10th November 2014 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                       Apologies

Stewart Coates         Andy Sharrocks

George Hill                Andy Fryer

Brian Cheetham         Katie Paterson  

Chris Jackson            Matt Jones

Gary Myatt               Phil Lowe      

Subash Fernandez      Andrew Morgan  

Chris Jones               Joe Wheeler  

Phil Wood                 Josh Muldoon

Brian Martin              James Shaw

Rob Jones                John Sandford

Sarah McCann   

Gillian Spragg

Matt Myatt   

Dave Gilman

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Andy Twidell

Fred Harris

James Carley

Joe Friel

Mike Llewelyn

Jonny Reeh

James Cairns

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of AGM 11th November 2013

These were accepted as an accurate record of last year’s AGM.

Minutes of EGM 15th March 2014

These were accepted as an accurate record of the EGM held in March.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Stewart noted that James Hendry from the Cheshire Board had been due to attend the meeting but had not arrived.

Chairman’s Report

Stewart stated that he wanted to use this part of the meeting to identify questions about the future of the club rather than detail events of the last year. These questions are:

“Was 2014 the best year ever for Trinity?”

In his view it was and all the achievements detailed in the recent Newsletter supported this – thanks to Richard and Gillian for their contributions and also to Matt Jones for putting the newsletter together. A further achievement since has been Stan winning the Stockport award as Volunteer of the Year.

“Where does the club go from here?”

We need to continue to move forward and achieve even more – if we stand still we risk going backwards. Our men’s teams need to build on their success, the Ladies need to realise the potential of their young players and the Juniors need to continue the progress of their very talented squads.

“Can we do it?” - Quite simply we must!

“How?” - It will need a big and continuing effort – everyone in the club needs to be involved because there is a lot of work to do.

Secretary’s Report

Chris had little to report. He noted that the work of the secretary is growing with our success and requested that club members assist by responding to emails sent out by the club promptly, pay lottery fees/annual subscriptions etc on time and undertake the necessary club registration process promptly before each season. This will make the work of Committee members easier. He also noted the great progress of the club over the last few seasons and particularly last season and hoped we could continue to build on this.


1st XI Captains Report

Subash reported that last season was “brilliant”. The 1st team played some great cricket towards the end of the season, which resulted in us being champions. It is inevitable that as we move to a higher level of cricket we will face more challenges but we are equipped to manage these. Subash wished to note the contributions of 2nd and 3rd team players when required to play for the 1st team. His intention is to continue to give players who play for the 1st team the opportunity to show what they can do. He feels next year will be a tough year but we have the ability within the club to succeed again.

2nd XI Captains Report

Neither Phil Lowe nor Josh Muldoon were present so no report was available.

3rd XI Captains Report

Joe Wheeler was not present to provide a report. Chris Jones reported that the 3rd XI did well in their first year in the Cheshire County league structure. The contributions of the Juniors who played were noteworthy.

Ladies Team Report

Gillian reported that the Sunday team played 11 games – won 5 lost 5 and drew 1. They lost points through playing an ineligible player (without realising) and would otherwise have finished 2nd in the league. The T20 league team played 4 and won 1. They were then entered into the Plate and reached the semi-final. In the T20 cup they reached the quarter finals. There were some notable performances – Katie won the league Fielding Award, Gabby took 5 for 6. The teams are made up of both older and younger players but at present the balance is not quite right and more experience would help. They hope to recruit new players and avoid injuries next season and this with the potential of the younger players should lead to more success.

The Ladies would want more help with the administration involved and intend to get parents involved in this. They also need someone to run the U15 team. Sarah hopes that Coral will become more involved in coaching next season. The League is also to introduce “Pairs” cricket next season – friendly games against local teams to help build on batting skills.

Junior Managers Report

Richard directed everyone to the club Newsletter where there is detailed information about the Juniors. Last year, after an introduction from Iain Coates, the club ran some sessions at Moss Hey Primary school and recruited some new players from this. Winter nets were held from February to April at Stockport Grammar. Richard would like to extend his thanks to Chris Jones, Joe Wheeler, Rob Jones, Fred Harris, John Sandford, Andy Twidell and Phil Wood for their work with the juniors last year. The season ended with the club having 50+ junior players:

Under 11’s – 20 players (plus 7 more to become involved)

Under 13’s – 15 players (plus 2 more to become involved plus junior girls)

Under 15’s – 19 players.

There will also be 5 out of age players next season who need to be helped to play some open age cricket.

Last season was great with lots of success, good cricket, county honours for a number of players and most importantly lots of fun. Three players played regularly for the 3rd team.

The club continues to need more support from parents and club members to maintain the progress of the juniors.

The plan next year is to run teams at U11, U13 and U15 with the potential to add U9 and U17 the following season.

Treasurers’ Report

Brian presented various documents to the meeting that detailed the club’s financial position. He confirmed that he prepares accounts on the basis of income and expenditure. The accounts indicate a surplus of £3,500 for last season.

We remain a CASC and Focus club and so continue to attract 100% rate relief.

The Gift Aid scheme has undergone some changes but we hope to make a claim in the region of £800 shortly. Thanks to Dave Gilman and Chris Jackson for their contribution to this.

Annual and match subscriptions are our biggest source of income – 36%.

Other income includes:

Friends of Stockport Trinity Cricket Club


Pitch Hire

Gate Fees

Club Lottery

Easy Fundraising

The biggest area of expenditure continues to be the ground and clubhouse.

In summary the club currently has liquid reserves of £15,200 – this is the best ever financial position for the club. Brian feels that if we are to continue to make progress we need to seek and establish further income streams. He has been undertaking some research into possible sources of external funding and will report back when any progress is made.

Stewart reported that the following expenditure has been agreed by the Committee:

Holly Grange side - £600 for seed and soil

Mowers Maintenance - £500

Nets – routine maintenance and safety improvements - £1,000

Pre-season work 2015 - £600

Balls/Scorebooks etc - £700

Insurance 2015 - £500

Sit-on Roller replacement – current roller beyond economic repair - £3,800 less £1,000 trade-in for current roller

This totals in the region of £6,500 and therefore reduces our current surplus.

Stewart noted that Gift Aid scheme has been changed so that Club members can no longer buy items for the club and donate them and then claim Gift Aid. In future it will be a requirement that the club purchases such items and an individual can then make a donation of the equivalent amount which can be claimed as Gift Aid.

Stewart also wished to note that, as the club has grown over recent seasons, so too has the work of Committee members and particularly the work of the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Groundsman and the Junior coaches. He wished to extend thanks on behalf of the club to all Committee members and other officers.

Annual and Match Subscriptions 2015

It was noted that Annual and Match Subscriptions have not increased for the last three years. With this in mind the Committee, at their recent meeting, had recommended the following increases:

Current  Proposed

Full Members   £75   £85

Concessions/Students  £40   £50

Ladies Full Members  £65   £85 (same for all members)

Match Subscriptions:

All Full Members   £7   £8

Concessions/Students  £5   £5

Friendly Match Subscriptions:

Mid-week/T20   £4   £5

Concessions/Students  £3   £3

There was a lengthy discussion about the proposed increases and the rate of the subscriptions for Ladies. Following this a proposal was made by Jonny Reeh suggesting that current adult annual subscriptions and Student/Concessions should rise by £10 and that Match Subscriptions should rise by £1 for weekend games. The proposed subscriptions were:

Adult Male Members  £85

Concessions/Students  £50

Ladies Full Members  £75   

Match Subscriptions:

Adult Male Members  £8

Adult Female Members  £6

Concessions/Students  £5   

Mid-week/T20   £5   

Concessions/Students  £3

The meeting carried this proposal with 3 members against.

A further change to subscriptions was proposed – that players playing on both Saturdays and Sundays should pay the full match subscription for both games and should not receive a discount. This was carried by 10 votes to 7 with 1 abstention.

It was also agreed that Junior annual subscriptions should continue to be by donations with a recommended donation of £50. Such donations will not be a requirement for membership but will allow the club to claim Gift Aid for the amount donated. It was noted that the income of the club (from senior and match subscriptions) and other sources of regular income is sufficient to meet the running costs of the club without the Junior subscriptions.

Review of Club Constitution

Stewart reported that the Committee have proposed some changes to the Committee structure of the club. This is because the number of officer roles in the club has grown (we now have Ladies, 3rd team etc) and so the size of the Committee has grown to the point that it is too large for effective business.

The proposal is therefore to adopt the following Committee structure which will be incorporated into the Club Constitution.

General Committee





Club Welfare Officer

Volunteer Groundsman

Junior Manager

Men’s Cricket Representative (to represent the interests of playing members)

Ladies Cricket Representative

Up to 2 Ex-officio Committee Members

Will continue to meet no less than 3 times each year.

Selection Committee

This Committee would also deal with general cricket issues.


Captains and/or Vice Captains of all Men’s teams

Seniors Coach

Will meet weekly during the playing season.

Junior Committee

Junior Manager


All Coaches

Parents Representatives x 4

Secretary/Club Welfare Officer

The Junior Manager and/or the Secretary to feed back any issues from this meeting to the main Committee.

Planning Committee

This Committee will consider and recommend to the General Committee on major club issues and particularly the development of the clubhouse and ground.




Volunteer Groundsman

Men’s Representative

Ladies Representative

Junior Representative

Others as required

Will meet as required.

These proposals were agreed by the meeting and the Constitution will be amended accordingly.

Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Club Officers

President – George Hill – 3 year tenure until 2016

Chairman – Stewart Coates – 3 year tenure until 2016

SecretaryNominated: Chris Jackson Elected: Chris Jackson

TreasurerNominated: Brian Cheetham Elected: Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain Nominated: Subash Fernandez and Jonny Reeh – Jonny opted not to stand Elected: Subash Fernandez

1st XI Vice Captain Nominated: James Shaw and Jonny Reeh – Jonny opted not to stand Elected: James Shaw

2nd XI CaptainNominated: Gary Myatt, James Cairns and Josh Muldoon – Gary opted not to stand and it was understood that Josh will be out of the country next season Elected: James Cairns

2nd XI Vice CaptainNominated: Matt Jones, Joe Friel, James Cairns and Gary Myatt, Matt did not wish to stand Elected: Gary Myatt

3rd XI CaptainNominated: Stan Aspinall, Phil Lowe, James Cairns and Waqar Malik, Stan, Phil and James did not wish to stand. Elected: There was a lengthy discussion about the suitability of Waqar for this role given his lack of experience of captaincy and particularly his lack of experience of integrating junior players into a team. The latter was felt to be particularly important for the 3rd team. A vote was held about this suitability with the following result: In favour of Waqar’s election 3, against 11, abstentions  5.

Mike Llewelyn indicated that he would be happy to take on this role but was unable to be definite that he will be available regularly due to employment issues which are unclear at this stage. It was therefore agreed after a vote (12 in favour, 2 against and 4 abstentions) that the appointment of the 3rd XI captain should be deferred from this meeting and will be reconsidered by the General Committee when they next meet.

3rd Vice CaptainNominated: Waqar Malik, Tom Quinn, Andy Sharrocks Elected: Waqar Malik

Men’s Cricket Representative for the General and Planning Committees – Nominated: Subash Fernandez, James Shaw, James Cairns, Gary Myatt. (Waqar’s views on taking on this role were unknown in his absence). Subash and James indicated that they did not wish to stand Elected: Gary Myatt

Junior Cricket ManagersNominated: Richard Higginbotham Elected: Richard Higginbotham

Ex-Officio Management Committee Members (2 only)Nominated: Joe Friel, Dave Gilman, Sarah McCann, Phil Wood and Tom Quinn – Dave Gilman and Sarah McCann opted not to stand. Elected: Joe Friel and Tom Quinn  

Ladies Captain and Ladies Cricket Representative for General CommitteeNominated: Gillian Spragg - Elected: Gillian Spragg

Ladies Vice CaptainNominated: Katie Paterson – Elected: Katie Paterson

Ladies Cricket Representative for Planning Committee – Nominated: Sarah McCann Elected: Sarah McCann

Club 4th Team

Stewart proposed that the club should, from next season, operate a 4th team to provide cricket for older players, out of age juniors etc. They would play games (T20/friendlies) on any free Wednesdays during the season. Phil Wood has volunteered to organise and captain this team for next year. This proposal was unanimously agreed by the meeting.

Vice Presidents – Stewart proposed that Fred Harris should become a Vice President in recognition of his many years of work with the Juniors. This was unanimously agreed. All other existing Vice Presidents were re-elected.

Any Other Business

 There were no clubhouse/ground issues to report on.

 It has been proposed that there should be a club game before the season starts so that players are well prepared for competitive cricket. If this is to happen the ground needs to be ready for the season and it was noted that, in the past, there has been a shortage of club members prepared to help. It was proposed that a rota of all playing members be organised (in groups of 5) with one group to help work on the ground each Saturday from early February 2015. If this is successful and the ground is ready the pre-season match can go ahead. Any player unable to attend on their nominated day will re responsible for finding a substitute and rearranging their own attendance. This proposal was agreed by the meeting.

 Winter nets have been arranged at Parrswood and will begin next week. Details have been circulated.