23rd February 2009 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                    Apologies

Stewart Coates      

George Hill       

Iain Coates        

Chris Jackson          

John Sandford

Phil Sandford

Stan Aspinall     

Dave Gilman

Phil Lowe

Eliot Carroll

Brian Cheetham

Fred Harris

Jim Hegarty

Phil Wood

Minutes of last meeting accepted as an accurate record.

There were no matters arising – all relevant issues are on the agenda.


League Meeting Items

Stewart reported the following matters following his attendance at the recent League meeting.

2009 Fixtures – These have now been published. Team captains present were provided with copies. Chris J will extract Trinity fixtures and circulate these.

Castrol CC – are now known as “The Groves”.

Frodsham CC – now have a 3rd team who will play in Division 5. Home ground is Eastham CC. There will therefore be 12 teams in this Division so our 2nd team will have a full fixture list.

Umpires fees 2009 - £30 each if 2 umpires, £40 if only 1 umpire.

The League expectation is that teams will bowl 17 overs per hour. This will be monitored (by umpires) only in the 1st Division.

Results sheets must still be submitted even if a game is not taking place.

Romiley CC (currently in the Derbyshire and Cheshire League) have enquired about joining the Alliance in 2010

The League Dinner will be on 13th November 2009 with Jonathan Agnew as speaker.

Ground Inspection Committee will now be checking that Umpires room and Ladies are correctly marked. (Stan A suggested we need interchangeable signs to use as appropriate).

David Hall is now Honorary Auditor for the League.

Trinity Church

Stewart is negotiating with the church after they have expressed some anxiety about abuse of access to the ground.

Practice Facilities

Stewart reported that Stan has now consulted with Nick James, the ground advisor, who agrees that turf practice facilities are not advisable. At the last meeting the proposal was for a non-turf two lane net on the Holly Grange side of the ground. Discussions with Mike Woollard suggested a total cost of £20,000 to £25,000. With ECB grants this may have been achievable but the indication is that Trinity (on the basis that we do not have enough coaches/Junior players etc) would be unlikely to achieve an ECB grant. It seems sensible therefore to abandon the idea of a bespoke non-turf net. Further research by Stewart suggests that matting laid on a flat concrete base is more feasible – 26 metre nets, two lanes, cages – approx cost without concrete base £6,500. There followed a lengthy discussion about the way forward which eventually concluded with a unanimous decision to pursue a grant from the Grassroots Grant Body for – two concrete 26 metre bays, matting laid on top, permanent steel cages with netting. The target is to pursue this as a matter of urgency – any grant application needs to be made before the end of March.

Brian C clarified the clubs’ current financial position – currently £4,200 in the Nationwide account with the League fees, balls, mower costs, drain work and net reconstruction (approx £1,500) still to pay. This leaves £2,700 balance for the start of the season.

The meeting then moved on to consider alternative practice facilities on the ground for the coming season and until the new net project are completed. The discussion became heated and two members left the meeting which was at this point abandoned.

Date of Next Meeting

It was agreed that Chris J would contact Stewart C to arrange a date for a further meeting. This was later agreed as 23rd March 2009.

Please note – text of email from Stewart re Practice Facilities is below – for discussion at meeting on 23rd March.



You will be pleased to know that, after climbing over several unforeseen large walls and through numerous hoops, the grant application has today been posted.

We will need to ratify the position, or decide not to continue, at the next committee meeting as the total cost escalated to £10,700. The concrete base alone was £3200 + VAT.

We have only been able to proceed thanks to the very generous provision of a loan from one of our number of £2000. However, this still leaves us with a very tight budget bearing in mind we are committed to spending £500 on drains and £100+ on the mobile net. With all the other ongoing expenditure we desperately need all subs in immediately and some positive fundraising, assuming you all agree we should pursue the grant.

I should be grateful if you would all give this some thought before we meet on the 25th so we can have a positive meeting and make some sensible decisions about our future.


Please note meeting is Monday 23rd – not 25th.