10th November 2008 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                    Apologies

Stewart Coates          None

George Hill      

Iain Coates    

Chris Jackson          

Phil Sandford

Stan Aspinall     

Dave Gilman

Phil Lowe

Andy Twidell

Brian Cheetham

Fred Harris

Jim Hegarty


Practice Facilities

Stewart opened the meeting by explaining that a decision had been taken at the last Committee meeting to pursue the installation of two turf nets with cage surrounds. The cost was estimated as £7,700. Stewart had sought further clarification of costs and the proposal was for the club to contribute £2,700 with the balance of £5,000 hopefully being raised through grant applications. Appropriate grant applications have now been submitted.

Stewart has however detected some disquiet within the Committee about this plan and was seeking clarification before proceeding any further. There was a lengthy discussion which raised concerns about the turf nets – maintenance costs, who would undertake the maintenance work, were they realistic given that no other clubs in the area (except Lancashire CC) have turf nets. The alternative of refurbishing the current concrete strip and laying suitable matting was suggested.

The eventual consensus was that the plan for turf nets should be abandoned at this stage pending a further meeting to consider the options in more detail. Stewart informed the meeting that he would withdraw the grant applications which are project specific.  


Date of Next Meeting

1st December 2008 – 7.45pm at Trinity Church