £180 * 2 payments

League Fees etc - £100

Insurance - £210

Coaching course reimbursement - £210

Roller - £80 and Building - £370 Insurance

Repairs to roller £600

Purchase of waterhog - £120 after grant

Materials for the ground £200

Pre-season scarifying and verti-draining - £370

Leaves an approx balance of £400 which is not committed.

Agreed position is generally healthy with most of the seasons expenditure covered with subscriptions and match fees still to come.

Chris reported he had been approached by an organisation called Fundrazor – they provide event tickets which the club can resell and raise funds. Agreed as a starting point we get 50 Belle Vue dogs tickets – cost is postage only and we can resell at £5 (normal price) potentially raising £250

Chris, with assistance from Gary, is also looking to organise a Race Night in May/June and will liaise with James S about the date for the Charity match to avoid a clash.

(6) Future Projects

Stewart is keen to improve the outfield and would like to see the club adopt the levelling plan as the next project. He has an estimate of £5000 and would like this to be our next priority. Another future project would be the extension of the clubhouse. It was noted that there may be additional funding opportunities available over the next couple of years given we now have a Women’s team – Stewart will pursue these and there will be further discussion at the next meeting.

Any Other Business

Chris confirmed that all players need to re-register with the club to ensure contact details, health issues etc are up to date. This can most easily be done on the club website.