6th November 2012 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                      Apologies

Stewart Coates         Subash Fernandez

George Hill                Peter Greenhalgh

Brian Cheetham       Andrew Morgan  

Chris Jackson           Katie Paterson

Gary Myatt                 Hannah Gradwell    

Matt Myatt                  Rebecca Platt  

Chris Jones     

Phil Wood     

Brian Martin

Adam Jones

Joe Wheeler

James Cairns

Gillian Spragg

Sarah Mc Cann   

Iain Coates   

Dave Gilman

Joe Friel

Phil Lowe

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Andy Twidell

Jim Hegarty

Fred Harris

John Sanford

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of AGM 2011

These were accepted as an accurate record of last year’s AGM.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

Stewart announced that this year there will be 29 club members attending the League Annual dinner which is a testament to the success of last season. He asked those attending to note that this year we are the host club and as such will have to sell raffle tickets on the night.

Stewart reported that last season was, for many clubs, dominated by the weather but we managed to play more games than many other clubs. Stewart felt that the club owed a debt of gratitude to Stan A for his superb work on the ground. Our players should also be mentioned for the work undertaken to ensure games were played. On the field the club performed excellently – it had not seemed possible that we could better 2011 but, after an exciting final day of the season, we achieved another promotion to the Mellor Braggins League.

Stewart wished to put on record his appreciation of the work of all those who played a part in the success of the season – officers, captains and others.

As a point of information Stewart reported that he, and other club members, had recently had a meeting with the Friends Sporting Club – a cricket team with no ground of their own who play friendly and Sunday cricket. Following the meeting they will be joining Trinity CC as members next season – this will boost club membership and bring additional playing quality which will be a real benefit given we will be playing in a higher League next year. Friends Sporting Club will also make use ground hires for some friendly games.

Finally Stewart reported that we have been playing in the Cheshire Cricket Alliance for the last 11 seasons and as such he felt it appropriate to write to the League now that we are leaving. A letter was therefore sent to Jim Rafferty, Chair of the League, to thank them for their work. A letter wishing us well has been received in return. Stewart also noted that CCA secretary, Alan Rogers, and Press Secretary, Rob Whittle, will both be resigning due to work commitments. If anyone is interested in taking on these positions they should contact the League. Stewart also noted that the Mellor Braggins sponsorship of the Cheshire League has now ended – new sponsors are being sought.  

Secretary’s Report

Chris thanked the club for his recent award as Club Member of the Year which he felt was largely based on his ability to “pester” members via email etc!! The plan is for this to continue because we still need to continue raising funds for the club and ensuring that all the club admin is in order, particularly since we will need to renew Clubmark in 2013. The next fund-raising plan is to involve the club in “Easy Fundraising” through we can earn donations on online purchases from many well known retailers – Chris will enrol the club and circulate information in the near future. This will be an opportunity for the club to raise money at no cost to members!! All club members are also asked to note that there will be another Natwest Cricketforce day next spring – details will be circulated in the new year. Chris also congratulated the players who contributed so well this year with a further promotion being achieved.

It was suggested that the club could consider holding a raffle of those who have paid their annual subscriptions on time with the winner receiving their subscription back – an incentive to pay on time. It was also noted that Manchester Airport can award funds every 3 years and we may wish to consider making a further application again. Chris will take these matters back to the Committee.   

1st XI Captains Report

Gary reported that he expects next season to be harder given the promotion to a higher League and feels that winter nets will be very important preparation. He would also hope to arrange a friendly game the week before the season starts. Nets during the season and player availability will also be important if we are to continue our success. He noted that last season, for the final 7-8 games there were no changes to the 1st team and this was vital for the team in the run in to promotion. However, looking forward, Gary did not feel we had anything to fear if we remain positive. Gary thanked Richard for his support as Vice Captain throughout the season.   

2nd XI Captains Report

Phil L reported his disappointment that the 2nd XI was not promoted – they were only 7 points away from this. However, bearing in mind that the League winners were a 1st team, we lost a number of games to weather and had lots of changes of personnel, it was a good season. Stewart also pointed out the players missing from last season’s successful season.  

3rd XI Captains Report

Stewart reported that there had been a suggestion, given the difficulties for the 3rd XI last season, that the 3rd team should no longer play in the GMACL. However, given the news that  Friends Sporting Club will be joining us next year, this no longer seems to be an issue given the potential extra playing strength. This was agreed.

Phil W reported that results were generally not good for the 3rd team last year but the important thing was that everyone who wanted a game got one. The new players next season means that we can look forward positively.

Stewart thanked Phil and Chris for the work done on the field and with admin matters for the 3rd team. He also noted that we may be able to consider a move to the Cheshire Cricket League 3rd XI competition in the future.

Ladies Team Report

Gillian reported that this had been a mixed season with the team being a number of games short because of the weather. The team also suffered from county calls, injuries and players being at University. This meant that a number of U15’s played – this experience will benefit the team in the future. Gillian expressed her thanks to Sarah for all her hard work with the League and the Juniors. The plan over the winter is to integrate the younger and older players and work to improve the U13’s.

A memorable achievement to be noted from the season was Hannah G’s century.

Gillian reported that the League structure will be different next year with Divisions 1 and 2 teams all playing each other and then splitting into the 2 Divisions. Division 3 will be more relaxed cricket.

Gillian expressed her thanks to the club for the support and encouragement for the Ladies team. Stewart replied that the Ladies are very much a part of the club.

U18 Managers Report

Richard reported 2012 was a wet season which hampered both practice and games. The Junior boys will next year be Under 11’s and U13’s with the intention of U9’s also. There is work to be done on developing skills with 3 or 4 players at U13 involved with Cheshire Advanced Coaching courses. The club really needs more coaches in order to improve the player-coach ratio – this year we worked with 1 coach to 12 players – ideally this needs to be 1 to 8 or 10 at most.

Winter nets have been booked for January 2013 with an extra 30 minutes available so as to be able to split age groups and skill levels.

Thanks were given to Vesna by both Richard and Stewart for all her hard work with the admin for the Juniors.

Stewart emphasised the need for extra coaches – undertaking a coaching course improves a players own skills as well as helping the Juniors. Qualifications can be achieved at Level 2 on a 1 day a week 5 week course. For Level 1 it is 5 weeks of 2 hours each session. The club will assist with funding. Stewart urged all club members to consider this.

Treasurers’ Report

Brian reported that the club’s success on the field has been repeated financially over the last year. He is able to report a surplus of £4,700 from last season with grants from Natwest Cricketforce (£500), Builders Store (£400) and Stockport Sports Trust (£300) all helping. Brian felt the club could now rightly claim that we are able to provide cricket from cradle to grave for both sexes and this should help with future fund raising.

The club now has an accumulated surplus of £9,000 but with most of this committed to future projects. It will be important for the club to maintain its Focus status so that no Business Rates will be payable. The majority of club funds are currently held in the Vernon Building Society receiving 2% interest. Brian expressed thanks to Dave G for his work in raising Gift Aid of £400 last year. He also noted that subscriptions were the highest ever with 71 members paying (there were 60 last year). It was agreed to cross-reference registered players with subscriptions paid to ensure none are outstanding.

Brian felt it was good that the club has a number of income streams including:

Friends of TCC

Match Subs – poor last year due to the number of games cancelled.


Pitch Hire


Gate Money

Sponsors – Intramark and Alfies as examples.

The club’s biggest expenditure items last year were:

Ground Maintenance @ £2,500

Clubhouse Improvements @ £4,500

Brian thanked Chris for his efforts with fundraising and noted that a further £2,000 has recently been awarded by the Co-op Community Fund for new covers.

Brian explained that each year he tackles a problem – this year it has been club insurance. As a result we now have improved cover at lower cost. Our cover now includes personal injury for club members involved in club tasks as well as cover for clubhouse contents and club machinery. Brian’s next project will be tackling the issue of water charges because it seems the club should not have been paying Waste Water charges. It may be necessary to seek the assistance of a solicitor to claim back charges beyond the normal 7 years.

Finally Brian expressed his view that a club cannot have success on the field without good organisation and commitment off the field – in this respect he feels that the club is well blessed at present with members prepared to work hard to support the club.

Stewart thanked Brian for all his hard work as Treasurer which now dates back over 24 years.

Andy T pointed out that applications can be made to the Coo-op Community Fund every 12 months and we can therefore consider applying again next year. He further suggested that the club would benefit from having a simple 5 year plan written on a single piece of paper and for every club member to have a copy. He also felt that the club Registration Form should have a section asking all members “what they can do for their club”. He also pointed out that Sportsmatch is another source of funding we could consider.

Stewart reported that there are already plans for spending most of the club funds – new covers, clubhouse security, extending the boundary on the Holly Grange side of the ground etc. If any members have ideas for other projects/expenditure they should pass them on to the Committee for consideration.

League Information

Stewart had nothing to report at this stage given the move to a new League. He reported that the Mellor Braggins League had already undertaken a ground inspection – there were no issues requiring attention and the League were happy with our development and progress.

Annual and Match Subscriptions 2013

There was a recommendation from the Committee that Annual and Match Subscriptions should be unchanged. This was agreed and Subscriptions for 2013 were agreed as:

Full Members   £75

Concessions/Students  £40

Juniors    £40

Ladies Full Members  £65

Ladies Juniors   £35

Match Subcriptions:

Full Members   £7

Concessions/Students  £5

Friendly Match Subscriptions:

Sunday Subscriptions  £4

20/20 subs     £3

Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Club Officers

Before undertaking the elections Stewart asked the meeting to consider an amendment to the Club Constitution to change Committee membership from 3 to 2 Ex-Officio members but instead to include the Club Groundsman as a Committee Member. This is to reflect the pressure on the ground from the many games being played and to have reports on ground and machinery.

Election of officers was as follows:

President – George Hill – 3 year tenure until 2013

Chairman – Stewart Coates – 3 year tenure until 2013

SecretaryNominated: Chris Jackson - Elected: Chris Jackson

TreasurerNominated: Brian Cheetham - Elected: Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain Nominated: Gary Myatt and Matt Myatt – Elected: Gary Myatt

1st XI Vice CaptainNominated: Richard Higginbotham and Subash Fernandez – Elected: Richard Higginbotham

2nd XI CaptainNominated: Jim Hegarty and Phil Lowe – Elected: Jim Hegarty

2nd XI Vice CaptainNominated: Jim Hegarty, Matt Jones and Mike Llewelyn – Elected: Matt Jones

3rd/Friendly XI CaptainNominated: Phil Wood and Joe Wheeler -  Elected: Phil Wood

3rd/Friendly XI Vice CaptainNominated: Phil Wood and Joe Wheeler. Elected: Joe Wheeler.  

Junior Cricket ManagersNominated: Richard Higginbotham (with support from Vesna Higginbotham) – Elected: Richard Higginbotham

Ex-Officio Management Committee Members (now 2 only)Nominated: Dave Gilman, John Sandford, Joe Friel and Matt Myatt. Elected: Matt Myatt and Dave Gilman.

Club Groundsman and Committee Member: Stan Aspinall

Ladies CaptainNominated: Gillian Spragg - Elected: Gillian Spragg

Ladies Vice CaptainNominated: Katie Paterson – Elected: Katie Paterson

Vice Presidents –. It was agreed all current Vice Presidents will remain unchanged. Peter Lawson was nominated as a new Vice President and this was unanimously agreed. Stewart will write to Peter to inform him and seek his agreement.

Ground and Clubhouse Report

Nothing to report at this time.

Any Other Business

 Joe F raised the issue that the Mellor Braggins Cup is not on Sundays but is a mid-week 20-20 format. It was agreed therefore that the club would enter a team in the Cheshire Senior Cup.

 George H raised the issue of the new club name – Stockport Trinity CC. He felt that Trinity Stockport CC would be a better name. There was little support for this proposal.

 Gillian raised the issue regarding changing facilities for Juniors which do not meet Child Protection Guidelines. Gary M suggested that the club should give consideration to seeking National Lottery Funding to improve/extend the clubhouse because to address this issue. It was agreed this matter will be considered by the Committee.

 Brian M reported that there will be umpires more regularly in the Mellor Braggins League and this will be an improvement.

 Stan A requested that the club expressed thanks to Stewart for all his hard work over the last year – this was universally supported.