1st XI - current players

There are four sub-categories for each playing level;

i) those who have played more than one season (currently registered)

ii) those who have played more than one season (not currently registered)

iii)  those who have played more than one game but all in the same single season

iv)  those players appearing just once.

A player can be in one category for one team and another category at other levels. Therefore, a player who has played for all three teams will appear separately in each level.

Based on data from 2006 season onwards.

1st XI - other players

1st XI - single season

1st XI - single appearance

2nd XI - current players

2nd XI - other players

2nd XI - single season

2nd XI - single appearance

3rd XI - current players

3rd  XI - other players

3rd  XI - single season

3rd  XI - single appearance

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