10th November 2008 : HELD AT TRINITY CHURCH

Present                   Apologies

Stewart Coates       John Sandford

George Hill             Joe Friel     

Chris Jackson          Alan Hampson    

Stan Aspinall          Andy Potter

Andy Twidell           Phil Wood

Iain Coates     

Phil Lowe

Fred Harris

Brian Sellers

Dave Gilman

Brian Cheetham

Eliot Carroll

Jim Hegarty

Phil Sandford

Richard Higginbottom

Jack Stone

Stewart welcomed everyone to the meeting

Minutes of 2007 AGM

Copies were available to the meeting. They were accepted as an accurate record of the meeting.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising


Chairman’s Report

Stewart had already reported his views on the season at the recent Presentation Evening.

He expressed his thanks to Committee members and others in the club for their contributions over the season.

Stewart then reported on the plans discussed at Committee recently:

 The installation of two turf nets with fixed cages. Stewart feels that this option needs to be revisited by Committee before a final decision is taken. The aim of this is to improve the practice

 The work need to improve sealing around the cess tank. Drainage water is currently getting in requiring the tank to be pumped out three times a year (by Stan A).

 The refurbishing of the score box.

 The rebuilding of the current portable cage.

Stewart emphasised that, for these targets to be achieved and the club to progress, there needs to be work by the Committee and support from all other club members.   

Secretary’s Report

Chris reported on the work undertaken during the last year to achieve Clubmark and Focus Club status. Whilst this has been a rather tedious exercise the benefit is that the opportunity to seek external funding through grants has now opened up to the club. It will however need work and commitment from everyone at the club to take advantage of this.

Chris also made a plea for all club players to ensure Chris had an up to date Player Registration form. This is essential for good communication in the club but also ensures important information (e.g. contact details in the event of an emergency) is available. Chris also reminded club members that Self Declaration forms are required to be completed every year. Chris will ensure club captains have copies of both Registration and Self Declaration forms for the beginning of the beginning of next season. Phil Lowe suggested some of this information could be obtained through the club website – he will send information to Chris.   

1st XI Captain’s Report

Phil Lowe reported a definite improvement in playing performance last season. A significant factor in this was the increased availability of the senior players. The team were in the hunt for promotion throughout the season but the weather in the final weeks jeopardised any possibility of achieving this. Phil also commented on the improved attitude of all the players and felt the season represented a good effort.    

2nd XI Captain’s Report

Iain reported that the weather had played a significant part in the season – only 13 of the listed games were completed. The team finished 8th out of 13 teams and was let down by the batting. There was however a significantly improved bowling performance with both Jim Hegarty and Joe Friel taking 20+ wickets. Another positive was that there was on occasions a surplus of players (including a number of Juniors) to select from. Some of the Juniors contributed usefully to the team. Overall Iain felt this season was disappointing but felt that the squad had the potential to do much better next year.

Stewart commented that, because of the limited number of 2nd team games the idea is for the club to either organise a 20/20 mini-league or increase the number of friendly fixtures next year. This will be discussed in more detail by the Committee with the intention of ensuring there is enough cricket for those who want a game.

Junior Cricket Report

John Sandford was unable to attend the meeting to give a detailed report but had already done this at the recent Presentation Evening. Fred Harris reported that he been unable to make his usual contribution due to health issues but from the games he did manage to watch he had noted some good performances but most importantly an excellent team spirit. This bodes well for next season.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Cheetham reported on the following developments this season:

 At the season end the club has liquid assets of £4,700 with which to start next season. This figure is as high as ever been achieved.

 Achieving Clubmark/Focus Club status (alongside many other hurdles that had to be overcome) has enabled the club to receive 100% Business Rates relief for the first time.

 The club, after many years of banking with Barclays with no interest payable on the balance, has now transferred to a Nationwide Treasure’s Trust which will provide interest.

 With a big thank you to Dave Gilman (for the admin work) and Stan Aspinall (for chasing people) the club has received Gift Aid payments of £884 – this covers two years of claims.

 There has been a significant increase in income generated from pitch hire.

There is however a BUT to the good news given the plans to improve club facilities and the money that will be required. Despite the healthy financial position it will still be necessary to seek new sources of funding to achieve all our aims. Stewart commented that the majority of the club’s income is generated internally and we need to look to increase income generation from outside sources.


Annual Subscriptions for 2009

These are currently - £70 annual and £6 match subscriptions for full members and half fees for Juniors, students, the unemployed and SMBC Leisure Key holders.

After a query Brian confirmed that virtually all senior players ha d paid their annual subscriptions – some had done this by part donation to qualify for Gift Aid. There appear to be some junior subscriptions outstanding.

It was proposed and agreed that subscriptions should be unchanged for season 2009. The subscriptions will therefore be:

Full Members

Annual Subscription     £70  

Match Subscription     £6

Students, the Unemployed and SMBC Leisure Key holders

Annual Subscriptions     £35

Match Subscriptions     £4

It was also agreed that, after discussions with John Sandford, letters requesting any outstanding subscriptions should be sent to Junior members.

It was also agreed, after discussion and the defeat of two amendments, that for 20/20 games (both home and away)

Match Subscriptions     £4

Changes to League Rules

Stewart reported that no significant changes to league rules have been proposed for nest season.

Election of Officers

Thanks were expressed to all officers of the club and the work they had done over the last year.

All current officers stood down as required by the Constitution.

The following officers were then elected –

President:    George Hill

Chairman:   Stewart Coates

Secretary:    Chris Jackson

Treasurer:    Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain:  Andy Twidell

1st XI Vice Captain:  Andy Thomas (in his absence)  

2nd XI Captain:  Iain Coates

2nd XI Vice Captain:  Phil Sandford  

Junior Cricket Managers:  John Sandford and  Fred Harris

The decision was taken to increase ex-officio Committee members from 5 to 6.

Ex-officio Management Committee Members:  Stan Aspinall, Eliot Carrol,  Phil Wood (in his absence),  Dave Gilman, Jim Hegarty, Phil Lowe

Ex-officio Selection Committee Members: Selection process agreed as the Club captains (or Vice captains) selecting the teams, to be signed off by the Chairman.

20/20 Team :  Iain Coates and Eliot Carroll to organise

Default Captain - Eliot Carroll with option of  the opportunity for others to captain the side.

Friendly/Sunday Captain  To be agreed by Committee on a case by case basis

Honorary Vice Presidents:  W. Albinson, B. Ashton, R.G. Hardie, J. Sandford, D. Hatt, G. Holland (new appointment), K. Williams (new appointment)

Any Other Business

 George Hill  commented that he was impressed by the club website – thanks to Phil Lowe for his work on this.

 In response to a query about the balls used in games it was reported that there is no change in the type of ball proposed by the League at present.

 Any of the club kit which has been purchased but not sold should be passed to Stan Aspinall who will arrange to sell this to members.