1st September 2009 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                            Apologies

Stewart Coates             George Hill       

Chris Jackson         

Phil Lowe  

John Sandford         

Eliot Carroll

Dave Gilman           

Brian Cheetham

Stan Aspinall     

Iain Coates

Phil Wood

Phil Sandford



Minutes of last meeting accepted as an accurate record.

1. Nets

Stewart and Stan have now met with Tim Bingham. A decision has been taken that we can gain an additional 4 feet with trees being taken down. Stewart passed round samples of the matting for inspection. The work is being done in about six weeks – half to be paid on completion and the other half a month later. It was reported that the neighbours are as happy with the work going ahead as we can expect. Issue of Planning Permission still not resolved – evidence has been sent from Binghams to support argument that it is not required. If this is the case the application fee will be reimbursed.

2. Finance

Brian has provided a cash book reconciliation. Current balance is £9,000. Cost of nets is approx £11,000. We have lost some income this year from games and pitch hire cancelled because of the weather. It is estimated that we should just about cover the cost of the nets work with the money still due in. There is also still the auction to come. There is also the end of season work to be done – agreed expenditure of £700 for this.

3. Auction

The auction is scheduled for 25th September. Phil reported that a few lots have been received – we need to chase club members to ensure we have enough. It was agreed we ask Brian Sellars if he can assist with transporting the items for auction to the venue on the day.

4. Future Projects

An application for a grant has been made (for £1,000) to Stockport Council. This is to be considered at the next committee. In relation to a mower Stewart has contacted Mike Woollard about machinery grants – he has agreed to support our application to the fund which will become available from January 2010. The next project to be looked at will be improvement to the drainage.

4. Junior Cricket

The plan is to run an under 11 team next year. John S will be booking nets at Cheadle Hulme school. The intention is to write to local schools and also advertise three “taster sessions” between now and Christmas. John, Fred and Stewart will run these. The hope is to sign up players who will be able to attend nets from January 2010 onwards. John intends to pull away from the under 18’s and move to the under 11’s. There was a suggestion that Chris harries might work with the under 18’s. It was noted that Joe Friel has expressed an interest in attending a coaching course.

5. Presentation Evening

This is planned for the second Friday in October. John S will pursue the Golf club as the venue again.

6. Team Selection

There was a discussion about this issue – agreed the matter should be revisited when a full complement of committee members are present.

7. Committee MembersStewart enquired if any current committee members present were planning on resigning after this year – the indication was that no one present will be resigning.