11th November 2013 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                       Apologies

Stewart Coates        Andy Sharrocks

George Hill               Andy Fryer

Brian Cheetham        Mike Llewelyn  

Chris Jackson           Katie Paterson

Gary Myatt              Matt Jones    

Subash Fernandez    Anil Mathew  

Chris Jones              Joe Friel  

Phil Wood                Gillian Spragg

Brian Martin

Rob Jones

Joe Wheeler

Sarah Mc Cann   

Iain Coates   

Dave Gilman

Phil Lowe

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Andy Twidell

Jim Hegarty

Fred Harris

Josh Muldoon

James Shaw

James Carley

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of AGM 2012

These were accepted as an accurate record of last year’s AGM.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

Stewart reported that last season could be seen as a period of consolidation for the men’s teams following promotion to the Cheshire Cricket League. In the end the conclusion from the season was that we could have done better and that more consistency with availability would have helped. The 1st team finished 4th and the 2nd team 5th. The Ladies team similarly struggled with availability but also had lots of their players selected to represent Cheshire. The progress of the Juniors presented the highlight of the season with the excellent work from Richard and Sarah (along with a number of others) behind this. The main aim of the club is to provide the opportunity to play cricket to as many people as possible and last season this was extended to more than ever before. Other highlights were the Friends club joining us and the increased number of Junior players. There were also still lots of ground hires.

The aims for the future are for the men’s team to challenge for promotion, the 3rd team to play in the Cheshire League 3rd team competition (this will provide better grounds and less travel) and for the Juniors to be provided with Level 3 coaching – the club will be enlisting the support of Rick Halkon to achieve this with the club meeting the cost. This will hopefully lead to us further developing the talent of the current Juniors. We also need to consider all options for extending the clubhouse – there is surplus cash to put towards this but the problem is that we do not have a lease for the ground and are therefore highly unlikely to attract any grant support for the building or interior development. Meetings with Stewart Lever and Paul Smith have confirmed this problem so we need to look at raising further funds from our own efforts. Stewart intends to discuss with Phil Wood what the costs will be for the work we would want and then report back to Committee on realistic plans. Another priority is to resolve the issue of the current drainage which is not connected to the mains system – currently Stan empties the tank which is not a realistic answer in the long term. Stewart noted that the ground and square continue to improve thanks to Stan’s efforts with the work done by Bancrofts each year also helping.

Stewart finished by thanking everyone for attending this evening and also thanking all officers for their work in the last year with particular mention to Stan, the Junior coaches and Vesna Higginbotham.

Secretary’s Report

Chris reported that an important achievement for the club this year has been the renewal of our Clubmark status for another 3 years. This is particularly important given the diverse nature of our membership and is also very helpful in attracting Juniors to the club.

The Natwest Cricketforce day was a success again this year raising £500 and also ensuring lots of pre-season work was completed. We have registered again for next year – the date is Saturday 5th April 2014.

The Trinity Lottery raised nearly £400 in it’s first year and is planned again for next season. The only change will be for payments to be made direct to Chris or Brian to save captains the difficulty of having to record lottery payments alongside match and annual subscriptions.

The only disappointment has been the Easyfundraising scheme – whilst this has raised over £200 to date this could be so much more for very little effort. Chris will again circulate details to encourage more people to join.

Treasurers’ Report

Brian reported that for the third season running the club had generated a healthy surplus over the season – about £2,500 this year. Brian explained that he compiles the club accounts in a way that members need the information – using Income v Expenditure rather than including capital costs.

This year we have again done well with grants - £2,000 from the Coop, £2,000 from the ECB (both used for the new covers) and £500 from Natwest.

As a Focus club we have been exempt from Business rates but Stockport MBC have been conducting a vigorous review of the 20% discretionary element – after much work we remain exempt but there is an even more rigorous review for next year.

The club has £10,000 in the Vernon Building Society at an interest rate of 1.75% - the best that is currently available.

Brian reported that the Gift Aid scheme has now been reorganised by HMRC and claims need to be submitted online – this is in hand and the club are registered. We hope to raise £700-800 this year. It should be noted that members annual subscriptions have reduced – this is because Juniors now make donations and also the reduced Associate membership agreed for players from Friends.

Brian felt that it is important that the club has a number of income streams to meet our expenditure. The biggest cost last year was maintenance of the clubhouse and ground - £4,200. Brian also reported that the club insurance policy has, after lots of negotiation, been reduced and for better coverage within one policy - £700 to £594 to £522 over the last three years.

The accumulated reserves of the club currently stand at £11,715 which is a better position than Brian can remember. Brian feels we need to continue to look for any additional external funding and grant aid that is available as well as maintaining and finding new income streams.

There was a suggestion that the Coop may help with clubhouse improvement work – Stewart clarified that they will not fund building work without the club having a lease. He intends to approach the Airport fund when a new mower is required.

Brian reported that for next season he intends to produce a budget statement every two months to inform the Committee about our income and expenditure and to allow better planning of our finances.

There was a suggestion that we could reduce the cost of teas by using a store card to but everything from the same store – this was not thought to be viable. There was also an enquiry about how the club determined how much is held in the interest attracting Vernon account – Brian explained that a “working balance” is held in the current account with the rest in the Vernon.

There was also a suggestion that the club could consider running a big event – like the “Band on the Green” event. It was thought this would be very difficult to organise.

1st XI Captains Report

Gary reported that the 1st team had had a “reasonable” season but could have done better. This however needs to be in the context of where we were as a club three years ago. He felt the club has a good Committee and there is a reasonable relationship between the 1st and 2nd team taking into account the usual difficulties around selection. He also noted that last year some players under-performed whilst others excelled. Consistent availability was also an issue.

Stewart noted that Gary is retiring from cricket and thanked him for his work as 1st team Captain over the last few years when the club has been more successful than ever before. He does not want to lose Gary from the club and has agreed with him that he will take on the role of seniors coach to help in the nets ensuring that we are not practising “bad habits”. He would also want Gary, in this role, to become a member of both the Selection and General Committees. He will address this further in the agenda item on the Constitution.

2nd XI Captains Report

Jim reported that the 2nd team’s season had been similar to the 1st team – they did OK but could have done better. Availability was also an issue. There were some very good performances and the Friends players had integrated really well. He felt that the team had the potential for promotion next year. Stewart thanked Mike Llewelyn for his work as Captain when Jim had been absent.

3rd XI Captains Report

Phil Wood reported that the 3rd team had won only 4 games but they had generally “competed” in all the other games. He recounted the exploits of Waqar Malik whose 6 hitting exploits had amazed the opposition. Phil thanked Joe wheeler for his efforts after Phil’s injury. It was also noted that two junior players had played regularly for the team – one of the aims of the 3rd team is to introduce juniors to senior cricket.

Ladies Team Report

Sarah read the written report below provided by Gillian Spragg to the meeting.

“This season saw the welcome introduction of some juniors feeding into the senior team.  Sarah, Richard and Vesna have worked hard for a few seasons now (including this one!) and have laid great foundations for such a strong group of junior players for us.  Thank you!

This season we again had a strong twenty20 side which saw us near the top of the table and go far in the cup.  This cannot be said for the league games - we had a poor start to the season where again a few injuries (including myself) did not help our poor consistency in senior player turnout.  That being said the second half of the season we managed to win the majority of our matches! With a few senior players becoming unavailable next season recruitment and commitment are essential over the winter. I would like to once again thank Stan for his marvellous wicket (turn and bounce) and also thanks to Trinity for all their help and support over the season.  Let's hope next season brings us the top table finish we are capable of.”

Sarah added that she has now established some links with the Manchester University team where Rick Halkon is the coach. There will be some games against them over the winter and we will hopefully pick up some new players from this. She commented that a number of juniors had “stepped up” this year and with the strength of the current junior squad the future looks fantastic.

Stewart commented that the Ladies and now the junior girls had proved to be a great addition to Trinity.

Junior  Managers Report

Richard reported that the club has more Juniors than ever – there are 13 – 14 in the Under 9’s, we are a bit light in the Under 11’s and have a large Under 15’s group who are all very keen. A number of the older juniors should be available for the 3rd team next year and a few are capable of 2nd team cricket.

Looking forward it has been recognised that Friday nights have become hard work with 35 – 40 young people attending over the evening and thanks need to be extended to all those who help with the coaching. The plan is to run three teams next year and there are 3 people actively considering coaching courses in February. Iain Coates has arranged access to Moss Hey School and we will be providing 3 sessions before Easter. In addition Vesna is very enthused and is leafleting locally. Richard is planning a junior sub-Committee involving some parents next season with the aim being to have parent managers (each with the support of a qualified coach) for all the teams.

Fred Harris explained that the coaching courses are great fun and he would encourage anyone interested to go on one.

Review of Club Constitution

Stewart reported that Phil Lowe has raised a number of issues with the Constitution and Club rules many of which were related to the fact that the club now runs a number of teams rather than only 2. The meeting agreed that these changes be accepted and Stewart/Chris will amend the Constitution accordingly. The amended Constitution will then be circulated to all members.

Phil also raised the issue of poor attendance at AGM’s and the fact that only those present can vote. He proposed an alternative system where members vote through the club website. After discussion there was no seconder for the proposal which was therefore rejected.

Stewart requested the meeting to accept changes to Rule 8 to allow the Senior Coach to become a member of the Men’s Selection Committee and also to the Constitution Section 12 to allow the Senior Coach to become a member of the Management Committee. These proposals were both accepted and the Constitution will be amended accordingly.

League Information

The only item of note is to confirm that the 3rd team will next season be playing in the Cheshire League 3rd team league – this will provide better cricket and better grounds to play on. The Cheshire League AGM is still to be held so there is nothing to report as yet.

Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Club Officers

Both Stewart and George indicated that they would have been happy to stand down if there had been other nominations – as there were none they were happy to stand again. Stewart reminded the meeting that it may be helpful to have another Chair in the future so as to bring in fresh ideas and thinking.

Election of officers was as follows:

President – George Hill – 3 year tenure until 2016

Chairman – Stewart Coates – 3 year tenure until 2016

SecretaryNominated: Chris Jackson Elected: Chris Jackson

TreasurerNominated: Brian Cheetham Elected: Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain Nominated: Subash Fernandez Elected: Subash Fernandez

1st XI Vice Captain Nominated: Richard Higginbotham (not prepared to stand), James Shaw, Matt Myatt Elected: James Shaw

2nd XI CaptainNominated: James Shaw (already elected as 1st Team Vice Captain), Jim Hegarty, Matt Jones and Mike Llewelyn – all not prepared to stand, Phil Lowe Elected: Phil Lowe

2nd XI Vice CaptainNominated: Phil Lowe (already elected as Captain), Mike Llewelyn (not prepared to stand), Josh Muldoon, Jamie McCord Elected: Josh Muldoon

3rd/Friendly XI CaptainNominated: Phil Wood, Joe Wheeler Elected: Joe Wheeler

Stewart took this opportunity to thank Phil for his work as Captain over the last two seasons – a difficult task as the 3rd XI was established in the club and a new league.

3rd/Friendly XI Vice CaptainNominated: Joe Wheeeler (already elected as Captain), Andy Sharrocks, Chris Jones Elected: Chris Jones

Ladies CaptainNominated: Gillian Spragg - Elected: Gillian Spragg

Ladies Vice CaptainNominated: Katie Paterson – Elected: Katie Paterson

Junior Cricket ManagersNominated: Richard Higginbotham (with support from Vesna Higginbotham) Elected: Richard Higginbotham

Ex-Officio Management Committee Members (now 2 only)Nominated: Joe Friel, Dave Gilman, Sarah McCann Elected: Dave Gilman, Sarah McCann  

Vice Presidents – all existing Vice Presidents were re-elected.

Ground and Clubhouse Report

Stewart reported that Stan will be continuing work on the ground over the winter. Consideration needs to be given to the work on the Holly Grange side of the ground – this has been considered for some time but not progressed. Stan will be looking at repairs as necessary to the sit-down mower and has reported that another mower for the square may become available in the New Year.

Stan will require the usual work next spring to ensure the ground is ready for the season. It was also noted that the nets will require some work before use next season.

Annual and Match Subscriptions 2013

The Committee has recommended that there should be no change to annual subscription rates for 2013 except a review of the Associate Member subscription introduced this season.

This proposal was accepted by the meeting and Annual subscriptions for 2013 will, therefore, be:

Full Members   £75

Concessions/Students  £40

Juniors    £40

Ladies Full Members  £65

Ladies juniors   £35

Match Subscriptions:

Full Members   £7

Concessions/Students  £5

Friendly Match Subscriptions:

Sunday Friendly Subs  £4 (not 3rd team League games)

20/20 subs     £3

The meeting also agreed that Associate membership be discontinued (on the basis that it is too complex to collect on a weekly basis) but will be replaced by a scheme whereby everyone pays the full applicable annual subscription but a pro rata refund will be available at the end of the season for any member playing 9 games or less. It was also confirmed that the subscription rates will be increased by £5 for anyone not paying by 31st May in the current season. As an incentive to pay by this date it was proposed and accepted by the meeting that there should be a draw at the Presentation Evening each year with the winner having their full annual subscription refunded – this will only apply to those who have paid their full subscription by 31st May and are present at the Presentation Evening.

Any Other Business

 It was noted that there was a good turnout for nets last week – 13 players. These will continue every Wednesday at Parrswood School –9 to 10.30pm.

 James Carley raised the possibility of arranging midweek 20/20 games – it was agreed that this should be pursued. Iain Coates can give advice on local clubs who may be interested and ground availability will need to be checked. James will take responsibility for organising these fixtures for next season.

 There was a suggestion of making use of the “Chance to Shine” scheme. Richard explained our previous involvement and the current arrangements in Cheshire.

 Subash asked about the possibility of arranging a pre-season internal warm up game – Stewart agreed this would be useful but will depend on all the necessary work being done on the ground and clubhouse.

 There was an enquiry about club kit – Stewart reported that he is due to meet with Mike Stopford senior to look at this issue – there may also be a parent of one of the Juniors who has contacts in this area. The club intend to ensure that there is a suitable scheme for club kit in place before the season and details will be circulated when available.