14th April 2008 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

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Stewart Coates       

George Hill     

Chris Jackson

Iain Coates        

Stan Aspinall            

Dave Gilman

Phil Wood  

Phil Sandford

John Sandford

Phil Lowe

Eliot Carroll

Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as an accurate record.


Junior Cricket

John S reported that the Junior section had problems at present. Fred H has very recently had an operation on his knee and will be unavailable to help with the Juniors this season. This will impact on the existing Under 18’s, the plan to recruit a new younger team, practice on a Thursday and matches on a Tuesday. Pete G is currently helping but he is unable to make matches because of work commitments.  

The plan for the juniors was to try to recruit an Under 11 team with the intention of Fred running this – this will no longer be possible. John S is writing to Neville Road school to recruit players and has also made contact with Jane Williams who coaches at Bramhall High and other schools – she has agreed to spread the word that we are recruiting a Junior team.

Stewart C is happy to assist with coaching in the winter but struggles in the summer when he has other commitments (wicket preparation etc). It was wondered whether any parent of existing Juniors would be able to help. Phil W offered to assist. Chris J also happy to assist but would struggle on a regular basis.

IIt was suggested that we should abandon the Under 11’s for this season but John wanted to keep the options open and still hoped to recruit players

Stewart reported that Poynton Juniors want to hire the ground on Sunday mornings – 12 Junior fixtures for the season. Agreed this was acceptable in principal but needed to be deferred until the ground is fit. Stewart explained that the terms of hire would be that we had final say over ground fitness.  


Thanks were expressed to those who assisted but also noted that not enough members supported the club in completing the necessary work. Stan reported that the far end, up to the trees had been cleared. Work on the playing area and square has been delayed recently due the wet weather and this weekend’s game is already in doubt.

IIt was noted that a great deal of surface water is getting into the drains and then the cess tank. Stewart is in the process of getting estimates to repair the drains – could be in the region of £500. It was noted that drainage remains a problem for the whole ground and needs to be tackled. Thanks were expressed to Colin Moorhouse who has not charged us for the work done in pumping out the tank recently – saved us approx £90. Phil W explained that he has some expertise with drains and offered to assist with repairing the drains. Stewart will proceed with obtaining quotes and the discuss further with Phil W.


IIt was not possible to discuss the details of the club’s financial position in the absence of Brian C. Stewart reported that he had sent out Friends of Trinity newsletter recently which will lead to some donations. Chris J will pursue match ball sponsorship. Phil W offered to organise an auction later in the season. He will investigate possible venues.

There are still some outstanding Gift Aid forms – Stewart and Stan will pursue these.

Any Other Business

Stewart reported that the league have a new Press Secretary – Rob Whittle

Agreed that Self Declaration Forms need to be repeated – some were done at last AGM. Chris J will print copies and send to club captains – Phil L and Iain C for distribution/completion.

Eliot C reported that the Winter nets were reasonable attended – financially they broke even.

IIt was also noted that the net cage is damaged and unusable at present. Stan has organised the person who built them to come and give us his opinion on repair

CRB checks were presented by John S (checked by Stewart C) and Chris J (checked by John S)

Date of Next Meeting

To be confirmed.