16th NOVEMBER 2017


Present                   Apologies

Stewart Coates      Matt Jones    

Mike Stopford Snr   Brian Cheetham     

Chris Jackson         Phil Wood

Chris Jones            Paul Heppell      

James Shaw           David Wilkinson      

Brian Martin           John Sandford     

Tom Quinn             Gabby McKeever

Adam Rixon            Iain Coates

Dave Gilman           James Cairns

Peter Herbert

Rob Jones

Mike Stopford Junior

Darren Shaw

Jim Hegarty

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Fred Harris

Iain Haughey

Joe Friel

Jonny Reeh

Andy Twidell

Kate Harvey

Emma Royle

Hannah Wicks

Andy Fryer

Tony Wilson

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Previous Minutes

This is the first AGM of Stockport Trinity Charitable Incorporated Organisation and there are, therefore, no previous Minutes.

Chairman’s Remarks

Stewart opened the meeting by confirming that Stockport Trinity became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 24th August 2016. The primary reason for this was to afford some personal protection from liability for those who volunteer to become officers of the club.


Stewart presented the Stockport Trinity accounts to the meeting in Brian’s absence – a full copy is included with these Minutes. Stewart drew attention to the accounting dates (August 2016 – when we became a CIO - to August 2017. This is different to our normal November to November accounting year but we hope to be able to return to this arrangement soon as it better reflects the activities of the club over a full cricket season. Stewart passed on Brain’s thanks to Dave Gilman for his efforts in relation to Gift Aid and to Darren for his fundraising efforts on behalf of the club. It was noted that our current surplus, whilst pleasing, is “peanuts” when considering the plans we have for club and ground refurbishment.

The meeting then moved on to consider Annual and Match Subscription rates for the 2018 season. Stewart reported that the cricket Committee had made recommendations at their last meeting based on the additional cost of to recruiting an overseas amateur player for next season – this is intended to contribute to both the playing strength of the club but also add to our coaching resources. These were for increases as follows:

Annual Subscriptions

Full Members   £85 rising to £95

Women Full Members £75 rising to £80

Concessions/Students £50 rising to £60

Match Subscriptions

Full Members  £8 rising to £10

Women Full Members £6 unchanged

Concessions/Students £5 rising to £6

T20 Matches   

Full Members  £5 unchanged

Concessions/Students £3 unchanged

Midweek Friendlies £2 unchanged

There followed a lengthy discussion in which the following were raised:

 Would subscriptions be reviewed next year if the overseas player was not a success for the club? It was confirmed this would be reviewed.

 Will there a reduction in match subscriptions for members playing two games at a weekend? There are no current plans for this.

 Will the proposed increases meet the full costs of the overseas player – no, the cost is likely to be in the region of £3,000 for the first year.

 There was concern that the cost of winter nets is also increasing and this may prove prohibitive for some players. It was confirmed that the club have no intention of “pricing anyone out of the club”.

 It was noted that there had been some thought about paying a monthly all-in subscription rate but this had proved to be a complex proposal.

 If subscriptions are raised this may increase reluctance to support fundraising activities.

At the conclusion of the discussion votes were taken. The Annual Subscription rates proposal was seconded and carried by a majority vote. Annual subscriptions for 2018 will therefore be:

Full Members   £85 rising to £95

Women Full Members £75 rising to £80

Concessions/Students £50 rising to £60

There was no seconder for the proposal to increase match subscriptions so the proposal failed. There were no alternative proposals so the current rate of match subscriptions will continue for 2018. They are:

Full Members  £8

Women Full Members £6

Concessions/Students £5

T20 Matches   

Full Members  £5

Concessions/Students £3

Midweek Friendlies £2

Stewart explained that the cricket Committee had recently given some consideration to the classes of membership available – alongside playing membership should there be a non-playing or social membership. We also need to consider the detail of who we consider to be club members and the issue of their voting rights. It was proposed that the cricket Committee should undertake to consider this issue in more detail and come back to the membership with proposals. This was unanimously agreed.

Trustees Elections

Stewart explained to the meeting that the CIO currently has six Trustees (Stewart Coates, Richard Higginbotham, Sarah McCann, Brian Cheetham, Stan Aspinall and Chris Jackson) and it is a requirement of the CIO Constitution that two of the current Trustees (one third) resign at this time. He reported that Stan and Chris have offered to resign but are happy to be re-elected. Stewart asked if there were any further nominations or volunteers for the role of Trustee – there were none.

Following a vote, the meeting unanimously agreed that Stan Aspinall and Chris Jackson should be re-elected as Trustees.

Stewart then explained that the business of the CIO AGM was concluded and members would now move on the address the agenda of the Cricket Club AGM dealing with cricketing matters.

Meeting Closed.