9th November 2015 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                       Apologies

Stewart Coates         Andy Sharrocks

George Hill                Andy Fryer

Brian Cheetham         Sarah McCann  

Chris Jackson            Subash Fernandez

Chris Jones               Gary Myatt      

Matt Jones               Andy Twidell  

James Shaw             Emma Royle   

Phil Wood                 Carys White   

Brian Martin              Anna Goatman     

Rob Jones                 Iain Coates  

Gillian Spragg

Tom Quinn

Matt Myatt   

Adam Rixon

Dave Gilman

Darren Shaw

Jim Hegarty

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Juan Pardo

Fred Harris

James Carley

Joe Friel

Jonny Reeh

James Cairns

John Sandford

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of AGM 10th November 2014

These were accepted as an accurate record of last year’s AGM.

Matters Arising

Stewart noted that during the last year the Selection Committee have avoided the non-selection of members who have not paid their annual subscriptions by 31st May – this was partly to do with selecting strong sides but also because there were occasions when we would have struggled for a team without selecting non-paying members. This practice is not in keeping with the club constitution and rules which state that members who have not paid their annual subscription by 31st May in any season will not be eligible for selection. It was proposed that the Selection Committee implement this policy from next season – this was agreed by a unanimous vote. It was suggested that the club website needs to be updated to reflect this – the Selection page states that non-payers might “be at risk” of not being selected. Chris agreed to send out the Standing Order forms to enable anyone to choose to pay over the 6 months to 31st May 2016.

Chairman’s Report

Stewart reported his view that this had generally been a good season, particularly for the juniors (both male and female) – this bodes well for the future. The 2nd and 3rd teams had good seasons and made regular use of juniors – thanks to all the captains who included and supported juniors playing in senior cricket. The 1st team eventually remained in their division although they did not really play to their potential. Stewart noted that a year ago he said that this season will “need a big and continuing effort – everyone in the club needs to be involved because there is a lot of work to do”. At the same meeting Chris said “the work of the secretary is growing with our success and requested that club members assist by responding to emails sent out by the club promptly, pay lottery fees/annual subscriptions etc on time and undertake the necessary club registration process promptly before each season”. Sadly, he has not seen these things happen and, from some members, there have been emails that have needed to be chased, subscriptions that have been paid late, a lack of support for Stan with the wicket and ground. For the future to be successful there needs to be a lot more help in running the club with the responsibility not being left on a few shoulders. The only way in which we can climb in the league and achieve our significant off field aims (these will be considered later in the meeting) is if everyone thinks about their role in the club and considers what they can do to to help. If everyone is proactive we can have a better season next year. It is also important that club members start to give consideration to succession within the club to the officer posts that have been occupied by the same people for many years.

Secretary’s Report

Chris had nothing to add to Stewart’s comments on the need for club members to cooperate with club officers to make their jobs easier. He drew attention to the following:

 Entering results on the Play-cricket website. This was introduced for Cheshire League sides last season end generally our work on this was good although not always within the required timescales. There had been no consequence for this last season but from next season fines will be imposed for any failure to meet the League’s timescales for entering data.

 It had been anticipated that the club would be due to renew Clubmark during 2016 but it has recently been announced that this will now be delayed until 2017. This is because the ECB will be taking over administration of Clubmark for cricket clubs and are preparing a new process with much data being submitted online. Further details are awaited.

 The National Lottery, on which the club lottery is based, has recently seen a change in the playing rules – there are now 59 numbers in the draw rather the previous 49. This means the club will have the option of selling a further 10 numbers and Chris sought the views of the club for our scheme. The options are to keep the entry cost at £20 with the same £25 for a win with the increased revenue going to the club or increase the winning prize to £30. The meeting unanimously agreed that we should charge £20 per season, attempt to sell all 59 numbers and that the winning prize should remain at £25.

Club Welfare Officer Report

Chris reported that there had only been one issue brought to the attention of the club welfare officers last season. This related to the issue of children in changing rooms during senior games. As a result of this a Draft Changing Room policy has been produced for consideration by the meeting – thanks to John Sandford for his input with this. Jonny raised a concern about the wording of one section which, in his view was, unhelpful. He felt that stating that children changing with adults being described as “inappropriate” in all circumstances was overstating the case and there may be occasions (e.g. with 17year olds) where the young people and their parents may be perfectly happy with this. He felt the priority should be children and their parents being consulted and giving their consent to any arrangements. It was agreed that this section of the guidelines should be redrafted and presented to the committee for ratification.

Chris reported that currently all appropriate members of the club (officers, captains and vice captains and junior coaches) have been DBS checked and have the necessary qualifications in place. He will continue to pursue this with any new captains etc for next season and thanked those involved in anticipation of their cooperation. Maintaining good standards in this area will be essential for our Clubmark renewal and ensuring the club remains safe for children and young people.


Treasurers’ Report

Brian referred the meeting to the documents that had been circulated before the meeting – Treasurer’s report, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet and Subscriptions paid list – these are attached to the minutes. With regard to the subscriptions, some members have paid the wrong amount – probably an error after the change last year. Please arrange to pay any outstanding balance. Brian’s proposal for this year’s subscriptions will be that they remain unchanged. Brian is of the view that, as a club, we are “punching above our weight” financially. We are probably the poorest club in the Cheshire League but are well organised and strive to achieve a surplus each year. Brian is actually disappointed that our surplus this year is only about £3000 and had hoped for more. We need to develop new income streams for the club and ideally this needs to be taken up as a task by members who currently are not involved in other off the field activities for the club. Examples of what we could do are:

 A Fun Day

 Build on this year’s sponsorship

Ideally Brian would like to see a small group who would focus on fundraising with the aim of doubling this year’s surplus. Brian noted that match and annual subscriptions account for 35% of our income – we have the disadvantage of not having a bar which raises large sums for lots of other club. If our aim is to improve club facilities we all need to work hard to focus on improving our annual income.

Stewart noted that Brian has done this job for many years and thanked him on behalf of the club for his ongoing efforts.

Annual and Match Subscriptions 2016

Brian recommended that annual and match subscriptions should not increase for next season. The vote to maintain subscriptions at the current rates was unanimously carried and the subscriptions next season will be:


Full Members   £85   

Concessions/Students  £50   

Ladies Full Members  £75   

Match Subscriptions:

Adult Male Members  £8

Adult Female Members  £6   

Concessions/Students  £5   

Friendly Match Subscriptions:

Mid-week/T20   £5   

Concessions/Students  £3

1st XI Captains Report

Nothing to add to the report given at the club Presentation Evening.

2nd XI Captains Report

Nothing to add to the report given at the club Presentation Evening.

3rd XI Captains Report

Nothing to add to the report given at the club Presentation Evening.

Ladies Team Report

Gillian provided a written summary of the season which will be attached to the minutes.

Junior Managers Report

Nothing to add to the report given at the club Presentation Evening.

Lease Agreement with the Methodist Church

Stewart introduced this item and explained that this issue is being pursued because the club now needs security of tenure to obtain virtually any grant – even small grants. The club has had an unofficial agreement to use the ground at no cost since the club was formed in 1923. The process has moved forward, albeit slowly, and there was a meeting with the appointed valuers today. At this stage there is a ballpark estimate for the rent of £nil up to £1450pa. This is in part based on comparison with other similarly placed clubs and also takes into account the need for the church to achieve a “market rent”. The church minister is fully supportive and is keen to achieve a fair but financially viable rent. The aim is to obtain a 25year lease. It was suggested that a longer lease period might be advantageous and this will be considered in the negotiations.

Brian explained his view is that the club have three needs:

 To obtain a market rent

 To satisfy any grant requirements through the lease

 For the rent to be within our budget

Stewart explained that the option of a purchase has been considered but he feels it is a step too far and is likely to attract significant legal costs as well as other consequences. This option has not however been ruled out and will continue to be considered.

Stewart also clarified that the Club having a bar within any lease from the Methodist Church is not an option.

Stewart proposed that meeting should authorise the committee to proceed with signing a lease of at least 25 years’ duration at a rent that is financially viable for the club and up to £1400pa. The meeting agreed this with one vote against.

Brian noted that we need to be aware of additional costs for the club if a lease is achieved and we plan to develop our facilities.

Status of the Club – Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Stewart explained that the club is currently run by its members – this can be a dangerous structure without any protection for members or officers. The proposal, after research, is that the club should become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Such an arrangement would ensure that there is no liability for either members or signatories. There will be a need for a new Constitution to meet the requirements of the status, we will need to register with the Charities Commission and hold a register of members and Trustees. This will be a bureaucratic process with legal costs of approximately £500 plus VAT but this is felt to be necessary. Stewart proposed that meeting agree that the committee should take this matter forward – this was agreed.

Proposal to amend TACS League Playing Rules

Jonny Reeh explained that he is making this proposal based on research amongst members and other clubs. Many leagues are now moving to win/lose cricket with a major advantage being that there will be an incentive for losing teams to score runs or take wickets and should eradicate negative batting in the second innings of a game. It will also provide more chance of a result in rain affected games. Jonny has prepared a document which was circulated ahead of this meeting and the detail in this is his proposal – attached to these minutes. Jonny intends to present this at the Cheshire Cricket League AGM and feels it will be useful in demonstrating that Trinity are a developing and forward thinking club. The proposal was carried by the meeting.    

Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Club Officers

Stewart reminded the meeting that the officer’s roles with the club carry with them a lot of responsibility and work – this applies to captains and vice captains as well as other officers. Votes are therefore important and should be made on the basis of who will meet this responsibility rather than being a good player or a mate!

President – George Hill – 3 year tenure until 2016

Chairman – Stewart Coates – 3 year tenure until 2016

Stewart wished the meeting to note that he is not intending to stand for a further 3 year term from 2016 and hoped this would prompt some discussion about succession to officer posts within the club. He clarified that he will still remain involved and active within the club.

SecretaryNominated: Chris Jackson Elected: Chris Jackson

TreasurerNominated: Brian Cheetham Elected: Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain Nominated: James Shaw Elected: James Shaw

1st XI Vice Captain Nominated: Andy Fryer and Jonny Reeh  Elected: Jonny Reeh

2nd XI CaptainNominated: James Cairns, Chris Jones and James Carley Elected: James Cairns

2nd XI Vice CaptainNominated: Chris Jones and Andy Twidell Elected: Chris Jones

3rd XI CaptainNominated: Darren Shaw Elected: Darren Shaw

3rd Vice CaptainNominated: Tom Quinn Elected: Tom Quinn

4th XI Captain – Nominated: Joe Friel and Iain Coates Elected: Joe Friel

4th XI Vice Captain – Nominated: Phil Wood Elected: Phil Wood

Seniors Coach – Nominated: Gary Myatt Elected: Gary Myatt

The women’s section had already conducted their own voting for team captain and vice captain and the results were:

Women’s Captain Elected: Gillian Spragg

Women’s Vice Captain Elected: Carys White

Junior Cricket ManagersNominated: Richard Higginbotham Elected: Richard Higginbotham

Men’s Cricket Representative for the Committee – Nominated: James Shaw and Gary Myatt Elected: James Shaw

Ladies Cricket Representative for the Committee – Nominated: Sarah McCann Elected: Sarah McCann

Ex-Officio Management Committee Members (2 only)Nominated: Darren Shaw, Phil Wood, Tom Quinn, Chris Jones and Dave Gilman Elected: Chris Jones and Dave Gilman  

Vice Presidents – Stewart proposed that Brian Martin should become a Vice President in recognition of his ongoing support to the club. This was unanimously agreed. All other existing Vice Presidents were re-elected.

Any Other Business

 Stewart raised the recent TACs League issue where Barrow CC had selected a player (who had assaulted an opposition player) whilst the League thought he was banned for 8 games. This matter has now been addressed by the League and the full ban implemented. The aftermath of this has been that the League’s sponsors, the TACS Partnership, have withdrawn their support. After a brief discussion it was agreed that the club did not want to make any representations to the League about this matter.  

 Stewart reported that the club have been successful in gaining a grant of £500 from the Skipton Building Society Grassroots Giving Initiative. He wished to express his thanks to the Skipton BS and all those who voted for our entry on their website. It was agreed that Chris should write to the Skipton BS to thank them and that the certificate should be displayed in the clubhouse and on our website.

 Stewart informed the meeting that Ian Milligan from Bramhall CC had been in contact about the initiative to raise funds for St Anne’s Hospice through a Christmas Tree Collection on 12th Night. This raised over £90,000 in the Macclesfield area. Stewart felt that, as part of our commitment to our local community, that the club should be involved. This was agreed by the meeting and Jonny Reeh agreed to organise the club’s involvement.

 Winter nets have been arranged at Old Trafford and will begin on 4th January 2016 at 9pm. Two lanes have been booked and Ladies are invited to attend.

 There was a brief discussion about the club’s Twitter feed that appears on the club website. Stewart had noticed an inappropriate entry (from a non-club member) and wondered if such messages appearing on any social media sites in the club name was acceptable. It was clarified that such messages are beyond the control of the club and can only be seen by pursuing a link away from the club website. As such this has to be seen as an unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of using social media. However, it was agreed that a review of our Social Media Policy would be undertaken by the Management Committee.

 John Sandford suggested that, due to his reduced availability, the club should consider he and Chris Jackson changing roles as Club Welfare Officer and Assistant Club Welfare Officer. Chris will therefore become the CWO with John as assistant. This was agreed by the meeting. It was also suggested that, given the increasing size of the club, an additional Club Welfare Officer should be recruited. This was agreed and felt to be a task for the Committee. There was a further suggestion that the role of a Vice Chairman should be considered and again this was felt to be a task for the Committee