15th March 2010 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                     Apologies

Stewart Coates          John Sandford  

Chris Jackson           Phil Sandford

Brian Cheetham        George Hill     

Dave Gilman             Eliot Carroll      

Iain Coates

Phil Wood

Richard Higginbottom

Andrew Twidell

Jim Hegarty

Phil Lowe  

Fred Harris

James Shaw


Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate record.

1. Matters Arising and Issues from the Chair

Natwest Cricketforce Registration. The club were invited to register with this initiative this year (an expectation for clubmark clubs) but were unable to do so due to online registration problems. This problem has been communicated to Mike Woolard. The intention is to register and participate next year.

League meeting. Stewart reported that umpires fees are unchanged this year - £30 each if two umpires, £40 if only one.

We need to keep a written record of weekly and Annual subs. Problems have arisen with other clubs who have not done this. Phil L has designed a form for use by captains for this purpose. Annual subs will be as agreed at the AGM.

Full Members

Annual Subscription     £70  

Match Subscription     £6

Students, the Unemployed and SMBC Leisure Key holders

Annual Subscriptions     £35

Match Subscriptions     £4

Additionally it was agreed that subscriptions not paid by 1st June should attract an additional charge of £10 per month for every month payment is late.

It was also agreed, after discussion, that match subscriptions for 20/20 games (both home and away) should be £2. For all other friendly fixtures they will be £4.

Stewart confirmed that it is important to get any subs to himself or Brian C as soon as possible – with a week of receipt. After a brief discussion it was confirmed that money for teas is not to be included as part of annual subs payments – they are to be dealt with separately.

Gladstone Small is to be the speaker at the League Dinner.

New players from Offerton. Stewart confirmed that transfer forms will need to be completed for any players who transfer. Andy T was given the forms and will pursue.

Mower grant. The ECB have now deferred any machinery grants. Stewart has an application for the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund who give grants up to £500. The application will be considered on 12th April.

Pitch hire is going well. As well as usual bookings Manchester University have 4 games planned and we are in correspondence with an ambulance service team. Charges for pitch hire have been increased to £60 - £30 for a T20 game.


2. Agenda


Iain C proposed that there should be a weekly meeting to agree selection. It was confirmed that 3 new players transferring from Offerton should help this season. It was queried how a meeting will deal with “cry-offs after selection is agreed. It was suggested that all players should indicate availability by Wednesday at the latest but ideally at the previous Saturday game. It was agreed that if there is a cry-off the captain for that team is responsible for arranging an additional player as replacement. Selection meetings will be held weekly at 8.15pm each Tuesday. It was also confirmed that completion of Player Registration remains essential and players who have not registered will not be selected.


Brian C provided an up to date financial statement – see below. The club currently have a cleared balance of £5873. Please refer to the notes in the statement for the context of the balance. From the last meeting the following expenditure was agreed:

Ground to be “verti-drained - £350

If no mower grant received we will need to purchase a new carburettor - £200

Roller repairs £500

Fertiliser £150

Plus regular mowing bills - £150 - £160 monthly

It was agreed we need to increase income although an available loan from a club member will help our financial position.

Suggestions were to increase ball sponsorship and sell the auction leftovers. Any other ideas would be welcome.

It was suggested that Direct debits be introduced next year to collect annual subs – start October/November at £10 per month. Richard H will look at this matter.

A “100 club” was suggested – Brian C will check whether this would attract gift aid.


Stewart reported that he has spoken to Tim Bingham and been reassured that work will recommence next week or the week after at the latest. Our project has been agreed as priority.


Fred reported that the new Under 11’s team is going well. 8 players have been recruited which is enough for a team. The intention is to increase this number – ideally another 4. They are very keen and making progress. Fred reported that Chris H has made a valuable contribution. There has also been a good turnout from the Under 18’s.

3. Any Other Business.

There was discussion about nets nights. The under 11’s are practising on Thursdays from 6.30 to 7.30pm. There are also a number of pitch hires during the season. Agreed senior nets will move around to accommodate Juniors and hires.

Chris Jackson reminded everyone about the Tesco and Sainsburys voucher schemes – please encorage club members to collect and donate.