8th November 2010 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                    Apologies

Stewart Coates           Chris Jackson

George Hill                 Chris Harries

Gary Myatt                 Subash Fernandes

Matt Myatt                 Andy Fryer

Phil Lowe                  Jack Stone

Phil Wood                 Chris Jones

Iain Coates                Mike Llewellyn

Brian Cheetham

Eliot Carroll

Dave Gilman

John Sandford

Fred Harris

Joe Friel

Josh Muldoon

Pete Greenhalgh

Mikey Stopford

Richard Higginbotham

Stan Aspinall

Andy Twidell

Brian Sellars

Jim Hegarty

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting.

Minutes of AGM 2009

These were accepted as an accurate record of lasts years AGM.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

Proposed Amendments to Club Constitution

Stewart went through the amendments proposed by Phil Lowe. Phil added explanation where needed. A copy of the proposals will be attached to the minutes.

a) Rejected

b) Accepted

c) Accepted

d) Accepted

e) Accepted

f) Accepted

g) Accepted

h) 1) Accepted

h)  2) Rejected

h)  3) Accepted

i) Accepted

j) Accepted

k) Accepted with amendment to state senior games only

l) Accepted

m) Accepted

n) Rejected

Discipline Procedure - Accepted

Anti-Bullying Policy – Accepted with amendment to proposal that the second line will be changed to say children/adults instead of children.

Whistle Blowing Policy - Accepted with amendment to proposal that the second line will be changed to say children/adults instead of children.

Proposed Amendments to League Rules

Stewart went through the proposed league rule changes for direction on how to vote on these on behalf of the club (a copy is attached to the minutes).

1) For

2) For

3) Against

4) Against

5) Against

6) For

7) Against

8) For

9) Against

10)  Against

Chairman’s Report

Stewart reiterated what he had said at the club presentation evening; this year had been a successful year with the 2nd Xl cup win and despite the ultimate disappointment in the first team not being promoted despite being so close. The second teams league position was disappointing. Stewart expressed his thanks to the Committee members and others in the club.

Secretary’s Report

Although not present, Stewart read Chris Jackson’s thoughts on the last year. Club Mark has been re-approved for the next three years and this is a big step forward for the club. The take up of Standing Orders to pay subs for next year has been disappointing despite the Committee approving this positively as an alternative and easier way than trying to collect subs in May. Registration will need to be completed again next year to make sure the club has up to date emergency contacts for all players.

Treasurers’ Report

Brian explained this year the club had its highest number of members at 40 and raised the highest amount in subscriptions (£2,015) for the club. Brian showed the final accounts have a loss on the season although this was caused by the delayed completion of the nets. The club has £2,800 in accounts currently. Brian also explained the report he had written and especially noted the important and growing source of income from donations and Gift Aid and the work done by Dave Gilman and Stan Aspinall in generating this. This was agreed by Stewart. Brian stated that the club has several sources of income and these need to be increased where possible and new sources of income need to be identified. Also as the club grows expenditure will also increase on ground maintenance and the purchase and maintenance of equipment. The club has a surplus currently but moving forward £600 is needed for the roller, £1,000 to ready for the 2011 season and Stewart suggested £1,000 to be set aside for a contingency fund as this will help with future grant applications and also cover any repairs. The clubs financial position is not as healthy as it looks. One major project under consideration is the levelling of the outfield and this could cost c. £8,000. Ball sponsorship was an area of fundraising that was identified as lacking and needs to be developed.

Subscriptions 2011

Annual Subs were agreed as unchanged.

Full members   £70

Concessions/Students  £35

Juniors U9/11   £35

Match Subs were agreed to increase

Full members    £7

Concessions/Students  £5

Friendly Subs

Sunday subs agreed unchanged £4

20/20 subs agreed to increase £3


Level of reimbursement agreed at £20 with no subs to be paid.

1st XI Captains Report

Andy announced he was not standing as captain for next season. Andy said how pleased he was with the increased support for both 1st and 2nd teams and feels that senior players should make the effort to attend at least one junior game next year.  The 2s cup run was highlighted as a great example of the good atmosphere and support shown. Andy stated he feels there is the potential for two good balanced teams capable of promotion and feels that more commitment would help as the captains would not need to juggle the side. The quality of our ground was also praised by players and opposition and Andy thinks this gave us an extra two or three games this year. Andy thanked Iain for his support whilst he has been captain.

Stewart thanked Andy for his work over the years he has been captain.

2nd XI Captains Report

Iain started by saying the success this year was the result of two years development. The cup win was based on contributions from everyone. The league form did suffer with the focus on the cup and the aim next season must be promotion along with attempting to retain the cup. Iain praised the quality of the wicket and also thanked everyone for their support this year.

U18 Managers Report

John said it was sad that eight years with this group of juniors has come to an end. It is pleasing to see the juniors progressing in the first and second team and five members of the junior team attending the AGM.

Pete Greenhalgh stated it is important that the club works to retain this current U18s team as he is the only remaining member of the last U18s team. These players need to be included when returning from university.

John confirmed the intention to commence a U9 team next season and coaching is already underway at Neville Road School by Gavin Colebourne.

U11 Managers Report

Fred stated a senior presence at the junior games would help build a welcoming atmosphere that is needed. The presentation evening helped the players and families feel part of the club. Next season the U11s will improve.

Friendly Report

Eliot noted that it was often the same players turning out for the friendly side and these players gave lots of support. If this side is to become part of a league in the future the selection needs to be more consistent. The additional games are important for players form and everyone should try to play one or two if possible.

Elections of Captains, Vice Captains and Club Officers

President – George Hill

Chairman – Stewart Coates

Secretary – Chris Jackson

Treasurer – Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain – Gary Myatt

1st XI Vice Captain – Richard Higginbotham

2nd XI Captain – Iain Coates

2nd XI Vice Captain – Jim Hegarty

3rd/Friendly XI Captain – Eliot Carroll

3rd/Friendly XI Vice Captain – Joe Friel

Junior Cricket Managers – Fred Harris and John Sandford

Ex-Officio Management Committee Members – Phil Wood, James Shaw and Dave Gilman

Proposals for Ground and Clubhouse Improvements

As part of being a Focus Club we need to contribute to Natwest Cricket Force and a date needs to be set for a day for volunteers to be able to help at the ground.

The old score box needs removing.

Stan said the two areas that need attention are behind the clubhouse and around the nets.

Suggestions were made for future improvements

- new entrance gates to improve club image, this is important due to the contributions received from Friends of Trinity donations

- a water hog to remove standing water and save more games

- levelling of the ground as the next major project and this will also help drainage

- a sign on fencing at the entrance

Any Other Business

A reduction to half season subs for visiting students was suggested, the aim of this would be to take advantage of Manchester University students know to Joe to cover early season shortfalls in player. This suggestion was rejected and the players would need to pay the full student subs.

Help was requested for Stan, after last season when in May there were 17 games and Stan’s workload is very high anyway.

Matt Myatt, Mike Stopford, Iain Coates and David Gilman all volunteered.

Clarification was sought on the policy for use of nets during games by players. Stewart confirmed the nets should not be used by any players during games as there is a MCC regulation regarding practice during matches and also stated that, if team members were practicing, they were not supporting their team mates, thus detracting from team spirit.

A sign on the nets explaining this and for no spikes was suggested.

For next years Presentation Evening John Sandford suggested that a raffle would be an easy way of raising more money.

Chris Jackson will be arranging a race night next year for the club.