10h January 2011 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                                Apologies

Stewart Coates                     John Sandford

Chris Jackson                       James Shaw

George Hill

Gary Myatt    

Phil Wood     

Brian Cheetham

Dave Gilman

Richard Higginbotham

Fred Harris         

Iain Coates

Jim Hegarty

Phil Lowe  

Eliot Carroll     



1. Expectations for 2011

Stewart began the meeting by stating that he believes that 2011 presents a  momentous opportunity for the club – the opportunity to win 2 championships  and 2 cups. There is also the possibility of having a Ladies Team from information he received earlier this evening. He feels it is important to get the whole club on board to the potential for the club. Everyone is buzzing about cricket following the Ashes series and he would like us to build on this and play unified, effective and enjoyable cricket. The club needs to make clear to everyone that this is our plan. There was brief discussion about whether winning 4 trophies was realistic but it was clear the 1st team want promotion and the 2nd team are desperate to escape the 5th Division. Winning cups would be an additional bonus. It was agreed that the pre-season newsletter would be a very positive document detailing our aspirations for the season. It needs to be circulated not only to senior club members but also the Juniors, their parents and the Friends of Trinity. Chris J will take responsibility for producing this. Stewart also hoped that the younger players could be involved positively in the nets with senior players helping with their coaching to help them improve. Stewart also felt it important to heed the advice of Pete G – we should not let the Under 18’s drift away from the club and need to ensure they are selected for teams and involved in the club. Eliot confirmed that the indoor nets are booked. It was also suggested that a pre-season internal game would be positive with the provisos to this being that the ground preparation work is completed and the weather permits use of the ground.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

These were agreed as an accurate record.

3. Finance

Brian provided approximate details of the club’s financial position. With everything paid that he is aware of the current situation is:

Contingency/Equipment account £1,000

Current account   £2,100

Bills outstanding were identified as – Richard H £180 reimbursement for coaching course, £370 pre-season scarifying and verti-draining. Total pre-season expenses including ball purchase, insurance etc is estimated as £1000. Stewart explained that the work on the sit-on roller is to be completed in the spring with an estimated cost of £600.

Dave reported that he has been through club records and established that there is approx £1,400 of donations which can be gift aided hopefully bringing in approx £350.

With regard to fundraising the following are planned – Stewart will pursue match ball sponsorships. He was given a number of suggestions and offers and will follow these up.

Chris J will organise a race night soon after the season begins. Gary M offered to assist with this. Chris will check with James S, who is planning to rearrange the six-aside tournament early in the new season, to ensure there is no clash of dates.

4.  Ladies Team

Stewart explained that he has had an email forwarded to him from the captain of the Poynton Ladies team who used our ground last year. They want to meet to discuss the options for them playing from Trinity next season – this could either be by joining or making use of the facilities. General discussion agreed that this was an excellent idea which could contribute much to the club. It was agreed that Stewart, Stan and Chris should arrange to meet with them as soon as possible to discuss options.

5. Junior Cricket

Stewart explained that no progress had been made with recruiting an Under 9 team from Nevill Road school. Gavin Coulbourn had, as promised, organised coaching at the school but had only 9 attend, 6 of whom were already linked with other clubs. He felt that the school were not very proactive with sport. It has been agreed that we will send leaflets (which Richard is organising) to Moorfield school to encourage interest. Stewart will leaflet Nevill Rd via Jan Taylor who is a Learning Support teacher and lives on Holly Grange.Phil W will also distribute the leaflets at Alexander Park school and that the club will try to identify potential players living locally. It was also agreed that we will advertise in the Metro, at Decathlon and any other local press source we can identify. Chris J to pursue on his return from holiday in February. It was agreed that it remains very important for the future that we establish an Under 9 team.

 Fred confirmed that Under 11 nets (indoor) commence on 1st February. They will be encouraged to spread the word to their friends to hopefully increase the size of the squad.

Richard and Phil W are undertaking their coaching qualifications.

6. League AGM

Stewart recently attended this meeting and reported that the following decisions were made (any rule changes will be in the League Handbook):

Knutsford CC are planning to have a 2nd team. Suggest we look to arrange a friendly with them.

The League will now assist with funding for soil sampling of squares. Stewart has asked them to consider assisting us retrospectively for our soil sampling and has sent a bill.

If a match is called off because a club is unable to field a team the current £15 fine will now be given to the home club to offset tea costs etc.

The end of season 1pm starts will now be for the last 3 games of the season rather than for any September starts.

A proposal to start matches at 12noon was defeated.

A proposal to have 45 overs per side games was defeated.

A proposal to have limits for the number of overs a bowler can bowl was defeated.

Umpires are to be paid before the game – rates not yet known but will be the same as the Mellor Braggins league when they make their decision.

League subs will be £40.

7. Pre-season Groundwork  

Stan and Stewart have discussed the following work:

Drain outlets on the covers need welding

Sightscreens need repair and painting

Sightscreen wheels need greasing

Ground beyond the boundaries needs general clearing

Ground in the copse of trees (where work has been done to make space for Bancrofts to dump rubbish from scarifying) needs more general clearing to remove scrub trees etc

Old scorebox needs to be demolished and removed

Ground clearing on the Holly Grange side and behind the new nets

Clear behind the pavilion. It was agreed that this needs to be done properly – with the ground levelled and stone chippings laid to extend the car parking area and prevent the work needing to be done again. Phil W offered to organise suitable equipment hire for this task

Dave G is working on drainage arrangements for the old nets area where there is a problem with water gathering. He has a pump and will dig a suitable soak hole.

Chris explained the Natwest CricketForce weekend (8th to 10th April) and the requirement for the club to register and participate. It was agreed that Chris will advertise widely to club members, Juniors and their families and the Friends of Trinity to seek their involvement in a day of volunteer work – the primary tasks on the day will be the demolition of the old scorebox and work behind the pavilion.

It was confirmed that Stan will be starting pre-season work from Saturday 26th February and will be at the ground most other Saturdays until the season starts. Club members are encouraged to attend.

There was a discussion about capital expenditure plans. The options were:

Waterhog to aid ground drainage and save games from cancellation

 New gates at the entrance to the ground

Levelling of the outfield to improve the standard of the ground

After discussion it was agreed that the first priority would be the purchase of a waterhog as soon as finances allow.

Stewart will also purchase and donate germination sheets to help with turf re-growth on the square

8. Any Other Business

Friendly games – Iain C will delay organising these until plans with Poynton Ladies are clearer to avoid fixture congestion

Chris will require players to register with the club again for the new season to ensure their contact details and emergency information is up to date. He will accept confirmation that no details have changed rather than e new form. Registration can also be done on the website.

Phil L also confirmed that the website can be used as a very useful communication tool for the club and invited the committee and club members to submit any information to him for the website.

The Club Welfare Officer had not submitted any items for discussion by Committee