9th November 2009 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                    Apologies

Stewart Coates       Andy Potter

George Hill          

Chris Harries     

Chris Jackson         

Peter Lawson

John Sandford        

Stan Aspinall     

Andy Twidell     

Iain Coates     

Phil Lowe

Fred Harris

Dave Gilman

Brian Cheetham

Eliot Carroll

Jim Hegerty

Phil Sandford

Richard Higginbottom

Joe Friel

Phil Wood

Peter Greenhalgh

Mike Stopford

James Shaw

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting

Minutes of 2008 AGM

Copies were available to the meeting. They were accepted as an accurate record of last year’s AGM.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising


Chairman’s Report

Stewart expressed his thanks to Committee members and others in the club (e.g. Brian Sellars for assistance with transport for the auction etc) for their contributions over the season. Stewart pointed out that at this time last year we were discussing the installation of two turf nets. We have since changed our minds and have opted for two practice cages with artificial turf and although this has been dragging on we are nearing the end. Planning has now been agreed (the positioning of the nets is no problem) and Binghams will be commencing the work on Tuesday 17th November. They will take two weeks to complete. Thanks were expressed to Phil Wood for his assistance with the planning process. This is an important project which helps move the club forward. It leaves us a little short of funds – approx £400 left – and this will need to be addressed. The next project which Stewart feels is important will be having the ground verti-drained – this will cost several £100 but should help to save games during the season. Stewart had already discussed performances of the teams at the Presentation Evening so did not revisit this.

Secretary’s Report

Chris commented on the improved performance of the 2nd XI with particular reference to the individual contributions of the Junior players. Most of this year’s work has been undertaken by Stewart in relation to the nets project. As secretary it has been necessary to update and submit the online Club Development Plan. Next season we will need to renew our Clubmark and Focus Club status – this will be very important for future funding opportunities. Chris will ensure that all players are made aware of the process and the various documents that players need to be aware of. Particularly important are Player Registration forms – an example to illustrate this was the injury to a visiting player last season. Captains need to have access to emergency contact details for situations like this. Chris will ensure both team captains have copies of the forms at the beginning of the season and when returned will draw up a full list for captains.

1st XI Captain’s Report

Andy Twidell is putting his thoughts on the season in writing and will let the secretary have this for circulation shortly. This will contain his thanks, comments on progress and thoughts for the future. He thanked Stewart, Stan, Dave, Phil L and Phil W for their work over the last year. He also commented that the 1st XI had been much stronger in the bowling this year but there were shortcomings in the batting.

2nd XI Captain’s Report

Iain reported this year has been a fabulous season and he has been involved in the two best games of cricket he has ever played in. The 2nd XI have played as a team and it has been a pleasure to captain them. Everyone has contributed and the performance of the Juniors has been excellent. We were unlucky to miss out on promotion and hopefully this can be achieved next season.

Junior Cricket Report

John Sandford had detailed much of what he wanted to say at the Presentation Evening. The weather had a serious impact on the season with only 5 of the 12/13 games scheduled actually played. When the weather was not bad there were occasions when the opposition could not raise a team. John was pleased at the improvement in the Under 18’s performance – new players have contributed but existing players have also improved. He feels they can do well as a team next year which will be their last as Under 18’s.  The plan for next season is to develop an Under 11’s team. The starting point for this is three “taster evenings” to be held at Cheadle Hulme School over the next three Fridays. Local schools and youth organisations have been circulated and any players who have connections with potential players in this age range should encourage them to attend.


Treasurer’s Report

Brian Cheetham provided accounts and accompanying notes which were circulated and will be distributed with the minutes. He reported an overall surplus of £6,700 for the season with the additional £4,700 grant towards the nets. The club therefore has assets in excess of £11,300. From this we need to pay for the work on the nets and have some available for next season. Brian commented on his notes accompanying the accounts. For the first time, because the club has Focus Club status we paid no Business Rates. Because of the current financial situation the interest rate on the Nationwide Treasurer’s Trust account has dropped. The Gift Aid claims (thanks to Dave G for his work on this) raised £361. The significant donations made this year will be claimed next year under this scheme. The auction, although not well attended raised about £370 – thanks to Phil W. Overall finances are healthy but the majority of funds will be spent on the nets work in the near future.

Brian explained that he has had recent contact with Peter Lawson who informed him that Cheshire Cricket Board have significant funds available which we may be able to access. Stewart confirmed that he is liaising with Mike Woollard about Machinery grants to assist with replacing our mowers.

Stewart expressed his thanks to Brain for his work as Treasurer – a position he has now held for many years. Stewart also thanked club members for the additional funds raised this year – this needs to be maintained and improved with Friends of Trinity CC and Match Ball Sponsorship being areas for development. He also pointed out that the club should not have to request subscription fee payments – they should be paid on time.


Annual Subscriptions for 2009

These were agreed as unchanged for next season:

Full Members

Annual Subscription     £70  

Match Subscription     £6

Students, the Unemployed and SMBC Leisure Key holders

Annual Subscriptions     £35

Match Subscriptions     £4

Additionally it was agreed that subscriptions not paid by 1st June should attract an additional charge of £10 per month for every month payment is late.

It  was also agreed, after discussion, that match subscriptions for 20/20 games (both home and away) should be £2. For all other friendly fixtures they will be £4.

Proposed Changes to League Rules

Stewart went through the proposed rule changes from the League Executive Committee (copy to be circulated with the minutes of this meeting). Following a vote on each proposal the meeting agreed that Stewart should vote on these as follows:

1. For

2. For

3. For

4. For

5. For

6. For

7. Against

8. For

Election of Officers

Thanks were expressed to all officers of the club and the work they had done over the last year. All current officers stood down as required by the Constitution.

The following officers were then elected –

President    George Hill

Chairman    Stewart Coates

Secretary    Chris Jackson

Treasurer    Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain  Andy Twidell

1st XI Vice Captain Richard Higginbotham

2nd XI Captain  Iain Coates

2nd XI Vice Captain  Jim Hegarty

Friendly Captain     Eliot Carroll

Phil Lowe and Jim Hegarty were both nominated. The vote was tied and

Jim was elected as 2nd XI Vice Captain on the Chairman’s casting vote.

Junior Cricket Manager  John Sandford


Ex-officio Management  

Committee Members  Phil Wood

 Dave Gilman

 Phil Lowe

 Fred Harris

 Phil Sandford

 James Shaw


The decision was taken to increase ex-officio Committee members from the 6 elected last year to 7 but it was subsequently proposed and agreed that the constitution should be amended to include the Club Friendly captain (Eliot Carroll) as a committee member. He will therefore be a committee member in this role and not as ex-officio.

Ex-officio Selection The selection process has been undertaken by discussion between the club captains (or vice captains) and signed off  by the Chairman – this is not in line with the constitution.

Committee Members

It was suggested that this could be extended to involve the Junior Manager and the Friendly Captain with communication taking place by email. This was felt to be unwieldy and after much discussion it was agreed that the format of the selection process should be considered and agreed at the next Committee meeting.

Honorary Vice Presidents   W. Albinson

B. Ashton

R.G. Hardie

J. Sandford

D. Hatt

Grenville Holland

Kevin Williams

David Hall (new appointment)

Any Other Business

 George Hill raised the issue of the poor state of repair of the score box. There was general agreement that this needs attention over the next year. Phil W and Phil L will, if possible, look at this.

 Future club development. Stewart pointed out that any plans will be governed by the availability of funds. After discussion areas for development were agreed as:

Repair roof leak

Improve existing score box

Outfield drainage work

Improve away team changing room

Replace mowers

Work towards 4 Junior teams over the next 5 years.

Provide useable covers

It was agreed the priority needs to be the mowers and the drainage.

 Chris Harries was unable to attend but submitted the following points:

“Punctuality at matches, we let ourselves down so many times by turning up and being generally disorganised before the game starts that we can't possibly hope to be competitive. This is the Captain and Vice Captain’s responsibility to sort this out. On one occasion I had to stand in for a late (not dead, just not on-time) vice captain, and was about to start the game with an opening bowling partnership of Mike and Jack, only for the late arriving person to turn up and decide that someone else should open the bowling - shoddy to say the least. If we get our pre-match routine sorted then we have a much better chance of doing well!”

This point was noted.

“Junior cricket in summer holidays - the biggest victims of the weather last year were the juniors as they lost several games in succession and virtually missed the last month our thier season. I find it remarkable that the league does not arrange fixtures for August so we should try to arrange friendlies (as a junior team) and maybe even sixes competitions to keep our juniors active through the summer. I am aware that this point may have been raised before, but I thought worth re-iterating, especially as I will have greater involvement with the Juniors next season.”

This point was noted with the comment that the holiday period makes it almost impossible to either raise a side or find opposition for the Juniors after the end of July.

 Winter nets. Eliot reported that the nets are booked from 2nd February to 13th April –  Tuesdays at 9pm. There are two nets and the total cost is £560. 14 players have signed up to  attend regularly and this should cover the cost.

 Friendly cricket. Eliot felt that the friendly cricket played last season was very positive and   helped “break the ice” for some juniors moving into senior cricket and also helped some  players to find form. He felt it would be helpful for all players to make the effort to play at least  once for the club friendly teams.