Present                      Apologies

Stewart Coates       

Chris Jackson          

John Sandford

George Hill

Dave Gilman

Stan Aspinall     

Phil Lowe

Eliot Carroll

Brian Cheetham

Fred Harris

Jim Hegarty

Phil Wood



Minutes of last meeting accepted as an accurate record.

Matters Arising

Stewart, John and Fred attended the First Aid course as planned

Practice Facilities

Stewart reported that we have received agreement in principal to the grant – for £4700.All that is required is the Trustees agreement which should be done by July. This is a very pleasing outcome – we are the only Cricket Club to receive anything. There is no timescale for the work to be completed so it will be acceptable if the work takes until next season. The meeting agreed:

 The net surface will be level with the surrounding land/grass.

 We will follow the plans provided by Stewart with regard to dimensions.

 The issue of the mat at the bowlers end can be revisited at a later date.

Stewart agreed to ensure the neighbours were aware of the plans and will pursue enquiries about planning permission.

Brian provided a financial summary. His calculation indicates that, with additional money now collected and estimated subs outstanding, there is approx £6000 available for the project.


Phil W reported that a room is available for the event whenever we choose. After discussion it was agreed that Friday 25th September 2009 is suitable. Eliot agreed to assist with posters. Viewing will be at 6.30pm with the sale at 7.30pm.

Junior Cricket

It was reported that Chris Harries will be doing his Level 2 Coaching course in October which will be a benefit to the Club. Future plans will be to start to develop the Under 11’s from September 2009 with indoor nets starting before Christmas. There are three schools currently paired with Trinity but we are able to look more broadly than this. The current Under 18’s have one more year as Juniors. John S will pursue a cricket bag from the Lords Taverners suitable for the younger age group.

Future Projects

This winter the plans include work on the Visitors Changing room which will benefit possible hiring of the ground and ladies teams.

The mower will need replacement and we should begin to consider grant options. The cost could be in the reason of £4500 to £5500. It was suggested that a lease arrangement may be better – Stan will talk to John S about this possibility.

Clubmark is is due for renewal in 2010. Chris will begin work to update the Club Development Plan online and include the various projects in that.

The score box requires attention.

2nd XI game versus Capenhurst.

Concern about the attitude of the more senior players on the Capenhurst was expressed by those who played in the game. Agreed Chris would draft a letter to express these concerns (not a complaint) to send to the League.

Tesco Vouchers

Chris is pursuing this – scheme currently in some chaos so timescale to receive our goods is not known.

Any Other Business

 There was a suggestion that a Juniors versus Seniors game could be arranged – it was suggested that a Sunday out of the season would be best for this.

 Subs. There was a discussion about the payment of subs. Only six payments from the 2nd team were collected last Saturday. Collecting from the Juniors is proving to be problematic at present. Agreed this needs to be discussed with parents if there is a problem. The Club reserves the right not to select players who fail to pay if this does not improve.