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Stewart Coates           Phil Wood

Chris Jackson             Richard Higginbotham

George Hill    

Brian Cheetham

John Sandford         

Dave Gilman          

Iain Coates

Andrew Twidell

Jim Hegarty

Eliot Carroll

Phil Lowe  

Fred Harris

James Shaw

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate record and there were no matters arising that are not covered in the agenda for the meeting.

1. Agenda

(a) Club Cricket Kit

Matthew Myatt attended the meeting briefly to outline his efforts to obtain club shirts and caps for players. Through his employment with Barrington Sports he has got a price of £35 for both. He explained that James Shaw’s father contributed to the club by paying for the artwork. The view is that wearing common cricket gear contributes to the togetherness of the club. An order has gone in for all 1st team players. It needs to be confirmed that 2nd team players wish to purchase the kit and consideration will be given to the Juniors next year. Matthew also confirmed that Barrington Sports have offer to provide prizes for a club raffle. Matthew was thanked for his efforts.

(b) Nets – neighbours complaint

It was reported that there has been a complaint by a neighbour of the club about swearing and bad language from players using the nets. Stewart stressed that this must stop immediately. There followed a discussion about the use of nets by players during nets. It was proposed that we should ban the use of nets during all Under 18 and Senior games – after a discussion this proposal was carried.

It was also raised that neighbours have raised concerns about opposition players driving out of the ground too fast for the road conditions and that this is dangerous. It was agreed that Chris would redo the posters in the dressing rooms about not parking on Grange Road and would add the need for drivers to drive with due care when leaving the ground.

Chris will also do a poster for the club house to remind players that the use of nets is prohibited during games and that when the nets are used players should not wear spikes.

(c) Mowers

It was confirmed that we received a grant of £1000 towards a mower. Dave Gilman has located a mower being sold by Leech’s @ £1660 which Stan A has renegotiated to £1450. It was noted that the two old mowers are beyond use. A further mower has also been located at a cost of £400 to £500 – this will give us both 6 and 10 blade mowers. It was agreed to proceed with this purchase.  

(d) Finance

Brian C explained that after paying for the new mower and grass cutting we have a balance of £3200 which has increased through payments received this evening to £3500. We need to pay:

Bancrofts for the work on the square  £700

Member loan repayment                     £1000

Roller                                                 £600

General expenses                               £500

TOTAL                                                £2800

This leaves us with an available balance of £700

It has already been agreed that we would set up a system to collect annual subs by instalments in advance. The plan is to start this from the Presentation Evening – the monthly payment would be £10 or any alternative amount a player chooses.

Fred H reported that he has recently written a “begging letter” to Parfitts and in response has received a cheque for £150. Fred was congratulated for his efforts.

Brain reported that he remains in negotiation with United Utilities about sewerage charges following a letter received via a neighbour of the ground. It was agreed that we need to empty the cess tank officially (and obtain a receipt) to prove we pay for this work and the cost. Stewart will endeavour to obtain a quote.

(e) Junior Cricket

It was confirmed that this year is the last year before the current Under 18 side become over-age. The current Under 11’s will still be Under 11’s next season. The plan has been to consider establishing an Under 9’s team next year. John will talk to Gavin Coulbourne and seek his assistance.

Bramhall High School have written to the club asking if we want to form a School’s Partnership with them. As a result the Junior strategy for next season may be reconsidered.

It was confirmed that the vouchers (sadly less than we collected last year) have been sent off to Tesco and Sainsburys – we will get a set of pads and a Kwik cricket kit.

Fred reported that he needs to small Juniors helmets – Iain has one in his car which he will pass to Fred.

(f) Sport Stockport   

It was noted that we can currently join at no cost and the benefit will be a 50% contribution to any coaching fees. It was agreed we should join.

(g) Future Club Projects

Stewart suggested that, apart from one or two minor areas, the club is in a generally healthy position with the changing rooms refurbished, a new score box, the nets project completed and the work on the square completed.

It would therefore seem appropriate to consider future projects.

Stewart felt he would like to see the outfield levelled – this would clearly be expensive but Bancrofts have a machine for the job and the work could be undertaken on an ongoing basis e.g. 50 sq metres at a time. We would need to plan such work and expenditure in advance.

It was suggested that there will be other future expenditure – when we need new equipment again or the netting in the nets needs replacing. Ideally the club should have a contingency fund to meet these costs when they arrive.

Further work on drainage was discussed along with the associated problems. The meeting agreed that in principal the idea of ground levelling was good but there were also suggestions for a “waterhog” machine and refurbishment or replacement of the gates.

The idea of the contingency fund was thought to be good but Brain C pointed out that in most normal seasons there will not be much to put away as income is usually very close to expenditure. Given the current financial climate it is unclear if grant support will still be available to the club. It seems certain we would not obtain this for the outfield or the gates. Stewart agreed to enquire about the costings for a waterhog and the ground levelling.    

(h) Clubmark

Chris reported that work is in hand on this with some updating needed due to additional requirements since our initial approval. Chris sought the agreement of the meeting to sign the ECB “One Game pledge” on behalf of the club. This was agreed with the pledge being to continue to encourage junior membership of the club. It is anticipated that our Clubmark status will be renewed later this season.

(i) Presentation Evening  

It was agreed that John will try to book a date for this event at Cheadle Golf Club with the second Friday in October being the ideal date.

(j) Club Welfare Officer Update.

John reported that there have been no child welfare related issues raised with him. There was an enquiry about whether photos of Junior players could be included on the club website. John advised that this was inappropriate and junior players should not be identified by photograph on the site.

(k) Any Other Business

There was no further business.