12th November 2007 : HELD AT CHEADLE GOLF CLUB

Present                          Apologies

Stewart Coates            John Sandford

George Hill                  Pete Lawson    

Chris Jackson               Alan Millward    

Stan Aspinall               Richard Higginbottom

Andy Twidell                David Hall

Iain Coates                 Brian Selwood    

Phil Lowe

Fred Harris

Brian Sellers

Dave Gilman

Brian Cheetham

Eliot Carroll

Jim Hegarty

Andy Hockenhull

Phil Wood

Joe Friel

Phil Sandford

Andy Potter

Minutes of 2006 AGM

Copies were available to the meeting. They were accepted as an accurate record of the meeting.


Chairman’s Report

Stewart  expressed his thanks to all the current Club officials, who have contributed much to the Club over the last year and are now retiring. Stewart anticipates many will stand again for election.

Stewart described last season as a mixture of good and bad with the weather being a disaster. He expressed particular thanks to:

 Phil Lowe for his extensive work refurbishing the clubhouse.

 Stan Aspinall for his usual contribution in maintaining the ground and square to a high standard.

It is to their credit that the ground looked so impressive during the season.

Congratulations were extended to the winners of the Club averages and it was noted that Iain Coates, with a batting average of 57.9, also won the League award.

Stewart  commented that after a good start, 1st XI performances generally fell away after the rain had caused a number of cancellations. The feeling was of disappointment with the Club not performing to its potential with the unavailability of some 1st XI players impacting on the strength of the 2nd XI. Stewart acknowledged that the Club lacks bowling strength but feels that we could do better than the league positions achieved this year.

On the positive side, Stewart highlighted the following:

 The continuing camaraderie in the Club.

 The performance of the Juniors in coming second in their league.

 The Presentation Evening which was a success.

 The achievement of Clubmark status. Hopefully Focus Club status can now be achieved.

Secretary’s Report

Chris  Jackson reported that all the Club documents produced for the Clubmark process were available for any Club members who wanted to read them. There will be copies of all the relevant documents in the Clubhouse next season. All Committee members should ensure they are familiar with club policies. Chris also circulated Club Player Registration forms for completion by those present - these are important to ensure players Contact details are up to date so that communication within the Club is more efficient. Captains will also have details of any medical issues for players in case of accident or emergency.

1st XI Captain’s Report

Phil Lowe provided a full report. The 1st XI had a bright start to the season and were in 2nd or 3rd place in the league for a period. After the rain they were still in touch with the leaders but then played two games on awful pitches (at Heaton Mersey Village and Disley) and from this point, the season died. Phil felt that the level of commitment was an issue for the team and that tonight’s attendance was indicative of the problem, particularly as some had not sent apologies. There was a general discussion about attendance at this AGM with varying views being expressed - some members felt that given the size of the Club, the attendance was acceptable. It was agreed however, that Phil would circulate his report by email to those not in attendance.

2nd XI Captain’s Report

Iain felt that the performance of the 2nd XI was in some ways quite pleasing although the team did not generally play to their full potential. 5 games were won, some quite convincingly and there was 1 winning draw. An issue was that there were players  playing on the 1st XI, due to availability problems, who should have been on the 2nd XI. Iain felt that the camaraderie in the team was good - this was illustrated by the excellent turnout at the League Dinner.

Iain thanked Phil Sandford for his support as Vice captain and Stewart, Chris and Brian for their work on the Committee.

Junior Cricket Report

Fred Harris reported that this had been a particularly successful year for the Under 15s. They finished joint second in their league - a performance far beyond expectations. Fred felt that this showed what could be achieved through practice. There was good attendance at winter nets and this commitment continued through the season. The team started with a defeat but after this, apart from a game against Stockport CC, who were a particularly strong side, they were competitive in all their games. Team spirit was good and helped in the close games. The team will move to the Under 18 league next season - a real challenge for them. Fred noted that the team improved in all areas. Club awards were won by:

Matthew Parry - Player of the Season

Jordan Booth - Most Improved player

Notable performances also came from Jacob crabtree - left arm bowler - and Danny Rate - improved as captain and spin bowler.

Fred and John intend to encourage the current Juniors to become involved in senior cricket - there was a discussion about the need to achieve this in a sensible manner, not pushing Juniors too far until they are ready. It was felt to be helpful to involve Juniors in the nets with senior players.

Fred and John plan to recruit new Juniors to the Club  at either under 11 or under 13 levels. They will need more help from within the Club to achieve this and would be grateful for any assistance in building a new team of Juniors.

Fred thanked Stewart and Chris for their help with the Junior net sessions.

Stewart thanked Fred and John for all their work - running the Junior squad is a tough task taking up lots of time.

Treasurer’s Report

Brian Cheetham  circulated Income and Expenditure accounts and accompanying notes for the last year. He explained that the accounts showed a small surplus over the season of £704. This means the Club have approximately £3500 to start the 2008 season.

Brian clarified several matters from the accounts:

Transfer of loan (£400) from harry Howard to Revenue Account. This was agreed in discussion with the Chairman and was thought to be a move likely to be in line with Harry’s wishes.

Final distribution from the former Glossop League - £672.

Refund received from united Utilities (£451) - overpayment of water charges.

Clubmark status means no further business rates will be payable.

Club and ground expenditure during the season was - £1500 kitchens and showers, £238 laminate flooring, £700 pitch.

Miscellaneous expenditure included £250 on tree lopping and 3100 on trophies for the Presentation Evening.

The finances appear healthy but it should be noted that 3 items of income will not be repeated - loan transfer, Glossop League and United Utilities refund. It should also be noted that the one off expenditure on the clubhouse will to some extent offset this. Brian is proposing to transfer the Club account from barclays to Nationwide - this was agreed.

Brian noted that Dave Gilman is pursuing the Gift Aid application with HMRC - from this every £1 gifted could be worth £1.20. Thsi needs to be pursued.

Stewart noted that the £3500 appears to be a healthy sum but we need to maintain and improve Club finances - we will need £2000 to meet start of season costs. We also still need to consider  how to replace the Lords Taverners Draw which used to net £500 to £600 per season. Consideration needs to be given to pursuing grants now that we have Clubmark status. It has been suggested that the scorebox needs to be improved - change to a brick/breeze block construction. Stewart feels this is a worthwhile project. There is the option of doing this without seeking Planning Permission but this would preclude any applications for grants.

Other suggestions were made:

Joe suggested the Club could seek sponsorship.

Andy H asked about providing covers for the pitch - it was suggested that these would not be cost effective and would have little impact in achieving more play.

Stewart reported that there is no news about the erection of the phone mast on the ground.

Phil W suggested the construction of boundary fences (chicken wire construction) to reduce the loss of balls. Stan suggested these would not help significantly and may lead to the areas behind becoming overgrown - it would be better to cut back any growth behind the boundaries in the February to April period.

Eliot noted that the current portable net is okay but in the longer term will need to be replaced - this is important to encourage regular practice sessions. Agreed the Club should consider if grants may be available for this.

Annual Subscriptions for 2008

These are currently - £50 annual and £6 match subscriptions for full members and half fees for Juniors, students, the unemployed and SMBC Leisure Key holders.

Proposals made were -


Full Members

Annual Subscription     £65

Match Subscription     £7

Proposed and seconded


Full Members

Annual Subscription     £70

Match Subscription     £6

Proposed and seconded

Second amendment

Full Members

Annual Subscription     £80

Match Subscription     £6

Proposed but not seconded

After a vote (8 For, 6 Against with 3 Abstentions), the Amendment was carried.

Subscriptions will therefore be:

Full Members

Annual Subscription     £70

Match Subscription     £6

It was proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Annual Subscriptions for non-playing members should be £40.

It was also proposed and seconded and carried unanimously that Annual Subscriptions for students, the unemployed and SMBC Leisure Key holders should be - £35 and £4 match subscription.

ItChanges to League Rules

Please see Appendix 3 for details.

The meeting made the following decisions for Stewart to take to the League meeting:

1. Amendment carried unanimously.

2. Proposal carried by 10 votes to 5.

3. Proposal carried 11 votes to 2.

4. Proposal rejected unanimously.

5. Welfare Officer - proposal carried unanimously.

   Public Liability - proposal carried unanimously.

   Teas - proposal carried unanimously.    

   All weather pitches - amendment carried unanimously.

   Membership complanits - proposal carried unanimously.

   Inspections - proposal carried unanimously.

Election of Officers

Thanks were expressed on behalf of the meeting to all officers of the Club and the work they had done over the last year.

The following officers were elected –

President:    George Hill

Chairman:   Stewart Coates

Secretary:    Chris Jackson

Treasurer:    Brian Cheetham

1st XI Captain: Phil Lowe

1st XI Vice Captain:   Andy Twidell  

2nd XI Captain:  Iain Coates

2nd XI Vice Captain:  Phil Sandford  

Junior Cricket Managers:  John Sandford and  Fred Harris

Ex-officio Management Committee Members:  Stan Aspinall, Eliot Carrol,  Phil Wood,  Dave Gilman,  Joe Friel.

Ex-officio Selection Committee Members: Agreed selection process would be undertaken by a committee consisting of the Club captains and the Chairman.

Honorary Vice Presidents:  W. Albinson,  B. Ashton, J. Coates,  R.G. Hardie,  J. Sandford,  D. Hatt (new appointment)

Club Development

This matter has been covered earlier in the meeeting.

Any Other Business

Fund raising - Phil W asked how funds are currently raised - Stewart confirmed the current Friends of Trinity and ball sponsorship schemes. Phil suggested he could arrange an auction - from his experience this can raise considerable sums. It was agreed this idea should be considered in more detail at the next Committee meeting.

Winter nets - are arranged starting the first Tuesday in February 2008 - 2 lanes for 10 weeks from 8-9pm. Break even for costs will be 12 people attending.