11th January 2010 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                    Apologies

Stewart Coates         James Shaw

Chris Jackson           Phil Sandford

Brian Cheetham       

John Sandford     

Dave Gilman      

Iain Coates

Phil Wood

George Hill

Richard Higginbottom

Andrew Twidell

Jim Hegarty

Phil Lowe  

Eliot Carroll

Fred Harris


Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate record.

1. Matters Arising

 Stewart thought that the Presentation Evening went well – this was confirmed by others present. Stewart felt that it should become a regular club event with named trophies. Suggestions were:

Harry Howard Clubman of the Year  

Brian Cheetham 1st XI Batting Award

Stewart Coates 1st XI Bowling Award

George Hill 2nd XI Bowling Award

We need to find suitable sponsors for the 2nd XI Batting Award and Juniors awards. Stewart will pursue this matter.

 Given the lengthy agenda it was agreed that the issue if Team Selection should be deferred until the next meeting.


2. Agenda

2.1. Practice Nets

Stewart reported that the work on the new nets has been deferred until March 2010 because of the weather. We will therefore have access to the Old Trafford nets until we are able to move outside. The contractor has agreed to give the work propriety as soon as the weather improves. He also reported that the current permanent and mobile nets have collapsed with the snow.

2.2 Outfield Spiking

Stewart feels that this work is important and needs to be completed if the club can afford it. We have had two quotes – Paul Agar £400 and Bancrofts £300. This work cannot be done at the same time as the square – needs to be done when the weather is drier – hopefully April.

A pitch inspection was done on 5th December 2009. The inspector was impressed with the square but recommended that the outfield needs to be scarified – we cannot afford this at present. The report is attached to these minutes. Stan has bought a roller and we need to spend £500 on the current mower. If we are successful with the machinery grant the club will need to contribute 50% of the cost – could cost us £1500.

2.3 Pavilion

Stewart reported that there has been a burst pipe in the home changing room during the recent cold weather. The carpet needs to be replaced. We need to pursue the reclaiming of the cost of water lost from the water authority and investigate a claim for the cost of the carpet/repairs under our insurance. Additionally the ceiling in the tea area is bulging and a repair of the roof will be necessary. Both of these items are necessities before the new season. The various tasks were discussed and the priority order was agreed as:

1. Practice nets

2. Outfield Spiking

3. Drains under the away dressing room

4. Improve the away dressing room

5. Score box refurbishment

6. Take down and remove the old nets

7. Covers

Phil W and Phil L agreed to undertake the work on the roof/ceiling.

Chris J will undertake some work on the away dressing room.

2.4 Finance/Fundraising

Brian reported that he had just checked the terms of our contents insurance in respect of the burst and it appears we are not covered. He will check the buildings cover to see if a claim can be made.

In terms of finance he reported that the club have £2800 in the building society account and £3200 in the bank – total £6000.

There was a discussion about the financial demands on funds:

Current electricity direct debit - £13 per month

Current water direct debit £56 per month – Brian is seeking to reduce this (to £150). Stewart agreed to obtain an up to date meter reading to assist with this.

Insurances – not due until the season starts – last year £611 in total.

Roller - £500

Balls and league fees

£5500 due to be paid for the new nets.

£200 for a new carburettor for the mower.

£300 – pre-season mowing  

The total costs to the start of the season are therefore £7600 with current assets of £6000 – deficit £1600. If we receive the machinery grant this will rise to approx £3000.

It was noted that there is the option of a loan of £2000 from a benefactor. There was a discussion about raising funds and it was agreed that Chris J will write to/email all club members requesting that annual subs be paid early – by the end of February 2010 preferably. It was acknowledged that this may be difficult for some members but the option of payment by instalments will be offered. The communication will outline the reasons for the request and benefits for the club. Members will also be requested to suggest any options for ball sponsorship. There was discussion about the early payment of match subs for the season but this was felt to be too difficult to administer.

Current fundraising includes the Friends of Trinity CC and gate Fees. It would be very helpful to extend ball sponsorship. Stewart (2), George and Richard all agreed to sponsor a ball. All committee and club members are to be urged to suggest possible sponsors.

George reported that the new issue of the publication list possible grant sources in Cheshire will be out soon.   

The suggestion was also made that the new nets could be hired out – this will be considered.

2.5 Clubmark

It was noted that this is due for renewal this season. Chris J will take responsibility for this work in consultation with Stewart who holds the current documentation.

2.6 Fixtures 2010

Iain and Eliot will take responsibility for organising 20/20 and friendly fixtures for the season.

2.7 Juniors

John reported that the Under 11’s taster sessions were braodly successful and he is confident the numbers can be increased. A meeting to discuss arrangements for the suport and coaching of the two Junior teams will be held following this meeting.

2.8 Pre Season Working Parties.

It was confirmed that these will commence on Saturday 6th March and continue each Saturday thereafter. Chris J will circulate info to club members.

3. Any Other Business.

There was no further business.