7th November 2011 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                      Apologies

Stewart Coates        Subash Fernandez

George Hill               Phil Lowe

Brian Cheetham        Fred Harris

Chris Jackson           James Shaw

Gary Myatt              John Sandford  

Matt Myatt              Jenny Kitzinger  

Chris Jones              Katie Paterson  

Phil Wood                Sarah Mc Cann

Brian Martin   

Gillian Spragg   

Iain Coates   

Eliot Carroll

Dave Gilman

Joe Friel

Matt Jones

Pete Greenhalgh

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Andy Twidell

Jim Hegarty

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting. He also announced that a contact of John Sanford’s had donated a £500 cheque to the club which has been gratefully received. Chris J to write a letter of thanks. He also noted that Fred H has very recently had serious surgery on his knee and was therefore unable to attend.

Minutes of AGM 2010

These were accepted as an accurate record of lasts years AGM.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report

Stewart reported that he regarded 2011 as being the most successful season ever for the club, both on and off the field. Every section of the club achieved a trophy – the Juniors were runners up in their league, the Ladies won their T20 cup and both the 1ST and 2nd teams were promoted with the 2nd team being champions. There were many excellent individual performances and thanks need to go to the team captains for their excellent work.  

Stewart extended thanks to:

Stan A for his work in producing quality wickets and various other tasks including chasing money from the Friends of TCC.

Chris J for organising the Natwest Cricketforce day which raised £500 and saw lots of work completed. It is also hoped we will be successful in gaining a grant of £6000 from Natwest Communityforce.

Phil W for his work with the digger levelling ground behind the clubhouse.

Phil L for his work on the club website.

Dave G for all his work on the ground.

All the Committee for their work over the last year.

Stewart announced that it is intended to set up a Planning Subcommittee, with every section of the club represented, to put together ideas and plans for taking the club to the next stage.

Stewart is looking forward to nest season and hopes the current momentum within the club can be maintained. It is intended to expand the Juniors, build the 3rd team who have been accepted into the Manchester League. The latter will mean we need more players. With regard to the Juniors Fred H’s current health issues suggest he will play no real part next season – Vesna Higginbotham has offered to assist with the managerial side of running the Juniors. We will however need more coaches and support to achieve qualification will be available from the club. Stewart would also like to hear ideas from club members if we are successful in getting the £6000 grant. The club has already committed to installing new gates and doing some work on levelling an area on the Holly Grange side of the ground. It was suggested that we need to check ground requirements for the Meller Braggins League if our intention is to achieve promotion to that standard. Stewart also noted that having an expanded 3rd team fixture list will mean more pressure on Stan in terms of pitch preparation and with this in mind having as assistant to provide support in the task would be really useful – any volunteers?

Secretary’s Report

Chris Jackson noted his new found skill in being a pain to everyone through repeated emails in an attempt to ensure maximum involvement in matters such as the Natwest Cricketforce day and the Communityforce voting. It is hoped we have been successful in our bid for £6000 from Communityforce but this mat not be known until the end of November. Chris will inform all members as soon as possible.

Chris noted the success of the teams on the field during the season but also commented on the success of the Cricketforce day – this will be repeated next year (date still to be confirmed). Chris will again email everyone to ensure maximum attendance – he intends to ensure the day is better organised.

Registration will remain a requirement for next season – the benefit for players is that any health issues and emergency contact details will be held by Captains in case of emergency. Chris also intends to ensure the details of all in the club who should have CRB checks are up to date along with details of coaches qualifications, First Aid courses etc. Stewart suggested he liaise with John S who holds much of this information.     

Treasurers’ Report

Brian reported that the club’s finances are in the best position he has ever known. There was a surplus on the season of £1600 and along with cash brought forward the club currently has a balance of £4500. It was noted that a donation has been received this evening (£500) and this adds to the positive position. The club has CASC and Focus club status and as a result receives full Business Rate relief.

Brian Reported that he is in the process of transferring the club savings account from nationwide to the Vernon Building Society to attract a better rate of interest – 2%.

Brian also noted that the club has developed some income streams – eg the Junior Café – this is the way forward for the club.

Brian thanked Dave G and Stan for their work on Gift Aid.

He reported that the club had 40 annual subscriptions paid last year – this year it has been 60 (with the Ladies and Juniors included). Some players have not paid and Brian would like Captains to check the list of payees and chase any non-payers. He noted that some Ladies have not paid their 2nd instalment and some Juniors/Students are also outstanding.

Brian reported that the clubs major expenditure is on ground maintenance and improvements to clubhouse and ground. Insurance is also a high cost at £700 – he will be reviewing this to see if savings can be made.

Brain summarised that the club is in its best financial position ever and to maintain this we need to ensure we find external funding options. He noted that the surplus does not take account of depreciation – he has taken the decision that it is not appropriate for the club to do this.

1st XI Captains Report

Gary felt the last season was fantastic. He reflected back to the drawn game at Saughall which was drawn and left everyone very downhearted. From that point the team gained 150 points to gain promotion. The last game was particularly memorable from the point Joe F took a wicket and the opposition crumbled. Everyone was left with a fantastic feeling. The cup run to the final was also excellent but secondary to promotion. Despite this the 1st’s gave the opposition (who were a quality team) a really good game.

The aim next year is to continue to improve. This can be achieved by pushing

the players we already have – they have more to give.

2nd XI Captains Report

Iain also reported on a fantastic season building on the success of the cup win last year. The only downside was not progressing as far in the cup this year. Iain reported that the last 2 years have been the most successful in the club’s history and felt that everyone has contributed. The hope is that we can achieve another promotion next year.

There was a comment that much of our success has been achieved through the efforts of the younger players which reflects well on the work with the Juniors in recent years and points the way to a successful future.

Ladies Team Captain

Gillian reported that the Ladies also had a successful season winning the T20 Cup. In the League the team was less successful due to inconsistency with turnout being an issue. To some degree this was linked to the team’s success in having a number of county players. Juniors taking family holidays was also a factor.

Gillian thanked Trinity for welcoming the Ladies as part of Trinity CC and hopes that the Ladies will become further integrated in coming seasons.

Stewart commented that he and the club are delighted that the Ladies team are part of the club and hoped that some of their members will become part of the 3rd XI next year.

U18 Managers Report

In Fred’s absence Richard reported on the progress of the Juniors. He noted that a year ago he had not been involved – his involvement since has illustrated how much Fred and John have done for the Juniors over the last few years. It is really pleasing to see how a lot of the players who started as Juniors are now contributing in the senior teams. The first objective for the Juniors is to have fun and this has been achieved. The Under 11’s and 9’s have also made good progress at cricket. This season we have had squads of 15-16 Under 11’s as well as 2-3 others above age (they will become Under 13’s next year) and 6-9 Under 9’s (who will become Under 11’s next year). The intention is to continue to build these squads.

On the pitch Richard wanted to thank Chris H for his work with the Juniors last year – they have made real progress and finished 2nd in their league and were always competitive (even against strong teams like Bramhall and Poynton). Richard also noted that we have been lucky with the commitment of the parents who have set up the Sunday morning café will be maintained on Monday evening next year.

For the future it is important that the club are able to offer more support to the Juniors (particularly given Fred’s current health). Volunteers to assist are welcome.

Stewart Thanked Richard for all his work this year.

League Information

Stewart had nothing to report other that proposed rule changes which will be discussed at the end of the meeting.

Club Constitution Changes

Chris proposed some minor changes which would include the Ladies team formally in the club – the only significant change was them having 2 members on the Committee (Captain and Vice Captain). These changes were accepted unanimously.

Ladies Team Matters

Gillian reported there were no matter for discussion.       

Annual and Match Subscriptions 2012

After a discussion it was agreed to amend the Annual Subscriptions as follows:

Full members   £70 Increased to £75

Concessions/Students  £35 Increased to £40

Juniors U9/11   £35 Increased to £40

Ladies Full Members  £60 Increased to £65

Ladies Juniors   £30 Increased to £35

Match Subs were agreed as unchanged

Full members    £7

Concessions/Students  £5

Friendly Match Subs were agreed as unchanged

Sunday subs    £4

20/20 subs     £3

Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Club Officers

President – George Hill – 3 year tenure from 2010

Chairman – Stewart Coates – 3 year tenure from 2010

SecretaryNominated: Chris Jackson - Elected: Chris Jackson

TreasurerNominated: Brian Cheetham - Elected: Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain Nominated: Gary Myatt and Richard Higginbotham – Elected: Gary Myatt

1st XI Vice CaptainNominated: Richard Higginbotham, James Shaw and Andy Twidell – Elected: Richard Higginbotham

2nd XI CaptainNominated: Matt Jones and Phil Lowe – Elected: Matt Jones

2nd XI Vice CaptainNominated: Jim Hegarty and Matt Jones – Elected: Jim Hegarty

3rd/Friendly XI CaptainNominated: Phil Wood and Eliot Carroll – Eliot withdrew. Elected: Phil Wood

3rd/Friendly XI Vice CaptainNominated: Joe Friel, Brian Cheetham, Iain Coates and Dave Gilman. Elected: Iain Coates who will also be League Representative for 3rd Team.  

Junior Cricket Managers – Richard Higginbotham (with support from Vesna Higginbotham)

Ex-Officio Management Committee Members (3)Nominated: Phil Wood, James Shaw, Dave Gilman, John Sandford, Joe Friel and Matt Myatt. Elected: Joe Friel, Matt Myatt and John Sandford.

Ladies CaptainNominated: Katie Paterson- Elected: Katie Paterson

Ladies Vice CaptainNominated: Gillian Spragg – Elected: Gillian Spragg

Vice Presidents – It was noted that Bill Albinson, a current Vice President has died this year. The club have invited his widow, Vera, to stand in his place and she has agreed. This was accepted unanimously. All other Vice Presidents are unchanged.  

Proposals for Ground and Clubhouse Improvements

It was agreed that this area should be taken forward by the proposed club Planning Committee.

Any Other Business

 It was noted that for Natwest Cricketforce B&Q will donate paint – just need a club letter-headed request. Stan noted that the biggest issue for this day will be clearing the area outside the boundary. This needs to be maintained during the season too. Already planned for the day will be levelling on the Holly Grange side. It was noted that the entrance to the ground is “tatty” – work agreed on gates. Need to look at fencing and car parking area. We also need to upgrade the Umpire’s room to provide disabled facilities. The sightscreens also will need attention. It was suggested we could have an extra “Natwest day” during the season. Chris noted that the maintenance of the toilets has improved – he will continue to check them next season but hopes that not too much extra cleaning will be necessary – this is everyone’s responsibility after games. Stewart reported that the maintenance necessary on the outdoor nets will be completed in January. It was noted that pre-season costs will be £2000 to £3000.

 It was suggested the club should adopt Friday nights as ground preparation nights with all club members encouraged to take part Tasks would include wickets, club house and covers. Nets could also be held on this night. It was agreed the Committee will discuss this suggestion. It was noted that ideally Stan needs an assistant able to take on work should he ever be absent.

 A suggestion was made that whichever team is at home will provide their own squash for drinks – to avoid the occasions when none has been left from the previous game. – agreed the Committee will discuss tea responsibilities.

 Gary reported that Matt has various contacts for club kit and can pas on details if anyone wants to take on this responsibility.

 The idea of a new class of non-voting membership has been raised – for parents of Juniors, players families etc. The suggestion was £20 annual membership subscription. After discussion the idea was rejected and it was felt these people could become Friends of Trinity.

 Winter nets – Eliot reported these are booked but there are no takers as yet. Can players please confirm with Eliot.  

Cheshire Cricket Alliance – Proposed Rule Changes.

(See separate sheet for details as circulated on the night)

After discussion the following were agreed for Stewart to vote at the League Meeting:

Rule 8z       Against

Section 3 membership    For

Section 8 Times and Rules of Play 8a  Against both proposals

Section 8 Times and Rules of Play 8b   Against

Section 11 Championships   Against+