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Chris Jackson        George Hill    

Stan Aspinall         Phil Wood    

Fred Harris

Dave Gilman

Brian Cheetham

Phil Sandford

John Sandford

Phil Lowe

Eliot Carroll

Joe Friel

Stewart went through the Minutes of the last meeting:

Finance – approx £1850 in the bank

Disciplinary matter – Alan Hampson – the clubs actions in this matter were accepted by the League. It was noted that Alan has now taken on the role of League Treasurer

Presentation Evening – this went ahead as planned and was a successful event

Winter nets – Eliot has now booked these

The Minutes were accepted as an accurate record

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising at this stage of the meeting.


(1) League Meeting

Stewart reported on his attendance at the recent League Meeting. It was confirmed that the 1st XI will play in Division 2 and the 2nd XI in Division 5. In terms of last year’s promotion and relegation 3 teams were not eligible for promotion because they field one team only. Fixtures for 2008 season are not yet available. League subscription will be £40 which need to be sent shortly. Fees for umpires will be £28 each if there are 2 umpires and £34 if there is only 1.

With regard to rule changes there will be no change to the current arrangements for overs or points. Proof of clubs Public Liability Insurance needs to be provided to the League by 1st April each season. It was also confirmed that the cost of teas will be met by the home team. There will be an annual Honoraria paid to Committee members – Treasurer, Chair and Fixtures Secretary. There will be no change to arrangements for cup cricket.

Stewart reported that he has been pursuing the arrangements necessary for the club to receive a 100% Rates reduction. The Club need to be members of the Stockport Sports Council and offer Leisure Key membership – Stewart has made arrangements for this. Brian Cheetham is also pursuing the Rates reduction.  

(2) Junior Cricket

Stewart reported that Phil Wood may not be able to help with the Juniors due to ill health. John Sandford asked how many teams the club should enter in the High Peak Junior League next season. The current Under 15’s will be in the Under 18 Division which will be a real challenge for them – they will be at the younger end. John feels that if the Junior section of the club is to be maintained we need a new group to start and suggested this should be at Under 11 level where games will be 8-aside. Possible schools for recruitment will be Neville Road and Moorfield. Agreed we need to ask Phil W if he is able to offer any assistance. Chris Jackson can offer some support but not every session. Agreed we should ask Pete Greenhalgh if he would like to assist. Also important to involve parents of the Juniors as much as possible. For the Juniors to be successful we need full commitment from the entire Club. There was unanimous agreement that the Club should look to start an Under 11 team. John reported that Junior Nets can again be at Cheadle Hulme School but not on Saturday mornings when the facilities are in use – possibly need to look at a weeknight.  

(3) Finance

Brian reported that there was good news on the Club financial situation. We now have a Nationwide Treasurer’s Trust Account with a current balance of £3400. This balance has been boosted by Gift Aid refunds of £180 and £240 recently. Pre-season costs will include Mowers (£500), Balls (£400) and Insurance but we should begin the season with a balance of approximately £2000.

(4) Ground

Last season saw a poor turnout for pre-season ground work. This year work needs to be done on the areas where the depressed areas of land drains were filled have sunk. Top soil will be needed for this before re-seeding. There will also be the usual tidying up and cutting back of vegetation.  The Away team dressing room benches need work and the shower/base needs to be replaced. Phil Lowe will pursue this work. We also need a fire extinguisher suitable for electrical equipment. Agreed the pre-season work needs to start on the second Saturday in March. Chris will send out an email Newsletter to cover:

Ground work – will be a 6 week programme

Subs for 2008

Winter Nets

Chris will also continue to try to obtain as many email addresses as possible – a much easier method of communication.   

Winter nets are booked – 2 nets for 10 weeks starting on Tuesday 5th February – cost agreed at £5. Chris will email all Club members (and write to those without email addresses with details and ask everyone to let Eliot know if they are coming so he can coordinate.

(5) Any Other Business

There was no further business.

Agreed we should meet again before the season – at the end of March. Date to be circulated.