This policy is in place to reflect Stockport Trinity Cricket Club’s commitment to Safeguarding Junior club members and seeks to address the risks specific to the use of changing rooms during open age matches. The club recognises that there are issues created by the current clubhouse changing facilities, with only two changing rooms available, and has aspirations to address this in the future. In the interim the following guidelines are intended to assist all members in reducing risk.

The club regard all junior players under 18 years of age as children for the purpose of these guidelines.

The club recognises that children are often selected to play for senior teams – this gives positive opportunities for them to develop their cricketing skills.

All team captains and vice captains have had DBS (Disclosure and Barring) checks to confirm their suitability in relation to safeguarding. They have an important role to play in ensuring the safe use of changing room facilities for all players in both home and away games. They should also take responsibility for ensuring that behaviour and language in the changing rooms by all club members is appropriate.

Parents/Guardians will be made aware of the issues in relation to changing facilities for children playing in open age teams by being provided with a copy of these guidelines each season as part of the junior registration process.  

The club recognises that there are potential risks associated with children and adults changing and showering together and wishes to ensure that the arrangements for this are acceptable for both children and their parents. All parents will, at the time of their child’s registration with the club, have the opportunity to indicate their wishes in relation to changing arrangements. Until the club are able to provide separate changing facilities the following alternative options are suggested:

Children should be encouraged to change at home before attending for a match. In the event that this is not practical there may be occasions when children and senior players will need to change together.

Parents/Guardians or an adult responsible for them (of the same gender as the team playing) are welcome to supervise their children whilst changing for open age matches.

Team captains/vice captains should, when necessary, consider arranging for children to have sole access to a changing room for a period before adult players change.

It should be recognised that changing rooms will be used during the course of a game for players to “pad up” or for team talks etc. The risks associated with such activities are greatly reduced. However, as a general rule, senior players and children should avoid being alone together in a changing room.

Non-playing children should not enter changing rooms whilst players are changing or showering and, at other times, only when supervised by a parent/guardian or other adult responsible for them (of the same gender as the team playing).

Mobile telephones or any other devices with photographic/video facilities are not to be used in changing rooms at any time.

Any concerns in relation to the use of changing rooms by senior players and children should be raised as soon as possible with team captains/vice captains and/or the club welfare officers – Chris Jackson or John Sandford. Contact details for the welfare officers are detailed in the clubhouse.

This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis (and at least annually) to take account of any issues identified and any future changes to the club changing facilities.