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Minutes of last meeting accepted as an accurate record.

There were no matters arising – all relevant issues are on the agenda.


Senior Cricket 2009

Indoor nets are confirmed – every Tuesday evening starting on 3rd February. Eliot making arrangements and will circulate further information in the New Year.

Stewart recently attended the League AGM.

Ist XI will play in Division 2 – other teams are:


Ellesmere Port




Heaton Mersey Village

Holmes Chapel





2nd XI will play in Division 5 – confirmed teams are:



Holmes Chapel







Also proposed are Sandbach 3rd XI and Frodsham 3rd XI. Their membership has been deferred until February for confirmation that they will be able to raise teams.

League rule changes are:

All games start at 2pm except last 3 which are 1pm starts.

If games are cancelled clubs must notify opposition and umpires immediately.


If a team loses the toss and are forced to bat second 25 points (no bonus points) are available for a win.

If a team wins the toss and chooses to bat second only 20 points (no bonus points) are available for a win.

For rained off or cancelled games results sheets/phone calls must still be made to the Results Secretary.

Subscription rates for 2009 are: Alliance £40, Cheshire County Cricket Club £50

The ball contract has been renewed for a further three years.

The format for the Cup competitions is unchanged.

A discussion followed about whether to enter two teams for the Cups – an issue for us is players being ineligible for the 2nd XI cup games if they have been playing for the 1st XI.

Agreed we should enter two teams.

20/20 Cricket Competition

Iain and Eliot are planning the format and teams to be involved. Intention is to play 10 friendly fixtures during the mid-season when the light is good. The preferred night is Wednesday to fit in with nets/Juniors etc. Suggested teams to approach – Kerridge, High Lane, Stockport Georgians, Woodford, Norbury. The intention is to have arrangements is place by the start of indoor nets in February.

Friendly Fixtures 2009

Agreed this issue needs to be revisited after 20/20 fixtures are organised and the 2nd XI fixtures are known.

1st Vice XI Captain

It is not yet known if Andy will accept his nomination which was made in his absence at the AGM. Stewart will contact him to clarify.

Junior Cricket 2009

Stewart has discussed and confirmed plans for next season with John S. He is committed to running a second Junior team and will be writing to Neville Road School to start recruitment of players before Christmas. The intention is to start Junior nets in February.

Fund Raising 2009

Stewart feels that it is vital that the club begins to raise money outside the club membership. Agreed that the Ball Sponsorship scheme is the best way to achieve this but it needs to be extended beyond the few current contributors. Chris J will prepare a letter to circulate to individuals and companies to encourage contributions. All Committee members will come to the next meeting with ideas for people to approach.

Club Practice Facilities  

Stewart has made further enquiries following the last Committee meeting when the consensus had been that we should abandon the idea of a turf net.

Stewart has, since the last meeting made further enquiries with Huck Nets (ECB preferred supplier). The cost for an artificial strip (ordinary) would be £5,000 or (low-maintenance) £6,000. A cage is not included in this cost. The estimate for the completed project is £10,000. (Subsequently cost estimate was found to be double that figure - £20,000)

George H confirmed that he would favour a non-turf net alongside or near, but not on, the square with the existing cage being repaired. He also pointed out that there is another cage available from Bramhall CC – it just needs to be collected.

John S, in his discussions with Stewart, thought that another net could be added in the corner of the ground opposite the clubhouse.

Stewart felt that it would be possible to achieve grants towards the cost from the Lords Taverners (£2,000) and other small grants of £5,000. This would leave the club needing to raise/contribute approx £3,500.

After further discussions there were three proposals for the way forward:

 Refurbish the existing net, purchase a new mat for it, add a new strip next to it and purchase a new double steel cage.

 Provide 2 new concrete strips with mats and purchase a new double cage.

 Seek advice from a suitable expert. Stan A suggested Paul Agar who has the appropriate knowledge and is known to Stan.

The third proposal was agreed.

This process will take at least into the new season and there was a question about where the new Under 11 Junior team would practice whilst the Under 18’s were using the ground. Agreed that Phil W would pursue the repair of the existing cage with a contact as an interim measure.

Ground Work 2009

Stan outlined briefly the work he proposes pre-season. He wants to expand the work cutting back under the trees and dig out weeds on the Holly Grange side of the ground. The proposal is to start work on the 3rd Saturday in February. Phil W will be starting the work on the drains/manhole at the same time. The work on refurbishing the covers is also waiting for better weather in the spring. Agreed Stan would prepare a priority list of jobs and Chris will send out email reminders to all club members in early February.

Date of Next Meeting

Agreed another meeting will be organised earlier if needed but otherwise it will be on 23rd February 2009 after the next League meeting which is on 19th February. Reminders will be sent nearer the time.