23rd March 2009 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                    Apologies

Stewart Coates         Iain Coates

Chris Jackson          George Hill     

John Sandford

Phil Sandford

Stan Aspinall     

Phil Lowe

Eliot Carroll

Brian Cheetham

Fred Harris

Jim Hegarty

Phil Wood

Andy Twidell             


Minutes of last meeting accepted as an accurate record.

It was agreed the meeting should continue from where the last meeting ended.

Practice Facilities

Stewart reported that, since the last meeting, costs for the net project have escalated with the total cost now estimated as £10,700. A Grant application has now been submitted – disappointingly Mike Woollard from the ECB declined to act as referee for this. However, a representative from Stockport Sports Development did provide the required reference. A decision on the application is expected later this month.

We do however, have a financial challenge – with current club funds plus the grant applied for there will be a shortfall of approx £3,000. A generous club member has agreed to provide a loan of £2,000 to assist.


Brain C was asked to provide a cash flow forecast for the coming season. He reported that currently there is a balance of £4,400 with two insurance policies paid. Further anticipated expenditure is:

A further insurance premium

Roller costs



Work on the drains

Work on the covers

Work on the existing cage

Overall it was estimated that the club has an approx shortfall of £1,500 to meet the cost of the proposed practice facilities.

It was proposed and agreed that the club should attempt to raise this money from current club members. Initially annual subscriptions need to be paid promptly and then all members will be asked to contribute an extra £50 each this season – they will be given the opportunity to do this in the most convenient way for them – one off payment (as soon as possible), by sponsoring match balls or selling football cards or by spreading payments totalling the additional £50 over the season. It was agreed we write to all members requesting the payment of annual subs immediately and then the payment of the additional £50. Chris J will organise this.

The Auction that Phil W had intended to run was discussed – it was disappointing that this venture was not better supported. It was agreed we should attempt to try again with an auction at the end of the season. This would provide the opportunity to obtain lots to auction over the season when members are seen regularly. It was agreed the target date is an auction towards the end of September – Eliot C agreed to produce a suitable poster for the clubhouse to advertise the event.

Eliot C and Phil W also volunteered to organise the sale of football cards at games.

Stewart reported on the Gate fees collected by the club. The church is now taking an interest in these and the money has to be paid direct to the church before being paid (in full) to the club. Stewart has written to those who pay Gate fees to reassure them the club still receives the money.

It was also suggested that a raffle could be organised on Presentation Evening to raise funds. This was agreed as a good idea to be pursued.

Phil S reported that Tesco have extended their “Vouchers for Schools” scheme to include sports clubs. The club would be able to obtain useful kit for the Juniors through this. Agreed Chris will register the club with the scheme and inform club members. Vouchers can be collected in a box in the clubhouse.

Fixtures 2009

These are now available in full on both the club and Cheshire Alliance websites.

A number of 20/20 friendly games have been arranged for the forthcoming season including – Bramhall, Kerridge and Moss Hey Casuals.

Junior fixtures are arranged for the season (for the Under 18’s) and we also have fixtures for the Under 11’s but have no team as yet. John S is pursuing this through local schools.

Ground Preparation Work

Stan reminded everyone that there remains considerable work to be done on the ground and surrounds and as many club members as possible need to attend each Saturday.

First Aid Course

There is a course to be held at Compstall Cricket Club on 6th April at 6.30pm for anyone needing to renew their certificate. Agreed that Stewart, John and Fred would attend.

Finance (continued)

Brian returned to the question about cash flow for the season.

Regular income includes:

Friends of Trinity CC - £600 to £700 per annum

Annual Subscriptions - £1,800

Match Subscriptions - £1,300 (this could increase with good weather and more games)

Ball Sponsorship - £90 last year and need to improve

Donations – these are unlikely to be maintained at last year’s level

Pitch Hire - £500

Gate Fees - £250

Gift Aid - £400

Regular expenditure includes: (although some may not recur this season)

Ground maintenance last year - £2,100

Ground Improvement Work - £480

Maintenance of equipment - £800+

Any Other Business

 The cost for refurbishment of the current nets far exceeds the estimated £100. Cost of parts will be £169 giving a total of £290 for the work. Agreed Phil L should submit the bill to Brian for payment.

 Refurbishment of covers – cost likely to be £45 per cover Total £180. Agreed work should go ahead – likely to pay for itself if games are rescued from the weather and match subs collected.

 Practice facilities for this season. It was agreed that those who use the practice facilities must take responsibility to clean, tidy and brush the strip used. Stan will prepare a suitable strip at the end of the square and also prepare an area on the outfield. Any early season practice needs to be on the outfield - essential work by those using the facilities needs to include lifting indentations and levelling and rolling any areas of soil that need to be filled in.

 Andy T raised the issue of the problems experienced in the games against Ellesmere Port last season and suggested we should write to the League to request umpires for our games against them this year. It was agreed that this should be done in a low key way – Chris to write to the Umpire’s Secretary to make the request.

 It was noted that there is currently no 1st Team Vice captain. Andy T is aware he will miss only 2 or 3 games during the season and it was agreed these would be covered in an ad hoc manner with an acting captain for the day.